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Welcome to TME's guide to the appearance of Doctor Who outside his normal television slot.

This includes interviews, sketches (both "in character" and out of), features and more - some of which have appeared on DVD, but many of which have yet to (and may never for copyright reasons). In fact, anything visual except:

  • The regular series broadcast in 25 minute (or sometimes 45 minute) slots between 1963 and 1989.

  • The new series broadcast in 50 minute slots from 2005 onwards.

  • The 'true' specials: The Five Doctors, The Christmas Invasion, The Runaway Bride and Voyage of the Damned (although we do include the mini-specials such as A Fix with Sontarans and Music of the Spheres).

  • The various interviews/features that appear online at (although we do include online-exclusive trailers and also the Scream of the Shalka animation)

This guide is likely to always be "work in progress" to an extent, as we're still trawling through our personal collections to make additions - we currently have around a number of uncatalogued items pending - and there's always new items coming to light!

Trailers that are substantially the same edit (ie merely with a different voiceover/caption with the date/time, or have a maximum of 2 different clips) are clumped together, as are continuity announcements (the intro logos and/or end credits if spoken over) for serials (or full seasons in the case of the 2005- relaunch). Other than that, every single trailer, news report and interview receive dedicated entries. For continuity announcements post-2000 (ie getting into the digital age of regular reruns) we only count first broadcast. eg you'll find details of the 70s, 80s and 90s BBC2 repeats of Doctor Who, but you won't find continuities for the ten or fifteen broadcasts of Torchwood each week...

For details on the Ceefax service, including several high-quality recreations from original screencaps, click on the image to the left (1280x1024 resolution recommended).


In the first few seasons of Noel Edmond's quiz show Telly Addicts (1985-98), a TARDIS could be seen in the studio background. More recently, a Cyberman poster could be spotted in Hollyoaks in one of the regular characters' bedrooms. Neither of these have been included in our guide as they both made repeated (and admittedly background) appearances.

A Note on Copyright

TME will never provide copies of the items within this guide - it's here purely for information purposes (we hope you'll find it especially useful if you're a video collector yourself and are having difficulty identifying a particular clip) and not as an invitation to trade. There are one or two streaming videos contained within, which we provide for similar research purposes only - we will never stream BBC copyrighted material or anything currently available on DVD. If you are a copyright holder and see anything you wish to be removed, please contact us.