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TV Appearances: From The Vaults

This page covers unbroadcast randomness and oddities.

(Note that video items made specifically for release on home video formats, and items that have since ended up as bonus features on DVDs, are covered throughout the Commercial Releases section. This page purely details other rarities).

18th September 1965 - RAF Fillingly Airshow


Silent amateur footage featuring William Hartnell.

Appeared on Thirty Years in the TARDIS.

1979 - Shada Filming


Amateur 8mm silent film of the location filming for unfinished story Shada.

1981 - The Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy [Unbroadcast Version]

0'38", 4:3

The unbroadcast alternate version of the opening credits (released as a bonus feature on the DVD many years later) includes a segment of the Tom Baker time tunnel effect.

1985 - Auf Wiedersehen, Doc



15'42", 4:3

This is the only time we'll cover a fan production on this page, which is largely reserved for official items that were never broadcast or commercially released. Auf Wiedersehen, Doc differs in that it featured contributions from many people involved in the show at the time or who would later become involved, such as Mark Ayres and Kevin Jon Davies.

During the mid-80s hiatus, Colin Baker tries to get a new job as a serious actor. After the Job Centre turns him away, he tries Leonard Nimoy - Nimoy tries casting him as Scotty in the next Star Trek film until he discovers that Baker was once in Blakes' 7. Baker and Nicola Bryant lament their recent bad luck and Baker meets Gerry Anderson for a role, but Anderson is put off by the Doctor Who link. It seems Colin's CV will stop him from ever getting another role again, but he goes to meet Steven Spielberg for a part in Gremlins 2, and winds up as the back end of a Mogwai. He meets John Nathan-Turner for a drink, but John is taken away to Blackpool to be an exhibit - Tom Baker is in the same bar and they get extremely drunk together and both wind up sleeping with Nicola.

Puppets Created by Stephen Mansfield & Susan Moore; Voices: Jeremy Bentham, Stephen Mansfield, Susan Moore, Kevin Davies, Peter Gilman, Mark Ayres; Puppeteers: Mark Ayres, Jeremy Bentham, Stephen Mansfield, Adam Davies, Peter Gilman; Peri's Boobs by Industrial Light & Magic; Special Thanks to Peter Gilman, Elaine Davies, Gateway Video; Sound by Mark Ayres; Written & Directed by Kevin Davies; Produced by The Rubber Burleseque and Quark Video.

There also exists a 2'09" outtake reel, largely of the puppets falling over, which offers a rare chance to see the puppeteers.

1988 - Silver Nemesis Outtakes


An in-house edited collection of outtakes from Silver Nemesis, featuring music from Star Wars, The Beatles and Queen, humping dogs, Gary Downie getting angry,

1989 - Red Dwarf

0'10", 4:3

Filmed for the first episode of Red Dwarf III but ultimately rejected in favour of a better shot, was this sequence of Starbug leaving the mothership - where a TARDIS can be seen parked inside the landing bay.

The sequence appears on the Red Dwarf III DVD as a bonus feature, and Tucker has confirmed this is definitely a reference to his other main job at the time!

1993 - Dimensions in Time Outtake


Outtake from the final scene of Dimensions in Time, in which Ace carries a large amount of debris and McCoy says the Rani was "hoisted by her own peTARDIS." This scene was ultimately cut.

January 1996 - New Zealand Superannuation Services EPK

11'11", 4:3

After years of refusing to return to the role of the Doctor (barring a brief appearance, reluctantly, in Dimensions in Time), Baker travelled to New Zealand to appear in a short series of commercials advertising life insurance.

At the time, an EPK was put together beginning with a 6'58" interview with Tom, in which he covers being typecast in New Zealand, reminiscing about his time on the show, watching his own episodes (or not), his favourite enemy (Lalla - although marrying her "...was amazing. Yah."), quitting the show (it was his choice, not the BBC's), reincarnating in a film (he tries to reinvent himself every Easter) and loving New Zealand.

The EPK then finishes with 4'20" of behind the scenes footage of the recording of the adverts.

1996 - TVM BBC Video EPK



An Electronic Press Kit produced by BBC Video to promote the TV Movie. Contains the following interviews:

Paul McGann (3'48"): Talks about the setting of the film, the regeneration, the relationship with Grace*, the ambulance scene (we see some behind the scenes footage of the Doctor facing off against the Police officer), icons in the show and the large loyal fanbase.

Sylvester McCoy (2'41"): The start of Doctor Who and the JFK link*, William Hartnell's illness and regeneration, the worldwide appeal, the magic of the series and other shows influenced by it and his thoughts on his final day's work.

Geoffrey Sax (2'47"): Explains the concept of the series and the film's plot and Philip Segal's fan roots.

Eric Roberts (0'47"): His character (we see behind the scenes footage of him becoming the Master) and how melodramatic he is*.

Daphne Ashbrook (0'24"): Her character and how she relates to the Doctor.

Philip Segal (1'27"): The difference between the old and new show, the icons and the scifi show vs the love story.

*includes portions that can be seen in Behind the Scenes.

1996 - TVM Fox EPK




An Electronic Press Kit produced by Fox to promote the TV Movie. After two versions of Behind the Scenes, there are a collection of clips and the following raw interviews are seen:

Sylvester McCoy (2'35"): Talks about the start of Doctor Who and the JFK link*/**, the worldwide appeal*,  how he became involved with the TVM and his delight at working with Paul McGann**, Hollywood, the magic of the series and other shows influenced by it* and finally describes the show as a cross between The X-Files and Star Trek.

Paul McGann (2'18"): Sylvester McCoy talking him through what to expect, what the fans can expect, the convenience of the regeneration concept, the character of the Master and the US fanbase.*

Eric Roberts (1'00"): How melodramatic the character is*, being a little boy all over again** and his history watching the show.

Daphne Ashbrook (1'37"): Her character and how she relates to the Doctor*, how the Doctor remembers her**, the Master,

Geoffey Sax (1'59"): The quality of the effects and the script, the concept of the series and the film's plot*, why Doctor Who has been so popular, what Paul McGann will bring to it, the marvel of Daphne Ashbrook, the comedy and reaching out to a wider audience.

Philip Segal (2'18"): The difference between the old and new show*, the icons*, the scifi show vs the love story*, the show's legion of fans** and Fox being the best place to resurrect the series**.

After the interview clips, the EPK contains behind the scenes raw footage (including of the alternate "give him the keys!" take) and a tour of the TARDIS set by Segal.

*some of this overlaps with the BBCV EPK above.
***includes portions that can be seen in Behind the Scenes

1996 - A Quiet Day in the Country


An early idea for the special that would eventually become Dimensions in Time was entitled Destination: Holocaust and featured a battle between the Brigadier and some Cybermen. On August 18th 1996, Nicholas Courtney joined forces with a team of extras, along with writer/actor David Roden as Sergeant Fenton, to show us what might have been, in a script entitled A Quiet Day in the Country... a fan captured the action on tape.

1997 - A New Dimension Advert


Placed at the start of a number of videos released in 1997, this advertised the relaunch of Doctor Who by BBC Worldwide, tying together the new novels, videos and audio releases.

2006 - Doctor Screw Outtakes


An mp4 file leaked in Spring 2006 used to promote the Adult Channel's exciting sci-fi drama (that also featured some shagging) Doctor Screw. The cast and crew forget their lines and generally mess about in this collection of clips.

2007 - The Lazarus Experiment - News


The full news report seen on a TV screen in The Lazarus Experiment. This was available, for a time, on the official website.

2007 - The Sound of Drums - TV


Similar to the above, a compilation of clips shown on TV screens in the third series episode - these are also available on the official website.

2007 - 2|entertain Promotion


To the best of our knowledge, this video has only ever appeared at 2|entertain's website, and never on TV or DVD. It features clips of a large selection of BBC productions, including the second series of Doctor Who.

2008 - Black Orchid DVD Trailer


By 2008 the DVD releases from 2|entertain regularly featured trailers for the following release - due to a last minute switch in scheduling, though, the trailer for Black Orchid did not appear on any discs. hosted a wmv compressed version of the trailer, and later an avi version leaked.