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TV Appearances: Can You Help?

Following are items we have been unable to get even the vaguest information on. If you can help with broadcast dates (even a definite year or month in some cases!), channel, the name of the host or the show... Anything would be of interest to us!

We have included any information in italics which may help tie things down - for example the Jon Pertwee interview below was broadcast the year before the Australian premiere of Worzel Gummidge - but we have so far been unable to track down which year that would have been. Can you help?

Walkers Crisps

0'33, 4:3

Walkers promotes their crisps using an eccentric man in a time travelling telephone box.

Mat Irvine Interview

2'42", 4:3

Mat Irvine talks about his modelmaking work, and how he makes things look so real and grubby.

The Stones of Blood is recent, so this probably dates to 1978/9.

Australian Tom Baker Interview 1

9'17", 4:3

Tom Baker tells us he'd rather be referred to as the Doctor, the fame that comes from starring in such a show, Doctor Who being better than Star Wars, the low budget, Doctor Who in Hollywood, some of his pre-Who work, his relationship with children and jelly babies. A clip of Destiny of the Daleks is used.

Tom Baker is talking about the show in the present tense.

Australian Tom Baker Interview 2

5'08", 4:3

Tom Baker appears on another Australian chatshow to discuss his future with the show (we see a clip from Destiny of the Daleks), the marvellous special effects and his other acting roles.

Tom Baker is talking about the show in the present tense (saying he will begin filming in Brighton in March), and says the show has been on for seventeen years. This also looks to have been filmed on the same trip to Australia as the above interview, probably setting them both in early 1980.

Australian Tom Baker Interview 3

4'44", 4:3

Another Australian appearance by Baker, as he talks about his fictional heroes (which include Flash Gordon), the performance he's proudest of (which may be Don Quixote), who would play Tom Baker in a movie of himself ("that's a harsh question") and his ambitions and hopes for the future.

This show may be called This Week.

Australian Convention News Report

2'46", 4:3

Tom Baker meets Australian fans at a convention and then is briefly interviewed by Garry Carr about why he's so good with children (he doesn't know) and why the show his so popular overseas.

The interviewer's microphone has a 7 logo on.

Dick Mills Feature

1'34", 4:3

A quick look behind the scenes at the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, explaining the use of white noise in the Doctor Who theme and sound effects.

This shows an episode of Doctor Who being prepared that features K9 (due to the quality, it's hard to tell which one).

BBC Radiophonic Workshop Feature

8'03", 4:3

A look behind the scenes of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop by Marshall Lee, with comments from Desmond Briscoe, clips from Peter Howell in 1979's The New Sound of Music and a chat with Roger Limb, with many comments about Doctor Who peppered throughout.

Doctor Who is described as having travelled through the 60s and 70s and none of the archive clips are from beyond 1979, so this seems to be early 80s.

Australian Spearhead from Space Intro

0'22", 4:3

An introduction to Spearhead from Space, explaining that the show is now in colour and stars Jon Pertwee.

1983? - Here in the West

8'37", 4:3

After the recent broadcast in Australia of Earthshock, Peter Davison appears in character to talk about his great intelligence, why he can't control the TARDIS, his name not being Dr. Who, why the TARDIS is bigger inside than out (at this stage, Davison clearly begins to wonder how long his contract will force him to deal with interviews like this), the Daleks, regeneration and having two hearts. Out of character, he talks about what scares him, the show's enduring popularity amd whether it's fun being Doctor Who. Two clips from Earthshock are used. Later the presenter promotes the Doctor Who Technical Manual.

Two clips from one show.

The Technical Manual was released in 1983, the most likely year of broadcast.

Dr. Who in America

10'50", 4:3
[believed not to be the full feature, just a clip]

Fans in the San Jose area prepare to meet Tom Baker and get excited by how sexy he is. There are even some attractive ladies complimenting his physical appearance, which gives us all hope. Scholars (including one with an amusing European accent) also examine why Baker is more popular with women than Robert Redford. Baker himself even braves an appearance to explain that "don't talk to strange men" didn't apply to him.

References are made to Tom Baker and Mary Tamm, but given the length of time it took episodes to reach the US, this could still be several years after the season 16 broadcast in the UK. The video effects employed certainly suggest early to mid 80s, as does the interview clip with Tom in which he seems to refer to the show in the past tense.

Have an ABC Weekend

1'04", 4:3

The Australian broadcaster flashes up clips of all its top shows, including Doctor Who, ending with the phrase "Have an ABC Weekend". All the shows are from the 70s or early 80s, and the relative sophistication of video effects suggests this it at least mid-80s.

In Sydney Today

10'20", 4:3

Katy Manning appears, in order to promote her appearance onstage in Educating Rita. She talks about a recent appearance in Chicago, Jo Grant, the enduring appeal of Doctor Who, her family, babies and pregnancy, along with sharing some very random anecdotes.

She was in Doctor Who "about twenty years ago" and she's promoting a show that begins April 23rd.

Enough Rope

9'06", 4:3

Andrew Denton shows a clip from The Daemons to remind us who Katy Manning is before she talks to us about being recognised by fans and her childhood. Her partner Barry Crocker is sat with her and talks about his background too.

Katy is wearing the same outfit she wore for In Sydney Today.

Jam Sandwich

5'40", 4:3

The Australian magazine show run by kids for kids visits the "freaky" Galaxy Bookshop and interviews a whole host of sci-fi fans about what their lives are like, focussing particularly on Doctor Who. Kids dressed as The Fifth Doctor, the Empress of Traken and an Andorian from Star Trek. Even K.9 makes an appearance.

The combination of Star Trek movie-era red Starfleet uniform and repeated references to the first five Doctors alone date this to between 1982 and 1984.

Australian Model Maker Interviewed

4'41", 4:3

A fan shows Hugh Munroe his "perfect" replicas of sci-fi props and costumes. His Emporer Palpatine is awful, but his K.9 isn't bad.

Monster Compilation

3'46", 4:3

Two clips from one show - starting with a montage of photos from various Sci Fi classics (including E.T, Return of the Jedi and a number of Doctor Who stories up to 1982) to the tune of The Teddy Bear's Picnic. Later a clip from The Deadly Assassin shows how alien culture might be hostile. Riiiight.

Australian Jon Pertwee Interview 1

5'31", 4:3

Jon Pertwee discusses how he was cast as Doctor Who, his early life, working with stars like Ronnie Corbett and his radio work. A clip of The Three Doctors is used.

This sequence ends with mention that Worzel Gummidge will be premiering on ABC Television early the following year. The interviewer is the same as the one above, so this may also be from This Week.

Australian Jon Pertwee Interview 2

11'40", 4:3

Jon Pertwee talks about his early pre-Who career, his hair, his plans while in Australia and Worzel Gummidge.

This interviewer looks to be the same one that interviewed Tom Baker around the same time (see above on this page) and Pertwee is promoting Gummidge (as in the entry immediately above).

Australian Jon Pertwee Interview 3

9'00", 4:3

Jon Pertwee promotes Worzel Gummidge Down Under, explaining where the voice came from, his career, Doctor Who, the Whomobile, staying young, retiring (he never will) and how he got started.

The interview specifically states that he is filming Worzel Gummidge (which would place this 1986/7) and Pertwee confirms he has been playing the role for seven years (which would confirm 1986).

Clive James

0'58", 4:3

Clive James advises Michael Grade that some Doctor Who fans think he's a Dalek.

The subject matter suggests 1985-6.

Bullamakanka Music Video

3'18", 4:3

The music video from Doctor Who is Gonna Fix It received at least one airing on Australian TV, on a chat show of sorts. The song was originally released in 1983, but the video steals footage from the music video for Doctor in Distress, placing this at least in 1985. One of the hosts refers to the 25th anniversary of Doctor Who, which would push this past 1988 if we're to trust they're well-informed...

Sidney Newman Feature

4'42", 4:3

A look at Sidney Newman's contribution to the history of television, with interview bites from Newman himself, Shaun Sutton and Verity Lambert.

Clips from this would later appear on the DVD release of An Unearthly Child. The Newman clips are archival, whereas the Sutton and Lambert ones seem to be newer - placing this clip probably at some point prior to Sutton's death in 1994. The Newman clips themselves were broadcast as part of the 1996 60 Years of Television series, which this could be (if the Sutton clips are actually archival) but were made as part of a project cataloguing the thoughts of various people within the industry not to be broadcast after their deaths - which would place this at some point after 1997 (if not part of the 1996 series, in which a single exception was made for Newman).

Science in Action

5'59", 4:3

Irvine shows how he uses plastic in his work, including a number of Doctor Who masks/props, in this educational kids program.

The robot from Dragonfire appears, so this is at least 1987.

Dalek Art

0'58", 4:3

A giant Dalek is painted on the ground.

Appears on the Genesis of the Daleks DVD.

Aladdin News Report

1'13", 4:3

A brief report on "Doctor Who girl Janet Fielding" and Clive Dunn appearing in pantomime together in Aldershot.

Dressing Up

0'57", 4:3

This late-80s gameshow (which is either called Dressing Up or has a round called Dressing Up) shows a clip of The Chase and challenges a contestant to identify one of the actors.

Finnigans Hammerite Ad

0'31", 4:3

In the late 80s / early 90s an irritatingly catchy advert featured knights singing the cockney "Any Old Iron" song to advertise some paint or other. Years beyond our memories of what it was advertising, the song still stuck. One day, a decade later, the curse was broken. It left our collective consciousnesses. And then someone pointed out that in the junkyard setting sat a TARDIS. How many other Police Boxes do you see in junkyards, really? Especially one that is otherwise populated by iron products.

The Mike Smith Show aka A Particular Passion

10'06", 4:3

Mike Smith's show interviews science fiction fans on his BSB show. After chatting to Dr Cornell and visiting his geek-festooned home, he then introduces David J Howe and Jeremy Bentham and tries to figure out why they're fans and see some of the toys the former has.

This dates to before the BSB Galaxy channel began showing repeats.

Classic Title Sequences

1'27", 4:3

A brief look at the Hartnell credits, explaining how Howlaround worked. Martin Lambie-Narin (TV Graphic Designer) explains why it's been so influential. Bernard Lodge then talks about the excitement generated by his earlier work.

One of the captions matches that used in 31 West, so this is quite probably a Galaxy programme c1990.

Telly Addicts

2'13", 4:3

A member of the team The Credits answers questions on his specialist subject Doctor Who:

Who was UNIT's top man?
The Dalek's ape-like slaves are known by which name?
Who were the invaders from the tenth planet, Mondas?
Which of Doctor Who's assistants left him to marry the ecologist Professor Jones?
What swallowed the fifth segment of the Key to Time?
Which computer planned world domination from London's Post Office Tower?
Who played the first Doctor Who to be seen in colour?
King Zargo and Queen Camilla lived in which spaceship castle?
Which of his companions was a magazine journalist?
Who's run as the Doctor was ended by a lethal disease caught on the twin planets of Androzana [sic]?

Two clips

Telly Addicts ran 1985-1998. Charles Collingwood, who appears here, only scored from 1994-6.

Swinging in the Sixties

0'07", 4:3

This one has us completely stumped. Two kids sit on a set in front of a big logo that appears to read "Swinging in the Sixties", a Dalek glides past screaming "OBEY!" and one of the kids says, in an Australian accent, "wow, a real Dalek!".

If you can help with this one, you're clearly a very clever person indeed.

David Schneider Sketch

0'56", 4:3

In a sketch featuring David Schneider, the world is about to end, but the TARDIS appears and saves the day.

US Movie Report

0'13", 4:3

A brief clip of Resurrection of the Daleks with notes added over the top to inform us of the shock news that the Americans will be co-producing a Doctor Who feature film.

Right to Reply

2'33", 4:3

Fan John Gorman sends a video message in to complain that Steven Spielberg wants David Hasselhoff for the Doctor and a TARDIS with rapping lips. He demands that the cast and crew of the 60s and 70s (what, all of them?) are brought in to make the show again. A clip of Arc of Infinity is shown to demonstrate the high quality of 60s/70s Who.

Gorman makes a reference to "five years", suggesting this is probably 1994..

UK Gold TOTP / Doctor Who Trailer

0'12", 4:3

A clip from the TOTP appearance of Mankind advertises both Doctor Who and Top of the Pops.

The logo dates this to 1992-4.

UK Gold 100,000BC Trailer

0'36", 4:3

A collection of clips from the very first story.

The logo dates this to 1992-4.

UK Gold The Gunfighters Trailer

0'31", 4:3

A collection of clips from the Hartnell story.

The logo dates this to 1992-4. At one point the UK Gold logo appears covered in snow, suggesting a Winter broadcast.

UK Gold The Claws of Axos Trailer

0'12", 4:33

A brief clip from the Pertwee classic.

The logo dates this to 1992-4..

UK Gold Logopolis Trailer

0'33", 4:3

Clips from Tom Baker's final story.

The logo dates this to 1992-4.

Glen Allen on UK Gold

2'02", 4:3

Senior Announcer for UK Gold Glen Allen introduces all four parts of The Sun Makers and the final part of Horns of Nimon.

The logo places it 1994-7, although we believe these in-vision announcements only occurred during 1996. Allen doubtless performed intros for all stories in this era, but TME currently only holds these.


UK Gold The Horns of Nimon Announcement..

0'21", 4:3

An announcement for the Tom Baker story.

The logo dates this to 1994-7.

UK Gold The Invasion of Time Trailer


Continuities for the Tom Baker stories.

The logo dates this to 1994-7.

UK Gold The Leisure Hive, Meglos and Full Circle Intros

0'21", 0'13", 0'22", 4:3

Continuities for the Tom Baker stories.

The logo dates this to 1994-7.

UK Gold Arc of Infinity Intro

0'12", 4:3

Announcement of the Peter Davison story.

The logo dates this to 1994-7.

UK Gold The Mark of the Rani Trailer

0'22", 4:33

Clips from the Colin Baker classic.

The logo dates this to 1994-7.

Edwina Currie Interview

2'58", 4:33

Tory politician/author discusses her influences and memories in an interview, and presents a clip of the first Dalek serial and shares her thoughts on it.

Estimated mid-90s.

Collector's Lot

2'26", 4:33

A collector shows off some memorabilia.

Collector's Lot ran from 1997 to 2001.

Collector's Lot

4'25", 4:3

David J Howe appears on the show that looks at enthusiasts of all types. He shows us round his attic and points out some of his favourite pieces of merchandise, clothing and props.

Collector's Lot ran from 1997 to 2001.

BAFTA - Desmond Davis Award

2'10", 4:3

The BAFTA Desmond Davis Award for Services to Television goes to Julia Smith, and a clip from The Underwater Menace is shown.

Smith died in 1997.

Kellog's Cornflakes Ad

0'38", 4:3

Some Doctor Who fans enjoy breakfast thanks to Kellog's.

The Big Breakfast

0'45", 4:3

Vanessa Feltz looks at a news headline sharing the secret sex secrets of Doctor Who.

Feltz co-hosted The Big Breakfast from 1996-8.

Antiques Roadshow Special

3'08", 4:3

Two kids appear on a special children's edition, showing off a Sylvester McCoy autograph, War of the Daleks, a signed con programme and a lifesize Tom Baker standup.

This is from 1998/9, we believe.


1'22", 4:3

The long running show challenges a contestant to name four Doctor Who companions.

The host seems to be Bob Monkhouse, dating this to 1998-2003.

UK Gold Trailer

0'35", 4:3

Clips of The A-Team, Blakes 7, Doctor Who, Lois and Clark advertise the Saturday and Sunday lineups on UK Gold.

The logo dates this to 2001-4.

Richard Briers Retrospective

0'23", 16:9

Whilst looking back on his career, Briers talks about playing villains and shows a brief clip of Paradise Towers.

Dead Ringers

6'31", 16:9

A Cyberfamily talk about their love for Henry VIII and Bruce Forsyth, and then "Tom Baker" (Jon Culshaw) wanders around London and scares people, with the help of a Sea Devil.

Three clips.

The Doctor claims to have arrived in 1997, but Dead Ringers did not begin on TV until 2002.

Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

0'52", 4:3

The unfeasibly popular gameshow, which began in 1998, features as one of its opening questions a challenge to put the following shows in order: Doctor Who, Star Trek, Blake's 7 and The X-Files. Three out of nine contestants get this wrong.

TV To Go

1'27", 16:9

Over the end credits of the sketch show, Hugh Dennis and Mackenzie Crook sit on a park bench, bemoaning the lack of activity in their town. Behind them an army wages war against guerrilla Wombles, chased by a Dalek screaming "I can explain everything! It's not what it looks like!"

TV To Go ran 2001-2.

BBC London News

0'21", 16:9

A rare example here of a newer clip of which details elude us. TME holds a 21 second intro to a BBC London News item on Doctor Who memorabilia prices rocketing, including a clip from Rose. We don't have the full piece in question, nor the broadcast date. Can you help?

Dead Ringers

0'16", 16:9

A quick joke about the presentation of a '12' certificate to the DVD release of Dalek.