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TV Appearances: 2009

1st January 2009 - Almost Famous 2


Cropped clips from London's Burning, Crossroads, Dramarama and a Smash Hit advert embarrass the stars of Doctor Who in this follow up to the special broadcast in January 2009.

3rd January 2009 - Breakfast


After a clip from The Next Doctor, we learn that the next Doctor will be announced later that day. Tennant admits his jealousy before we are taken on a journey through the speculation, including Matt Smith. Later in the show, Moray Laing refuses to speculate and Lizo Mzimba shares his thoughts. They both talk about the fame the new Doctor will face, whether the team might do something completely different or play it safe, what qualities a new actor should have and that Peter Cushing doesn't count. Later the two return again to debate the Doctor's number of regenerations.

3rd January 2009 - Doctor Who Confidential: The Eleventh Doctor Trailer


A quick collection of clips from throughout the years, followed by one of Tennant expressing his jealousy of Matt Smith, as the nation prepares for the announcement...

3rd January 2009 - BBC News (17:15)


A repeat of Lizo Mzimba's report from Breakfast, interviewing Tennant and featuring a clip from The Next Doctor and rumouring Matt Smith.

3rd January 2009 - Doctor Who Confidential: The Eleventh Doctor



David Tennant, Russell T Davies and Steven Moffat introduce a special look back and forwards at the various actors who have portrayed the Doctor, dropping hints as to the identity eleventh actor throughout. Jane Tranter talks about the importance of actors building on their predecessors, Moffat about the task of choosing the replacement and the Morrissey rumours and Julie Gardner and Davies about casting Eccleston. Tennant, Gardner and Davies discuss the tenth Doctor before we begin looking through the show's history. Tennant and Davies talk about Hartnell, Davies and Moffat about Troughton and Moffat, Davies and Tennant about Pertwee. Elisabeth Sladen also shares her memories of the third Doctor and Moffat talks more about the age of the Doctor, with comments from Peirs Wenger. We then continue the look at the Doctors, covering with Moffat, Davies and Tennant all commenting on the fourth through to eighth Doctors in turn.

We finally learn the identity of the eleventh Doctor as Matt Smith talks about his initial reaction, Davies speaks of his jealousy, Smith and Moffat about the audition process, and Moffat and Wenger on the final decision. Smith explains his challenge at keeping the secret - even from his flatmate. Tennant and Smith discuss their preparation processes...

As with every episode of Confidential, this features many episodic clips (along with Tennant's resignation announcement and other news clips).

3rd January 2009 - BBC News


Immediately following Doctor Who Confidential's announcement, Lizo Mzimba introduces us to Matt Smith, talking us through his prior roles and the expectations of him. He presents clips from The Next Doctor and Confidential.

3rd January 2009 - BBC News (21:50)


A repeat of Lizo Mzimba's report from BBC News several hours previously.

3rd January 2009 - Sky News


Experts looking at the following day's papers discuss Smith's casting. Two clips.

5th January 2009 - Breakfast


After a selection of clips from the series (prepared for Confidential), Lizo Mzimba and Benjamin Cook share their thoughts on Matt Smith, the challenges that will face him, the costume,

5th January 2009 - The Andrew Marr Show


Lizo Mzimba introduces clips from Doctor Who Condfidential and The Next Doctor while discussing the Matt Smith casting, before Andrew Marr looks at the next day's papers and the focus the news has had.

5th January 2009 - Newsround


A short report on Tennant's recovery and Smith's casting.

20th January 2009 - Leverage 1.08: The Mile High Job


Geek character Aldis Hodge issues his colleagues with fake IDs in the names of Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Sylvester McCoy and Sarah Jane Baker.

2nd April 2009 - K.9 Promo


A collection of clips, with a temporary voice for K.9 himself, used to promote the upcoming series at the MIPTV festival in Cannes.