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TV Appearances: 2007

1st January 2007 - The Sarah Jane Adventures: Invasion of the Bane

1st January 2007 - Torchwood Episode 12: Captain Jack Harkness

1st January 2007 - Torchwood Episode 13: End of Days

1st January 2007 - Torchwood Declassified Episode Twelve

10'04", 16:9
  • John Barrowman, Matt Rippy, Julie Gardner and Naoko Mori introduce the story.
  • Richard Stokes, Gardner, Mori, Rippy and Russell T Davies talk about Jack’s loneliness.
  • Stokes, Ashley Way, Marie Doris, Keith Dunne on the beauty of the period piece and Way contrasts it with the 2006 scenes.
  • Footage of Carol Perry teaching the cast to dance and Gavin Brocker and Mori talking about their experiences.
  • Davies, Rippy, Barrowman, Catherine Treganna and Stokes on the Jacks’ romance, and Mori admits she cried during the kiss.

1st January 2007 - Torchwood Declassified Episode Thirteen

10'31", 16:9
  • John Barrowman, Burn Gorman and Naoko Mori tell us a little about the episode.
  • Barrowman, Mori, Murray Melvin (mis-captioned as Bilis Manager), Richard Stokes and Russell T Davies enthuse about the character of Bilis and his motivation.
  • Eve Myles, Julie Gardner and Barrowman on the characters’ loneliness causing them to be selfish and losing faith in Jack.
  • Myles, Mori, Davies and Ashley Way on tipping Gwen over the edge.
  • Gorman and Gardner on Owen rising against Jack, and Myles on the destruction of the Hub.
  • Davies and Stokes on the grand style of the finale and the semi 2-part nature of the last two episodes.
  • Barrowman describes the episode as being about everything “falling apart”.
  • Barney Curnow, Andy Guest and Neil Roche on creating Abbadon.
  • Barrowman theorises on how Jack comes back from the dead and final thoughts from Gareth David-Lloyd and Burn Gorman.

19th January 2007 - Newsround

3'22", 16:9

A short report on an attempt by fans to get Love Don't Roam into the charts through music downloads.

26th January 2007 - Breakfast

5'01", 16:9

Scraping the barrel of news reporting, Breakfast goes to the streets of Cardiff to see how people tie their scarfs.

14th February 2007 - Blue Peter

6'08", 16:9

The beautiful Konnie Huq shows us how to make a TARDIS shaped bird-feeder.

22nd February 2007 - The Charlotte Church Show

19'36", 16:9

Billie Piper appears on the short-lived chat show and talks about Danny Baker, Daniel Radcliffe, the kind of men she goes for, preferring Tennant to Eccleston (we see a clip from New Earth), crying through the Christmas special, living above Charlotte Church, The Canterbury Tales, Chris Evans, Mansfield Park, her pop career and going to the toilet in a corset. Later in the show, Church adds some much needed Britishness to American films and then discusses movies with Piper. Gwen Steffani joins them and talks about babies, The Sound of Music, real jobs (Piper has never had one) and looking fabulous.

Three clips.

25th February 2007 - Sunday AM

11'03", 16:9

David Tennant appears on the interview show, primarily to promote Recovery, but he also answers questions on which number Doctor he is (he exclusively reveals he's the tenth, and shows us a clip from Parting of the Ways to prove it), working with Billie Piper, typecasting fears (or lack of), what he brings to the role, his hopes to return to the stage, when he'll leave the show and difficulties getting into the front doors of the BBC. Later Tennant watches while Rory Bremner gets political.

Two clips

3rd March 2007 - Dead Ringers

3'19", 16:9

An accurate and somewhat cutting spoof of Torchwood, in which the team investigate the weirdness of their own show. The most famous secret organisation in the world...

3rd March 2007 - 50 Greatest TV Dramas

4'15", 16:9

Doctor Who comes in at number 26 in this countdown special. Verity Lambert shares her experiences with the fledgling show, Mal Young, David Tennant and John Barrowman remember their youthful experiences. After clips from Remembrance of the Daleks and The Happiness Patrol, discussion turns to the cancellation and revival with Russell T Davies explaining his concept behind the new version. Joe Aherne, Tennant and Young give us further opinions.

4th March 2007 - Top Gear

7'36", 16:9

Billie Piper chats with Jeremy Clarkson about her autobiography, why she quit Doctor Who, the top speed of a Dalek, Chris Evans using a Ferrari to woo her and car colours before we see her attempt to drive round a racecourse at high speed.

6th March 2007 - ONE Life

5'28", 16:9

An interview with a Doctor Who fan who has to rent a storage unit just to keep his Dalek.

9th March 2007 - Al Murray's Happy Hour

11'20", 16:9

John Barrowman guest stars on the chat show hosted by Al Murray in character as his Pub Landlord character. They talk about homosexuality, the concept of Torchwood, his favourite Doctor, his talent (Murray describes Barrowman as "the best actor in the world"), his parents reaction to him being a "fan of musicals" and accents. He then remains on set for the rest of the show, but says little.

10th March 2007 - Series Three Teaser 1

0'07", 16:9

Brief shots of the Doctor and Martha, which had premiered at BBC Online the previous day, ending with the caption "Two words will collide".

10th March 2007 - Series Three Teaser 2

0'07", 16:9

Brief shots of the Doctor and Martha, similar to that which had premiered at BBC Online the previous day, ending with the caption "Two worlds will collide".

13th March 2007 - A Taste of My Life

2'20", 16:9

John Barrowman appears on the cooking/talk show. After two clips promising discussion of Torchwood, he finally discusses it - we see a clip of Day One and he talks of his surprise at how successful it became. Later he jokes about having a TARDIS.

Four clips.

15th January 2007 - Breakfast

11'01", 16:9

After a clip from Doomsday, Billie Piper talks about her relationship with David Tennant, the difficulty of her decision to leave, what brought her towards acting at this point in her life, her role in Treats (which she's mainly there to promote), reading reviews, working on Ruby in the Smoke and feeling jealous of her successors in the TARDIS.

16th March 2007 - Comic Relief

7'23", 16:9

Enough to make a canon cop's head explode...

Catherine Tate's famous irritating Lauren Cooper character is not "bovvered" by her new English teacher Mr Logan, who looks distinctly like the Tenth Doctor, but with a Scottish accent. Cooper notices his Doctor-like looks and wonders if he fancies Billie Piper. He ends up zapping her with his sonic screwdriver and turning her into the commercially available Rose toy.

Later that night, Tennant is briefly interviewed by Chris Evans. Evans calls him annoyingly handsome. Evans is just annoying.

Two clips.

17th March 2007 - Series Three Trailer 1 (Short)

020", 16:9

Brief shots of the Doctor and Martha saying "I'm gonna be a Doctor" and "I AM the Doctor" before Martha says "well, lets hope this box is big enough for the both of us", which segues into 12 seconds of clips.

March 2007 - Series Three Trailer 2 (Short)

020", 16:9

Brief shots of the Doctor and Martha saying "I need a guy who's smart", "Suit and trainers works for me", "And someone who can make the time", "Ah, that's my speciality." which segues into 12 seconds of clips.

17th March 2007 - Series Three Trailer 1 (Long)

0'40", 16:9

Lengthier version of "Trailer 1 (Short)" above.
Brief shots of the Doctor and Martha speaking...
"I battle with my textbooks." "I battle with monsters."
"I try to save money." "I try to save the Universe."
"I'm gonna be a Doctor." "I AM the Doctor."
...Martha then says "well, lets hope this box is big enough for the both of us", which segues into 21 seconds of clips.

17th March 2007 - Series Three Trailer 2 (Long)

0'40", 16:9

Lengthier version of "Trailer 2 (Short)" above.
Brief shots of the Doctor and Martha speaking...
"I need a guy who's smart." "Suit and trainers works for me."
"Who likes travelling." "I've been round the block a few times."
"Who has a big heart." "Two of those, actually."
"And someone who can make the time." "Ah, now that's my speciality."
Followed by 21 seconds of clips.

March 2007 - Series Three Trailer (Extra Long)

1'22", 16:9

A lengthy collection of clips opening with the caption "When two worlds collide, the adventure begins."

19th March 2007 - North West Tonight

2'9", 16:9

A short report by Andy Gill on the new Manchester-based exhibition, featuring a clip from The Runaway Bride. Martin Wilkie explains the ethos behind the exhibit and Ian Griffin of the museum explains why they took the show on.

21st March 2007 - 60 Seconds

0'09", 16:9

BBC Three's quickfire news program mentions the return of Doctor Who.

22nd March 2007 - Breakfast

4'15", 16:9

David Scillitoe reports from the series three press launch. He interviews a crazy-sounding fan (nothing personal if you're reading this, old chap), Freema Agyeman (who describes the event as being like something out of a film) and David Tennant (discussing the uniqueness of the role and avoiding discussing his resignation). Clips abound from Smith and Jones. Later the long trailer 2 is shown with the BBC clock superimposed and Catherine Tate (on the show to discuss non-Who matters) bemoans not kissing David.

Two clips.

22nd March 2007 - GMTV

6'56", 16:9

In between a series of clips from Smith and Jones, GMTV's resident expert reviews the first two episodes and promises us they're "fantastic" (is it too late to complain?), particularly focussing on Freema Agyeman. He also gives away some spoilers for the rest of the series. Later in the show, Michael Underwood shows us some quick clips from the launch the previous night with brief soundbites from David Tennant and Freema Agyeman.

Four clips.

22nd March 2007 - Newsround

7'29", 16:9

Further footage from the press launch (and Smith and Jones and Doomsday clips) as Freema Agyeman talks about the thrill of the series, David Tennant talks about working with Freema and Russell T Davies promises us it will be different every week. Later in the show, some of the same interview clips are repeated along with new footage of Tennant discussing his challenges this year and Davies assures us we will meet Mr Saxon. Later we also see John Simm talking on BBC Radio.

Four clips.

22nd March 2007 - Wales Today

3'04", 16:9

With clips from Smith and Jones, Wales Today previews the new series. David Tennant enthuses about filming in Cardiff, Russell T Davies tells us there will be a fourth series, and Jonathan Ross pretends to be 29.

Three clips.

22nd March 2007 - Newsround

2'41", 16:9

David Scillitoe reports from the press launch, talking to an excited fan, Freema Agyeman (she describes the experience as being "like a film") and David Tennant (who talks about the high level of attention and analysis). We also see a clip of Smith and Jones.

27th March 2007 - Breakfast

9'03", 16:9

After a clip from Smith and Jones, Freema Agyeman talks about the plot of the premier episode, getting the role of Martha, keeping the secret, the fun of the job, the character of Martha, her work in the previous series and kissing the Doctor.

Two clips.

27th March 2007 - Blue Peter

12'44", 16:9

After clips from The Mind Robber, Terror of the Autons, Robot, Destiny of the Daleks, The Curse of Fenric, The Runaway Bride, Rose and Smith and Jones, Freema Agyeman arrives in a TARDIS to talk about the new series: She covers getting the part, her knowledge of Doctor Who, getting advise from Billie Piper and Liz Sladen, Martha's character, working with the crew, how long it takes to make a scene, working with special effects and the upcoming monsters in series three. Konnie Huq also presents a Blue Peter badge to a rather unimpressed looking young fan and Freema pilots the TARDIS to a 1981 edition of Blue Peter.

Three clips.

27th March 2007 - The Graham Norton Show

21'42", 16:9

David Tennant and Jo Brand appear on Norton's chat show. They discuss being recognised and Tennant teases a little about the plot of Human Nature, enthusing over the excitement of being the Doctor and getting to have farting contests with John Barrowman. They also watch a fan film and place a prop TARDIS in front of the London Eye and con a member of the public into bringing it to the studio.

Most hilariously of all, Norton had placed an advert in a gay magazine on Tennant's behalf. The one response they had believed it to be a windup, prompting Tennant to phone him and leave the message on his voicemail: "Derek - it's the Doctor. You had your chance, you blew it."

Four clips.

28th March 2007 - This Morning

9'28", 16:9

Anne Reid introduces clips from Coronation Street and dinnerladies, then talks about working on Corrie, her character in Doctor Who, laughing with David Tennant, The Curse of Fenric,

28th March 2007 - Richard and Judy

9'55", 16:9

A clip from The Empty Child introduces John Barrowman. He talks about fancying Billie Piper, being nervous on his first day, the upcoming return of Doctor Who and Torchwood and how much he enjoys working on both shows. We then see a clip from They Keep Killing Suzie and he talks about Any Dream Will Do which we see a clip of.

29th March 2007 - North West Tonight

4'55", 16:9

A report from the new exhibition (including, bizarrely, a weather report) at the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester. Ian Griffin, the Director of the Museum, enthuses about the exhibition and Doctor Who on the whole. The word "fantastic" gets used five times in 35 seconds at one point.

29th March 2007 - Dead Ringers

6'08", 16:9

Captain Jack Harkness freaks out hotel staff by sleeping with Cybermen and singing. Later June Whitfield introduces Driftwood, OAPs against alien invasions. Finally, Tony Blair regenerates into David Tennant.

Three clips.

30th March 2007 - Breakfast

9'48", 16:9

John Barrowman appears in order to promote Any Dream Will Do. After showing a clip from the auditions, he talks about the wide variety of talent they've seen, his love of musicals, his fellow judges, the upcoming second series of Torchwood (filming April to November), how he finds the time and working with Freema Agyeman.

30th March 2007 - GMTV

8'41", 16:9

Freema Agyeman talks about her excitement at the series launch (and it feeling unusual that it still hasn't aired) and her newfound fame. We see a clip from Smith and Jones, and she goes on to talk about her first appearance in Doctor Who and how she came to be cast. Later in the show she covers the subject of scary aliens (the Judoon terrify her), keeping her casting a secret, being the latest in a long line of companions and her knowledge of the series (she takes a challenge and doesn't do too badly).

Three clips.

30th March 2007 - Richard and Judy

9'51", 16:9

After a clip from Smith and Jones, Russell T Davies talks to Richard and Judy about introducing Martha, never going on holiday, the plot of the season opener, Father's Day being a tearjerker, the fun of Daleks, modernising the show (we see a clip from The Ark in Space) and bringing back Sarah-Jane.

30th March 2007 - Newsround

1'40", 16:9

Newsround previews the new series, with clips from Smith and Jones, soundbites from Freema Agyeman (talking about nervous excitement) and Russell T Davies (defending accusations that there is too much Who) and showing clips from The Infinite Quest.

30th March 2007 - The Weakest Link

50'03", 16:9

John Barrowman, Noel Clarke, Tracy-Ann Oberman, David Tennant, Andrew Hayden-Smith, Camille Coduri, Nick Briggs, Claire Rushbrook and John Leeson in characters as K.9 play The Weakest Link for charity. Many questions are based on Doctor Who. Outtakes were aired in 2008.

Features a guest appearance from the Anne Droid from The Parting of the Ways.

30th March 2007 - The Charlotte Church Show

10'16", 16:9

John Barrowman talks about his fortieth birthday celebrations with the Doctor Who team, the plot of Torchwood (he explains why they're located in Cardiff - "there's a lot of fuckin' aliens" - and we see a clip from End of Days), Jack's wristband, Charlotte's pants, Cardiff, bunny-rubbers, scary monsters (Cardiff chavs), anagrams, How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria?, West End musicals and his penis.

31st March 2007 - Breakfast

8'55", 16:9

A lengthy clip from Doctor Who Confidential previews the new series before the hosts challenge viewers to recognise monsters from the past. Later in the show, Paul Kasey and famous fan Caitlin Moran both share their thoughts on monsters, Martha,

Two clips.

31st March 2007 - A Celebration Trail

0'11", 16:9

A brief announcement for the repeat of Doctor Who: A Celebration.

31st March 2007 - Wales Today

0'21", 16:9

A short reminder that the show returns tonight!

31st March 2007 - Smith and Jones Tonight

0'15", 16:9

Two clips from Doctor Who and two from Any Dream Will Do.

31st March - 30th June 2007 (and 25th December 2006) - Series Three Continuities




15'01", 16:9

0'25": The Runaway Bride Intro
0'12": The Runaway Bride End
0'17": Smith and Jones Intro
0'28": Smith and Jones Outro
0'24": The Shakespeare Code Intro
0'57": The Shakespeare Code Outro, including The Runaway Bride DVD Advert
0'20": Gridlock Intro
0'22": Gridlock Outro
0'22": Daleks In Manhatten Intro
1'26": Daleks in Manhatten Outro, including The Runaway Bride DVD Advert
0'18": Evolution of the Daleks Intro
0'24": Evolution of the Daleks Outro
0'24": The Lazarus Experiment Intro
1'21": The Lazarus Experiment Outro, with Season Trailer
0'19": 42 Intro
0'20": 42 Outro
0'19": Human Nature Intro
0'27": Human Nature Outro
0'19": Family of Blood Intro
0'54": Family of Blood Outro, with Creatures and Demons Advert
0'21": Blink Intro
0'30": Blink Outro
0'27": Utopia Intro
0'20": Utopia Outro
0'23": The Sound of Drums Intro
1'39": The Sound of Drums Outro, with The Infinite Quest Trailer
0'22": The Last of the Time Lords Intro
0'27": The Last of the Time Lords Outro

31st March 2007 - Doctor Who Confidential: 3.1, Meet Martha Jones


Robbie Williams:
Have You Met Miss Jones
Elton John: Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting
The Killers: When we Were Young
The Klaxons: Gravity's Rainbox
The Fratellis: Creeping up the Backstairs
The Kooks: She Moves in her Own Way
Robbie Williams: Rudebox
Just Jack: Starz in their Eyes
Take That: Shine
Evermore vs Dirty South: It's Too Late
Camille Jones: The Creeps (Fedde Le Grand Remix)
38'41", 16:9
  • Russell T Davies and Phil Collinson explain the tone of Smith and Jones.
  • Footage from the London launch of series three with soundbites from Davies, Jonathan Ross (and family), David Tennant and Freema Agyeman.
  • Tennant points out the importance of the companion character, Davies, Collinson and Gardner the anticipation of a new series.
  • Agyeman tells us how crazy it is working on Doctor Who.
  • Tennant talks about Martha's character and Davies about the plot revolving around her.
  • Filming footage of Smith and Jones in the hospital, with comments from Collinson, Charles Palmer and Agyeman
  • Gardner and Davies talk about the character development for Martha.
  • The effects team prepare the Radiology set, with words from Danny Hargreave.
  • Gardner, Davies and Collinson on finding Agyeman and her work on series two. Gardner, Collinson, Davies and Agyeman explain the deception, with the latter firmly believing she was auditioning for Torchwood.
  • Tennant suggests there is a gap for the Doctor after Runaway Bride - Gardner points out that he's still thinking about Rose, though and Davies, Collinson and Palmer offers their thoughts on the Doctor/Martha relationship.
  • Boyd Hilton of Heat Magazine, Paul Morley and Caitlin Moran gives us their considered thoughts about the Doctor/Companion relationship.
  • Davies, Collinson and Agyeman move on to discuss Martha's family and her relationship with them. Kimmi Richards, Adjoa Andoh, Reggie Yates and Trevor Laird introduce themselves.
  • Davies talks about the new music Murray Gold has come up with for the Jones family. Gold also explains his motivations and also reusing the Crouch End Festival Chorus (Dalek Theme) and Melanie Pappenheim (The Doctor's Theme). Palmer and Gardner enthuse about the quality and the hints of the past.
  • Davies, Neill Gorton, Agyeman and Palmer on the Judoon design. Paul Kasey tells us what it's like being one and Nick Briggs what it's like being the voice.
  • Agyeman and Tennant on suddenly becoming famous. The TV critics, Collinson and Davies offer their thoughts.
  • Davies and Collinson reflect on how wonderful it is being able to re-introduce the TARDIS to each new companion.
  • Tennant, Collinson, Palmer, Davies and Agyeman give their final thoughts about Martha's introduction and her upcoming journey.
  • Some final footage from the launch party with comments from the guests on the reaction and a collection of preview clips from the following few episodes.

31st March 2007 - A Celebration

39'28", 16:9

Edited highlights from the Christmas 2006 concert. David Tennant introduces the show and a medley of tracks from the first two episodes, Rose and The End of the World (Murray Gold talks over this about his inspiration for the music, and Ben Foster about his excitement) and then a collection of monster themes (Russell T Davies talks about the wonderful period music from The Girl in the Fireplace and Foster about inspiring people to get into music). After a Dalek menaces the audience, Davies and Gold discuss the Dalek theme. Gold then covers his Cybermen theme, and Foster explains how he adapted it slightly for the concert. The show closes with a rendition of the theme, commented on by Foster and Julie Gardner.

April 2007 - Belonging Trailer

0'29", 16:9

On the set of Torchwood, John Barrowman discovers that the cast and crew would rather watch Belonging (starring Eve Myles) than work.

1st April 2007 - Graham Norton Uncut

3'41", 16:9

In a revised repeat of the March 27th Graham Norton show, an extra fifteen minutes (referred to as "Cooldown") were added, which include a female American who gushes over getting the chance to kiss Tennant, and pops into the TARDIS.

2nd April 2007 - The Shakespeare Code Trailer

0'21", 16:9

A collection of clips.

2nd April 2007 - Totally Doctor Who: 2.1

28'37", 16:9
  • Reggie Yates is in studio to tell us about his character while Barney attacks Freema Agyeman while she's trying to eat to find out how exciting working on Who is. The two then meet up to compare acting to presenting and draw pictures of forthcoming adventures.
  • Team Totally is introduced: six fans competing for the ultimate Doctor Who prize by taking part in various games. This week they create a storyboard, precided over by artist Shaun Williams.
  • A competition is launched to identify an Ood to win TDW goodies.
  • Episode one of The Infinite Quest.
  • Agyeman signs some clay and a competition is launched to win it, along with forthcoming clay signatures.
  • Barney catches David Tennant during filming where he discusses acting hot, kissing Freema and what's coming up in the show.
  • Back to Team Totally, where it's announced that Team TARDIS won.
  • Danny Hargreaves, effects expert, shows us shatterglass, steam effects, explosions and creating flameballs.
  • A preview of The Shakespeare Code.

6th April 2007 - GMTV

9'35", 16:9

Dean Lennox Kelly appears on GMTV but refuses to give away too much of the plot of The Shakespeare Code for fear of being attacked by "Matrix-style men". He does give us a loose explanation, though, and shows us a clip. He discusses his characterisation, his work on Shameless and being a father. Later, he's back to give away £20,000 and to talk about how he was cast and his son.

Two clips.

7th April 2007 - The Shakespeare Code Tonight Trailer

0'21", 16:9

A collection of clips from Doctor Who and Any Dream Will Do.

7th April 2007 - TV Burp

0'29", 16:9

Perpetually unfunny "comedian" Harry Hill presents two clips from Smith and Jones to make hilarious jokes about them.

7th April 2007 - Doctor Who Confidential: 3.2, Stage Fright


Get What You Need
First Cool Hive
Oasis: Rock and Roll Star
The Battle Galliard
The Prodigy:
Rogue Traders: Voodoo Child
Lenny Kravitz: Fly Away
Last Trip
41'54", 16:9
  • Phil Collinson tells us why he was so excited to start work on The Shakespeare Code and David Tennant what it's like filming in The Globe.
  • Collinson and Gareth Skelding explain the challenges behind filming in a working theatre - Gareth Roberts and Russell T Davies are amazed they managed to get The Globe itself and Charles Palmer enthuses also.
  • Davies, Roberts, Dean Lennox Kelly, Tennant and Collinson consider the character of Shakespeare, his rockstar persona and the casting.
  • Davies and Tennant on Shakespeare's ability to see through the psychic paper.
  • Roberts and Davies discuss the use of Shakespearean quotes throughout and on the lost play Love's Labours Won.
  • Location filming comes under scrutiny by Davies, Collinson, Kelly and David Morison who praises the architecture.
  • Chris Larkin on his character's death, Paul Kelly on how it was achieved and Freema Agyeman on how the first take went.
  • Davies talks about magic in Doctor Who and Collinson and Roberts on the wonderful creation of the Carionites - Tennant gives the credit to the actor, and Christina Cole admits it was a lot of fun. Sam Marks had fun too.
  • Davies, Roberts and Tennant on giving the Doctor a sexy female villain.
  • Phil Collinson takes us behind the scenes to see a flying sequence being put together - Crispin Layfield and Tom Lucy explain how it was achieved while Charles Palmer explains why this excites him.
  • Collinson, Tennant, Davies, Roberts and Agyeman on Martha's journey in this episode.
  • Collinson, Palmer and Dave Haughton explain how they filled The Globe using 50 extras.
  • Finally, a preview of Gridlock from Davies, Collinson and Tennant.

8th April 2007 - Granada Reports

2'15", 16:9

Tim Scott visits the Museum of Science and Industry to see a temporary Doctor Who exhibition, getting inside a Dalek and talking to the man in charge, plus several young fans.

8th April 2007 - Points of View

0'53", 16:9

Terry Wogan promises us that this week's Points of View will be a Doctor Who free zone.

9th April 2007 - Gridlock Tailer

0'20", 16:9

Some short clips from Gridlock. Two variants: "Saturday" and "Tomorrow".

13th April 2007 - Totally Doctor Who: 2.2

28'08", 16:9
  • Rob Maher is in the studio to talk about the creation of the witch characters in The Shakespeare Code.
  • The next round of Team Totally kicks off... This week they have to learn how to put makeup on actors - Ros Wilkins demonstrates how a genuine character was made up, and Team TARDIS create the superior makeup art (although this foregone conclusion isn't revealed until later in the show).
  • Barney launches a competition to identify a Cyberman. It's, erm, a Cyberman.
  • Meanwhile David Tennant explains what was so great about The Shakespeare Code, recalls wire work in New Earth and draws a picture of a Macra.
  • Episode two of The Infinite Quest.
  • Maher's back to talk more about the witches and also about the Abzorbaloff and the Racnoss. He then models a Dalek out of orange clay.
  • The winner of last year's Companion Academy, Louise, gets shown around the TARDIS and then gets to meet Freema Agyeman and David Tennant.
  • We learn a little about wire work and see a sneak preview of Gridlock.

14th April 2007 - Doctor Who Confidential: 3.3, Are We There Yet?


Snow Patrol:
Chasing Cars
Burt Bacharach: Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head
Jamiroquai: Deeper Underground
Gary Numan: Cars
Kasabian: Last Trip
Squeeze: Cool for Cats
Kaiser Chiefs: Love is not a Competition (But I'm Winning)
David Hasslehoff: Jump in my Car
Bloc Party: So Here we Are
Boy Kill Boy: Killer
Razorlight: Stumble and Fall
Benny Goodman: Sing Sing Sing

40'29", 16:9
  • David Tennant tells us why he likes this episode.
  • Richard Clark shows us around the New New York sets and Phil Collinson discusses the topical nature of the script. Tennant describes it as "grimy and bleak and nasty and Russell T Davies explains the concept behind the culture.
  • Davies, Tennant and Collinson on separated the Doctor and Martha and Freema Agyeman on the Martha's expectations.
  • Clark on the ambitious nature of creating an entirely CG world and he, Davies, Collinson and Tennant discuss the difficulty of shooting in such a small space and creating pollution.
  • Tennant finds the idea of covering Ardal O'Hanlon in fur hilarious - O'Hanlon finds it perfectly normal, but wishes he were playing a baddie.
  • Barney Curnow speaks of the difficulties of directing cats and Collinson of how believable Davies's script is - Tennant and Collinson then both cover the sense of futility the characters have but Davies notes the sense of hope brought out in the hymn at the end.
  • Collinson then moves on to give us a dissection of the sequence in which the Doctor jumps from car to car. Arwel Wyn Jones, Tenant and Davies go into some more detail and it's pointed out that Davies' chase sequences regular go up and down rather than left to right.
  • Tennant and Jones talk about the different set dressings for each car and Davies about borrowing from 2000AD.
  • Davies on bringing back the Macra, Travis Oliver on not being able to see the creatures and Agyeman on Martha's intelligence.
  • Leonara Chrichlow tells us how much fun working on the episode was.
  • Davies and Collinson explain why they keep returning to the year 5 billion and the decision to keep The Face of Boe alive for one more story.
  • Tennant wonders about Boe's last message and Davies promises answers.
  • Davies, Collinson and Tennant preview the following episode.

16th April 2007 - Daleks in Manhatten Trail

0'20", 16:9

A collection of clips.

20th April 2007 - Totally Doctor Who: 2.3

27'59", 16:9
  • Leonora Critchlow is in studio to talk about the Macra while Barney meets Russell T Davies - Davies explains the history of the monster and how his creations are brought to life.
  • Sam Johnston, Junior Mastermind finalist prepares to go up against Davies in a knowledge challenge.
  • More of Team Totally - this week they learn how to be foley artists.
  • Critchlow is then back to talk about her character and the next round of Who Goes There is launched.
  • Episode three of The Infinite Quest.
  • Critchlow and Davies put their hands in clay and launch the next part of that particular challenge.
  • Davies talks about making monsters and draws an evil scarecrow. He also talks about the Face of Boe.
  • Team TARDIS wins Team Totally again - Team Time Lord seem about to start crying. Aw.
  • Johnston vs Davies in Monstermind: Sam wins.
  • A quick peak of the next episode: Daleks in Manhatten.

21st April 2007 - London Marathon Trailer

0'30", 16:9

A Dalek makes a brief appearance in the London Marathon promotion the day before the race itself.

21st April 2007 - Breakfast

4'30", 16:9

Bewteen clips from Daleks in Manhatten, Freema Agymena recalls filming with the Daleks before James Strong and Nick Briggs arrive in the studio. Strong speaks of his excitement at getting to make a Dalek story and Briggs explains his history with the Dalek voice.

21st April 2007 - Daleks in Manhatten Tonight

0'15", 16:9

A few short clips from Doctor Who and Any Dream Will Do.

21st April 2007 - Doctor Who Confidential: 3.4, A New York Story


The Killers: Uncle Johnny
Razorlight: America
New York Philarmonic Orchestra: Rhapsody in Blue
David Lee Roth: It's Showtime
Scissor Sisters: I Don't Feel Like Dancin'
Scott Joplin: Maple Leaf Rag
Alicia Keys: Streets of New York
Eminem: Lose Yourself
RUN DMC/Aerosmith: Walk this Way
Feeder: Lost and Found
Maximo Park: Going Missing
Fall Out Boy: This Ain't a Scene It's an Arms Race (Album Version)
39'14", 16:9
  • Phil Collinson introduces the episode.
  • Helen Raynor points out the Empire State Building while on location and Collinson and David Tennant tell us how much they loves exploring the history, while Raynor gives us a taste of some of it.
  • Russell T Davies, Tennant and Raynor on the genesis of the story. Davies also recalls The Chase.
  • Raynor shows us around the beautiful sets and costumes and Davies discusses the Daleks' entrance in the show.
  • Raynor on seeing her creations come to life and Gareth Skelding and Davies on trying to find parts of Wales to double as Cardiff.
  • Tennant, Collinson, James Strong and Miranda Raison discuss Tallulah's entrance. Davies admits he forgot about the Depression and Raynor explains the use of the theatre to play against it. Ailsa Berk explains her work.
  • The love story element, credited entirely to Helen, is discussed by Davies and Raynor, who then go on to discuss architectural influences - Raynor also visits a 30s-style flat.
  • Davies hands over credit to The Mill for lots of the 1930s-styling. Dave Houghton explains exactly what they did.
  • Davies, Tennant and Collinson on the class divide during the Depression and Raynor comments on the set of Hooverville.
  • Eric Loren, Davies and Raynor discuss Loren's character.
  • Collinson and Davies briedly talk about turning Cardiff into New York in a preview of the following Confidential.


27th April 2007 - Totally Doctor Who: 2.4

27'47", 16:9

Totally Doctor Who
looks at dancers. Well, we all did, let's face it.
  • Miranda Raison speaks of her desire to live in the time of Daleks in Manhatten and talks about singing. Barney flirts with her.
  • Kirsten visits The Empire State Building and gives us some historical facts about it.
  • Helen Raynor discusses the cliffhanger ending and working with the Daleks.
  • Team Totally learn this week how to choreograph monster movement and discuss how pig-men should walk.
  • Another Who Goes There, as Barney challenges us to recognise the shadow of the pig from Aliens of London.
  • The next episode of The Infinite Quest.
  • Raison is back to talk about acting with pigs, having a pet pig (she doesn't) and take part in a pig quiz. She then makes a hand print and asks another question in the print competition.
  • It is revealed that Team Time Lord have had their first win.
  • Raynor helps some kids and Kirsten put together an extremely surreal story before a preview of the following episode.

28th April 2007 - Evolution of the Daleks Tonight

0'15", 16:9

A few short clips from Doctor Who and Any Dream Will Do.

28th April 2007 - Doctor Who Confidential: 3.5, Making Manhattan


I Love New York
Eric Prydz vs Pink Floyd: Proper Education
Detroit Symphony Orchestra/Dorati: Fanfare for the Common Man
Manhatten: Ella Fitzgerland
The Roaring 20's: Mostly the Charleston
The Roaring 20's: Down in Harlem
Kanye West: Touch the Sky
Barbara Stresand: Don't Rain on my Parade
Dirty Pretty Things: Bang Bang You're Dead
The Solitaire Orchestra: We are the World
Bloc Party: Song for Clay (Disappear Here)
Pat Rubellot: Wall Street Rag
50 Cent: In Da Club
The Champagne Dance Orchestra: Sweet Suzy
41'09", 16:9
  • Russell T Davies and Phil Collinson laugh about the idea of matching Cardiff with New York.
  • Davies expresses his amazement at his design team who we follow to Manhattan. James Strong tells us what's being filmed and Dave Houghton what they plan on painting in and out. Collinson tries to look cool.
  • Meanwhile Rayner shows us the parts of Cardiff doubling for Central Park and Simon Wicker shows us how he paints in matte shots.
  • Tennant and Rayner thrill over the area of Bute Park that doubled for Hooverville, and Edward Thomas gives us his opinions.
  • Collinson sits by the Statue of Liberty and hopes they can fake the TARDIS arriving there. Later, in Penarth, he shows us the "almost identical" shot they've found, particularly highlighting the entirely dissimilar brickwork.
  • Houghton stands atop the Empire State Building taking plate shots of the New York skyline, Strong explains why they shot more than necessary and Wicker shows us more of his work.
  • Houghton talks us through some of the greenscreen work they filmed with extras.
  • Thomas shows us the main set for the Empire interiors and explains some of his excitement about it, which Davies joins him for.
  • Tennant on why they use a heliport in Cardiff any time they need an empty sky and Thomas on the creation of the mast.
  • Tennant and Thomas both look at the art deco style of the Daleks while Collinson, Davies and Thomas look at the Transgenic Lab and its echoes of Frankenstein.
  • We are taken by Danny Hargreaves behind the scene of the battle of Hooverville. Strong and Houghton also talk us through some of the specifics. Frreema Agyeman gets all overexcited.

29th April 2007 - Points of View

5'04", 16:9

A viewer complains that Torchwood is being broadcast in HD and not Doctor Who.Terry Wogan explains the difference between SD and HD (with clips from both shows to demonstrate). Phil Collinson explains the reasons largely lie with the special effects and warns us that an HD Doctor Who would take eighteen months to make.

Later, Wogan looks at the Points of View messageboard and sees what the Doctor Who fans have been whinging about, and a viewer complains about the lack of Afro-Carribean characters in British TV - Mary Fitzpatrick (the BBC's Editorial Executive for Diversity) rebukes this, pointing to Martha (and showing a clip of Gridlock).

Two clips.

30th April 2007 - The Lazarus Experiment Trailer

0'19", 16:9

Clips from The Lazarus Experiment.

2nd May 2007 - Breakfast

6'36", 16:9

A clip from The Lazarus Experiment introduces Reggie Yates. He talks about his excitement at being cast, how Mark Gatiss wrote the episode (even though he didn't), his experiences filming, his childhood memories of the original series and his other current projects. After a further clip, Yates explains working with greenscreen.

2nd May 2007 - The New Paul O'Grady Show

8'19", 16:9

Thelma Barlow explains why she accepted the role in The Lazarus Experiment, her character's motivation and some of her earlier work. We then see a clip of her in Lazarus and she talks about working with invisible creatures, leaving Coronation Street and gardening.

3rd May 2007 - This Morning

11'20", 16:9

Thelma Barlow continues to promote The Lazarus Experiment. After clips from Coronation Street, Dinnerladies and The Lazarus Experiment she talks about the high quality of the writing, her character, her career and her home life. We see her first appearance in Coronation Street and she recalls some of her early experiences and performing her own stunts.

4th May 2007 - Working Lunch

14'32", 16:9

The daytime business show visits millennium fx and interviews Neill Gorton - he talks about getting into the industry, shows off a Weevil (and explains how they made it), working on Saving Private Ryan and The Catherine Tate Show, how working on a series helps him budget, selling replicas to the public, getting a license from the BBC, making the Ood, his employment ethos, sourcing materials, the training he runs and his plans for the future.

4th May 2007 - Totally Doctor Who: 2.5


28'12", 16:9

A Dalek fest. Well, no shock there.
  • Eric Loren is in the studio to talk about the makeup he wore has half-Sec, the way he performed as semi-Dalek, the technical side of the prosthetics, doing a New York accent.
  • Barney introduces the next episode of The Infinite Quest with his newly discovered Noo Ywark accent.
  • A clockwork droid appears in yet another Who Goes There.
  • In another tense and exciting edition of Team Totally Barnaby Edwards, Colin Newman and Nicholas Briggs teach the team to be Daleks. The lucky little b*stards!
  • Loren asks another question in the handprint quiz, and Dalek Caan donates his print.
  • Kirsten is back in New York, Dalek hunting. He finds some fans taking photos of a toy Dalek. Erm, worthy of sending Kirsten all the way to NY on license fee money? Perhaps...
  • Freema Agyeman talks us through a location shoot for Utopia but doesn't reveal much.
  • Team Totally's results are revealed: Team Time Lord wins again.
  • Finally, a Dalek fact file, a quick interview with Nick Briggs and a preview of The Lazarus Experiment.

5th May 2007 - Saturday Kitchen Live

0'26", 16:9

Appearing on the cooking programme, Torchwood is mentioned during John Barrowman's introduction. Although later they talk a little about his background, Doctor Who and Torchwood are never referenced again.

5th May 2007 - The Lazarus Experiment Tonight

0'14", 16:9

Clips from The Lazarus Experiment and Any Dream Will Do.

5th May 2007 - Doctor Who Confidential: 3.6, Monsters Inc


The Fratells: Chelsea Dagger
Robbie Williams: Old Before I Die
David Arnold: Come in 007, Your Time is Up
Gnarls Barkley: The Boogie Monster
Chemical Brothers: Electronic Battle Weapon 8
Outkast: Y'all Scared
Mason vs Princess Superstar: Perfect
Nelly Furtado: Maneater
Eels: Beautiful Freak
Meatloaf: In the Land of the Pig the Bucher is King.
Bloc Party: Price of Gasoline
Meatloaf: Monster is Loose
Peter Hurford: Bach: Toccata in D Minor Organ
Milka: Grace Kelly
43'34", 16:9
  • Russell T Davies, David Tennant, Mark Gatiss, Phil Collinson, Richard Clark and Will Cohen argue over what a monster is.
  • Richard Clark takes us behind the scenes of the main shooting for the monster's first appearance.
  • Mark Gatiss speaks of his love for getting to play the character (lying throughout the episode and not mentioning his ongoing desire to play the Doctor), and Davies and Clark of their love for Mark.
  • Phil Collinson describes Lazarus as "believable", while Gatiss and Davies discuss the makeup and the concept of youth technology.
  • Neill Gorton explains how they aged Gatiss while Reggie Yates, Adjoa Andoh, Gatiss and Collinson enthuse over the quality.
  • Davies, Clark and Collinson on the setting for Lazlabs. Mike Crowley, Barney Curnow, Will Cohen, Tennant and Yates go on to talk about the monster's first appearance and the look of the monster.
  • Collinson, Cohen and Jean-Claude Deguara discuss the Mill's wonderful work. It's all wonderful. Wonderful, I tell you. Let's just pretend New Earth didn't happen eh? Actually, that has a number of extra benefits too.
  • A look back at prior monsters by Davies, Tennant, Collinson, Gatiss and Clark, who also talk about what makes a creature successful and Cohen specifically looks at the limitations of a family audience.
  • Neill Gorton and Cohen on the inspiration the scripts give them and Sarah Parish on how uncomfortable it was working on the Christmas special.
  • Cohen highlights the werewolf as the trickiest CGI work for The Mill.
  • Tennant tells us what's scary.
  • Davies, Gorton and Tennant on the pigmen from this year's Dalek two-parter.
  • Tennant discusses performing his own stunts occasionally. Tom Lucy explains his fears.
  • At the church used for The Lazarus Experiment Clark, Tennant, David Bedwal and Gatiss describe their feelings on the work. And being naked.

6th May 2007 - Lucas and Walliams' Perfect Night In

3'38", 16:9

Matt Lucas and David Walliams talk about loving Tom Baker, the philosophical themes (we see the famous clip from Genesis of the Daleks which Tom Baker comments on) and the sketches that Walliams and Mark Gatiss did for Doctor Who Night (we see a clip).

10th May 2007 - Hitler - The Comedy Years

5'43", 16:9

Brief commentary comparing Daleks from a clip from Revelation of the Daleks to the Nazis. Guy Siner talks about a clip from Genesis of the Daleks. Steve Punt compares Germany's economy to the Dalek success and we see a sequence from Fawlty Towers (John Ramsden, Arthur Matthews and Punt all discuss this). Punt and Ben Thompson cover Spike Milligan's contribution to Nazi comedy and show the Pakistani Dalek sketch from Q6.

11th May 2007 - Breakfast

6'13", 16:9

Anne Reid talks about her current projects, her recent appearance in Doctor Who (we see a clip), Dinnerladies and how lucky she feels.

11th May 2007 - Totally Doctor Who: 2.6


28'13", 16:9

Although the series proper took a one week break after The Lazarus Experiment, TDW was still aired the day before a Doctor Who free weekend, with the following Friday left devoid of TDW.
  • Barney describes the last Doctor Who episode as "cool" for once.
  • Gugu Mbatha-Raw apologises for almost kissing Mark Gatiss and Adjoa Andoh describes her character's frosty relationship with the Doctor before they draw a picture of some sheep droppings or something.
  • This week, Team Totally are taken under the wing of Moray Laing to learn how to make a page of Doctor Who Adventures.
  • A Sycorax shadow appears behind the Who Goes There screen.
  • The Infinite Quest part six.
  • Barney Curnow discusses CG effects - how they move from design to the finished product and what his favourite one was (the werewolf).
  • Trevor Laird talks about his relationship with the other actors and makes a handprint for the ongoing competition.
  • Back with Team Totally, we discover the winners are... Team Time Lord, putting them into a draw at last. Fix.
  • Freema Agyeman talks about dressing up in posh clothes for The Lazarus Experiment, night shoots, the actors that play her family, green screen and working closely with David Tennant.
  • A preview of 42. Unbelievably it looks watchable.

14th May 2007 - 42 Trailer

0'19", 16:9

A collection of clips promoting 42 after the 2-week gap.

17th May 2007 - Breakfast

7'38", 16:9

After a clip from 42, Michelle Collins describes the temperature when filming and the plot of the episode. Another clip then prompts her to talk about the lack of make-up, how she got cast, being a fan of Tom Baker, the genius of Russell T Davies, her current and upcoming work, Eastenders since she's left,

18th May 2007 - Friday Night with Jonathan Ross

16'45", 16:9

John Barrowman appears, largely to promote Any Dream Will Do, with Andrew Lloyd Webber. After clips from the show, they have a bust-up with a supermodel, talk about the state of West End musicals today, Sarah Brightman's mouth, giving feedback, Torchwood (Lloyd Webber pretends not to know what it is and Ross suggests a musical version) and The Eurovision Song Contest. Finally, we see a clip from Utopia.

19th May 2007 - 42 Tonight Trailer

0'34", 16:9

A collection of clips promoting 42 and Any Dream Will Do.

19th May 2007 - Doctor Who Confidential: 3.7, Space Craft



Muse: Time is Running Out
Long View: Noweher
Joe Brown and the Bruvvers: A Picture of You
David Bowie: Star Man
M.A.R.R.S: Pump Up The Volume
Bush: Space Travel 8
Doves: Word
Vanilla Ice: Ice Ice Baby
Embrace: Ashes
Paolo Nutini: New Shoes
Dinah Washington: What a Difference a Day Makes
Snow Patrol (feat Martha Wainwright): Set Fire to the Third Bar
40'59", 16:9
  • Russell T Davies and David Tennant tell us whats unique about this episode and how the real-time element came about.
  • Michelle Collins on her personal challenges this episode, Tennant and Vinette Robinson on the added tension.
  • Graeme Harper discusses pace and energy and Anthony Flanagan and Tennant give Harper his dues.
  • Chris Chibnell explains his view of the Doctor and Davies discusses physical danger for the character. Tennant compares one of his scenes to Star Trek.
  • Freema Agyeman reminds us this is Martha's first experience of real jeapordy.
  • Barney Curnow and Graeme Harper explains how they faked a pod moving through space while Davies reminds us that its about the actors' performances.
  • Collins and Flanagan wow over the spaceship interiors - Edward Thomas, Chibnall, Davies, Tennant and Peter McKinstry explain the concepts behind the designs. Thomas also tells us about the location used.
  • James North walks us around the set pieces, pointing everything out in great detail, and around the Paper Mill some sections were filmed in.
  • Davies on "the future" always looking dated, prompting a montage of spacecraft throughout the history of the show.
  • Mike Tucker and Mat Irvine give us some background to Doctor Who's history of pioneering effects techniques (wire hiding, explosions, motion control) - Harper also recalls some of his experiences with the 80s episodes he directed and Davies and Tennant share their personal favourites.
  • Will Cohen explains why its better to build spaceships in CGI these days and we see a montage of more recent effects. Tennant reminds us that the TARDIS is the best spaceship.
  • Chibnall explains his characters' motivations and Collins on McDonell's specifically, and filming her final scene first.
  • Abbi Collins, stunt co-ordinator, talks us through McDonell's death and Harper describes the whole thing as "romantic". Chibnall and Matthew Chambers discuss her redemption.
  • Harper explains why he cast Collins. Tenant has his own theory, involving baby oil.
  • Agyeman and Chibnall on Martha's growth.
  • Behind the scenes of Tennant being iced up - Louise Page comments.
  • Agyeman gets a little overexcited about getting the TARDIS key.

20th May 2007 - The British Academy Television Awards

4'12", 16:9

Freema Agyeman helps present the award for the Audience Award to Life on Mars.

20th May 2007 - Points of View

1'39", 16:9

A look at Saturday night television's "family" viewing, with comments on Doctor Who (including a clip from 42).

21st May 2007 - RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2007

8'27", 16:9

Clips from Planet of Evil and The Seeds of Doom explain what Doctor Who has to do with gardening. Lawrence Llewellyn-Bowen looks at gardens through history in Cardiff. Using, erm, a TARDIS.

23rd May 2007 - Frost and Pegg's Perfect Night In

7'10", 16:9

Simon Pegg and Nick Frost discuss the Daleks, with clips from Revelation and Genesis of the Daleks and comments from Tom Baker. They also look at Pegg's appearance in the show, guest starring in The Long Game.

25th May 2007 - Totally Doctor Who: 2.7

27'44", 16:9
  • William Ash is in studio to discuss his character in 42, kissing Martha, pub quizzes and acting hot.
  • Team Totally this week goes behind the scenes of the special effects crew as they learn how to operate explosive devices safely. Safely? That's not the point, surely.
  • Another Who Goes There, and it's a Dalek. Dear me.
  • And another episode of The Infinite Quest.
  • Barney and William, assisted by young fans, go head to head in a battle to the death - or rather a quiz - in which they end up drawing. Despite one team thinking that there are 24 days in a year.
  • TDW struggles for interviewees as they meet the series catering manager. No, really.
  • Another question in the handprint competition, before we find out that Team Time Lord are in the lead for the first time.
  • James North talks briefly about escape pod set design, how it relates to the exterior and so on before we see a preview of Human Nature.

25th May 2007 - Friday Night with Jonathan Ross

11'52", 16:9

After a clip from Evolution of the Daleks, Freema Agyeman covers such topics as her whirlwind career turn, the BAFTAs, being recognised, puppy smuggling, keeping the secret of her role for so long, taking over from Billie, kissing the Doctor (we see a clip), when she starts making series four (she gives a carefully worded answer), her action figure, working on Casualty and her tattoo.

26th May 2007 - Human Nature Tonight Trailer

0'15", 16:9

A collection of clips promoting Human Nature and Any Dream Will Do.

26th May 2007 - Doctor Who Confidential: 3.8, Alter Ego



Muse: Knights of Cydonia
The Gossip: Standing in the Way of Control
The Tramps: Disco Inferno
Cruel Sea: Honeymoon is Over
Billy Joel: Piano Man
Johann Strauss: The Blue Danube
The Aliens: Setting Sun
Freemasons: Rain Down Love
Black Eyed Peas: My Humps
42'34", 16:9
  • Russell T Davies and Freema Agyeman introduce the plot.
  • Davies and Paul Cornell explain the backstory to the making of Human Nature and they (along with David Tennant) explain the plot itself a little further.
  • Davies and Tennant talk about prior uses of the name John Smith.
  • Davies points out references to Sydney Newman and Verity Lambert.
  • Charles Palmer, Cornell, Mike Crowley, Susie Liggat, Shaun Williams and David Tennant on the piano drop scene and on the benefits of storyboarding.
  • Davies, Lindsay Alford on the choice of time period - Agyeman talks more specifically about the issues of racism.
  • Tennant explains how he approached John Smith as a new character rather than as an aspect of the Doctor - Jessica Hynes also shares her thoughts on the character.
  • Cornell, Davies, Hynes and Palmer on the Doctor's love interest, and Tennant, Liggat and Palmer on dancing.
  • Palmer and Davies on mime and Palmer on the amount it rained. Harry Lloyd recalls the challenges of miming in the rain.
  • Richard Harris and Dave Houghton on creating an invisible spaceship.
  • Cornell, Tennant and Agyeman talk about the scarecrows.
  • Agyeman and Davies preview the second part...

31st May 2007 - The New Paul O'Grady Show

8'59", 16:9

Jessica Hynes promotes her appearance on Doctor Who. She talks about her name, her career, her feelings about Doctor Who, the love story aspect (we see a clip), kissing David Tennant and The Royle Family (we see a clip of this too).

June 2007 - The Runaway Bride Australian Trailer

0'30", 16:9

A collection of clips advertising not only The Runaway Bride, but also the return of Doctor Who to ABC.

1st June 2007 - Totally Doctor Who: 2.8



27'44", 16:9
  • Barney has to go into hiding, and leaves Kirsten in charge of the studio - and his watch!
  • Lauren Wilson is in studio to scare the audience... she discusses her spookiness, her co-stars (who she seems to get confused about) and smells.
  • Barney meets Ailsa, the Doctor Who choreographer. She talks about the scarecrows, and other other work on the show.
  • Team Totally this week is all about set dressing. Matt North sets the challenge to dress an Edwardian set. One team furnishes theirs with pictures of Winston Churchill.
  • Barney and Lauren try to recognise foods by smells.
  • Behind the scenes of The Infinite Quest as Barney makes a guest appearance. Gary Russell explains the process, David Tennant tries to avoid giving acting tips and Freema Agyeman explains how she does it.
  • Another exciting edition of Who Goes There, featuring a pig-man before part eight of The Infinite Quest.
  • Lauren makes a handprint and asks the next question in the big handprint challenge.
  • A quick interview with David Tennant about being human, John Smith's romance and then draws a picture of a face to give a clue to future episodes.
  • Team TARDIS win the set dressing task, bringing the scores to twelve points each.
  • Ailsa talks a little more about choreographing scarecrows before we see a sneak peak of Family of Blood.

1st June 2007 - Have I Got News For You

0'11", 16:9

Moira Stewart jokes that in Kensington the words "the Master has just popped in for some fags" was used by a Dalek being attacked by a traffic warden.

2nd June 2007 - Family of Blood Tonight Trailer

0'15", 16:9

A collection of clips promoting Family of Blood and Any Dream Will Do.

2nd June 2007 - Doctor Who Confidential: 3.9, Bad Blood



Bloc Party: Still Remember
Muse: Take a Bow
Wolfmother: Love Train
Red Hot Chili Peppers: Dani California
KT Tunstall: Through the Dark
Alicia Keys: Heartburn
Faithless: The Man in You
Moby: Porcelain
Air: Once Upon a Time
Groove Armada: Everybody Looked the Same
Madonna: Hung Up
42'59", 16:9
  • Charles Palmer recalls the difficulties shooting some of the large action sequences, and David Tennant the wind and rain.
  • Richard Harris, Paul Kelly and Danny Hargreaves talk about blowing up extras.
  • Russell T Davies justifies the terror of young boys killing scarecrows and Paul Cornell, Freema Agyeman, Davies and Tennant discuss Martha's importance in the episode.
  • Davies, Tennant and Agyeman talk about what make the Family great characters while Thomas Sangster, Cornell, Tennant and Davies talk about the Tim character.
  • Cornell and Davies explain the fob watch - Davies makes up reasons why they didn't use a cricket ball (as per the novel) ignoring the fact that the Master would look rather silly playing cricket in Utopia.
  • Suzie Liggat and Tracie Simpson take us behind the scenes of the battlefield sequence.
  • Palmer, Tennant and Davies contemplate the sadness of the script and the wartime setting. Palmer, Richard Harris and Rory Taylor also remind us of the realisms of filming with live guns. Faujja Singh explains his role as armourer. Agyeman seems more concerned about the weather.
  • Rebekah Staton, Harry Lloyd, Kelly, Hargreaves and Palmer discuss a large explosion.
  • Davies, Lloyd, Tennant, Cornell, Staton, Palmer talk about the Doctor's wrath at the end of the story, and Staton's stunt.
  • Davies, Tennant and Cornell on the love story.
  • Tennant gets overexcited about getting to be old while Neill Gorton explains his approach.
  • Tennant and Davies offer final thoughts before Tennant previews the following episode.

3rd June 2007 - Something For The Weekend

0'43", 16:9

A short review of a TARDIS phone charm.

8th June 2007 - Totally Doctor Who: 2.9

27'57", 16:9
  • Tom Palmer talks about his character and his career before donating his handprint to the hall of fame.
  • In Team Totally this week, the teams are shown how to direct extras - Anna Evans explains how.
  • David Tennant's stunt double, Gordon, talks about working with David before co-ordinator Crispin shows the team how to some rolls...
  • Next up, part nine of The Infinite Quest.
  • In this week's Who Goes There, Barney shows us the silhouette of a Carionite.
  • Kirstin interviews Freema Agyeman about her stunt in The Lazarus Experiment before she draws a picture of... something... to spoil a future plot and refuses to tell us if she'll ever kiss the Doctor.
  • Palmer is back, and discusses working with David and Freema, his accent, whether he'd like to be an alien and having fun on set.
  • Team Time Lord win the challenge as Team TARDIS had created too in-depth a plotline for their extras.
  • Crispin then shows us how to have fun with sugar-glass before we see a run of clips from Blink.

9th June 2007 - Blink Tonight Trailer

0'15", 16:9

A collection of clips promoting Blink and Any Dream Will Do.

9th June 2007 - Doctor Who Confidential: 3.10, Do You Remember The First Time?



Kaiser Chiefs: Ruby
Ming Tea: BBC
Sugababes: Easy
Funeral For a Friend: Monster
Pulp: Do You Remember The First Time?
Jamelia: Beware of the Dog
Muse: Starlight
The Killers: Read My Mind
Rage Against The Machine: Know Your Enemy
Fall Out Boy: Thanks for the Memories
Lalo Schifrin: Enter the Dragon
Gwen Stefani: The Sweet Escape
Hard-Fi: Living for the Weekend
Carl Douglas: Kung Fu Fighting
43'53", 16:9
  • David Tennant takes us around BBC Television Centre and reminds us how it important it was to him as a child.
  • Steven Moffat talks about his childhood and how excited he was (and is) about TV Centre. Standing where The Sea Devils was filmed, Moffat blames Doctor Who for his ultimate career. He then explains the genesis of Blink and they discuss the various merits of the story.
  • Carey Mulligan and Finlay Robertson talk about appearing in an episode where the main character barely features.
  • Moffat explains how trying writing for the show can be.
  • Mark Gatiss and Gareth Roberts drink coffee together and talk about the challenges of writing for the series, how strange it is seeing your name on the title sequence, and how Doctor Who influenced them.
  • Nev Fountain and Jon Culshaw explain why they first brought the Doctor into Dead Ringers. Culshaw proves his fannishness by impersonating the intro to The Pertwee Years video.
  • Phil Collinson and Russell T Davies recall their childhood games, their first memories of the show and access to behind-the-scenes information.
  • Jane Tranter and Julie Gardner explain why they were keen to bring back the show.
  • Back to Carey Mulligan and Steven Moffat who share their thoughts about the spookiest parts of the new episode.
  • Nick Briggs and Barnaby Edwards explain how they came to be involved in the Daleks.
  • Culshaw and Fountain get nostalgic for the Sontarans and the Giant Spiders, Gatiss recalls the Cybermen, Tennant the Zygons and Moffat the Autons. Moffat also explains why Blink is so scary.
  • Finally, Collinson and Davies cover the neverending cycle of fans becoming professionals.

11th June 2007 - Utopia Trailer

0'20", 16:9

A collection of clips promoting the return of Captain Jack to the series.

13th June 2007 - Who Peter


27'51", 16:9

Taking the place of a regular episode of Blue Peter, this Doctor Who special opened with a variant of the opening credits renaming it Who Peter. After the team arrive in a TARDIS, they recap over the 2006 competition they ran which resulted in a child being cast in Utopia, showing the final auditions with Annette Badland presiding - although they don't quite reveal the winner yet. In the meantime, Gethin Jones interviews John Barrowman in the Blue Peter garden and then shows him how to make a TARDIS interior out of cardboard, a yogurt pot and some rings (Barrowman avoids possible ring jokes). We then see the audition winner get the good news and then visiting the set to film his scenes.

15th June 2007 - Totally Doctor Who: 2.10

28'06", 16:9
  • Paul Kasey returns to Totally to run through all the characters he's played, how he changes his movements between them, his favourite one (the Cybermen) and how long it takes him to get suited up (30-45 minutes).
  • Team Totally has a prosthetics challenge - Charlie Bluett teaches them how to sculpt gargoyles before the two teams make clay models of their own.
  • Barney and Kirsten begin to give us the top ten monsters of the new series (and The Infinite Quest) - can we stand the tension of waiting to find out who takes the number one spot? *cough*Daleks*cough*
  • Firestep take us behind the scenes of the animation of The Infinite Quest (including footage of Anthony Head performing).
  • Barney presents another edition of Who Goes There (and slyly references the works of Weebl and Bob) as an Auton attacks Kirsten.
  • Part ten of The Infinite Quest.
  • Kasey adds his handprint to the collection and asks the next question.
  • On set for Utopia, John Barrowman talks to Barney about how exciting it is to be back on the show, confirms that Freema Agymena is "a hottie" and draws some squiggles to represent the plotline.
  • Team TARDIS wins the latest challenge, putting them back on equal footing with Team Time Lord.
  • The top five monsters ever EVER (since 2005) finishes with the Daleks. We didn't notice, though, as during the Sycorax entry, Kirsten mentions the words "helmet" and "bone" very close together.
  • Last of all, a trailer for Utopia.

16th June 2007 - TISWAS Reuinited

1'37", 16:9

In a celebration of the classic kid's show, Sylvester McCoy appears and Doctor Who is referenced. Lenny Henry criticises his acting.

16th June 2007 - Doctor Who Confidential: 3.11, Ello, Ello, Ello



Nirvana: Smells Like Teen Spirit
Gene Kelly: Sinting in the Rain
Jean Knight: Mr Big Stuff
Bjork: Earth Intruders
Smashing Pumpkins: Cherub Rock
Eifel 65: Blue
Muse: Supermassive Black Holes
41'46", 16:9
  • Behind the scenes of the latest quarry, Russell T Davies assures us that Jack's return was always planned while John Barrowman, David Tennant, Freema Agyeman and Graeme Harper discuss the fan and cast/crew reaction.
  • Agyeman on Barrowman's farting.
  • Davies, Agyeman, Phil Collinson and Barrowman on why people love Captain Jack and the character's journey.
  • Barrowman and Tennant on the Doctor/Jack relationship.
  • Harper talks us through the radiation room scene, with thoughts from Tennant, Barrowman and Davies.
  • Tennant, Davies and Harper discuss the Futurekind. Paul Marc Davies explains life as one.
  • Danny Hargreaves walks us through an explosive effect - Tennant and Agyeman recall how terrifying the filming was.
  • Davies, Tennant, Collinson and Agyeman speak of their excitement at casting Derek Jacobi - Jacobi politely forgets both Scream of the Shalka and Deadline and tells us how excited he was to finally get involved in Doctor Who. Harper and Davies talk about the Doctor/Yana relationship.
  • Davies, Harper, Jacobi, Tennant and Chipo Chung cover Yana's reawakening.
  • Chung, Harper and Rob Mayor talk about Chanto's makeup and character.
  • Tennant and Davies on the "typo" that Chanto's lines appeared to be. Tennant is amazed at Chipo's performance.
  • Yana's final moments, regeneration and the casting of his replacement are discussed by Jacobi, Collinson, Harper, Davies and Simm.

18th June 2007 - The Sound of Drums Trailer 1

0'10", 16:9

A brief collection of clips backed with "What this country really needs right now, is a Doctor." The end features a "Vote Saxon" logo plastered over the usual BBC graphics.

18th June 2007 - The Sound of Drums Trailer 2

0'10", 16:9

A brief collection of clips in which we are encouraged to vote Saxon by various celebrities. The end features a "Vote Saxon" logo plastered over the usual BBC graphics.

22nd June 2007 - Totally Doctor Who: 2.11

28'12", 16:9
  • Russell T Davies is back in the studio to talk about his love of Captain Jack (who then has a fact file which lists his occupation as a Time Agent - er, what about Torchwood eh), admits he's not a hero himself and why it's good to have him back.
  • John Barrowman explains the stand off between the Doctor and Jack and why he jumped onto the TARDIS but doesn't quite explain why he's so dirty.
  • Team Totally's penultimate challenge kicks off, as the kids have to dress members of the Futurekind.
  • Barrowman meets a lot of kids dressed like him (awww) and adds himself to the handprint challenge.
  • Regular creature-man Ken talks about his work as the Futurekind and shows some the Barrowmanalikes how to act like him.
  • The penultimate part of The Infinite Quest and a scarecrow in Who Goes There.
  • Kirsten and Davies enter Martha's flat and he gives a few sneaky hints about the Master's plot, drawing a picture of the Toclafane.
  • Team Time Lord win the penultimate challenge, giving them an advantage of one point in the final.
  • Freema Agyeman accuses John Barrowman of being very naughty while he's giving cool tips to Barney. Barrowman also reminds a kid that in real life, people do die.
  • Finally, a preview of The Sound of Drums.

23rd June 2007 - US Series Three Trailer

0'14", 4:3

Clips from the first three episodes of the new series, about to premier on US TV.

23rd June 2007 - Would I Lie To You?

0'43", 4:3

Torchwood gets mentioned as guest John Barrowman is announced. Later he tries (and fails) at making joke - his comedian team captain says "I'm shit at time travel, don't worry about it."

Two clips.

23rd June 2007 - Doctor Who Confidential: 3.12, The Saxon Mystery



Michael Andrews & Gary Jules: Mad Mad World
Joe Strummer: Johnny Appleseed
Talking Heads: Burning Down the House
Fleetwood Mac: The Chain
Manic Street Preachers: Always/Never
Rogue Traders: Voodoo Child
Things Can Only Get Better: D:Ream
42'02", 16:9
  • David Tennant sets the scene.
  • Russell T Davies explains the thrill of bringing back the Master and promises more in his grand plan, David Tennant describes the return as "inevitable" and Colin Teague enthuses about the character.
  • Davies and Teague on John Simm. Simm tells us how quick his decision was.
  • Davies on the characterisation of the Master and how he tackled it - Phil Collinson and Freema Agyeman offer their thoughts on this unpredictable Master.
  • Behind the scenes of the gassing scene with Danny Hargreaves and Nicholas Geckis.
  • Tennant, Collinson and Simms on the Master's insanity. Davies and Simm look at the genesis.
  • Davies, Tennant, Eric Roberts, Collinson and Simm on the original Master (and the Pratt/Beevers version).
  • Collinson and Teague talk about the Ainley incarnation.
  • Roberts on reviving the Master in 1996.
  • Tennant, Agyeman, Teague and Paul Kelly discuss the explosion at Martha's flat.
  • Agyeman, Tennant, Hargreaves and Tom Lucy on the stunt driving.
  • Davies, Trevor Laird, Adjoa Andoh and Ken Garside talk about guns.
  • Davies, Tennant and Collinson explain the slow introduction of Harold Saxon over the last few years and the build-up of the plot.
  • Collinson, Tennant, Davies and Simm on the cliffhanger (teasing the following episode) and the laser screwdriver.

25th June 2007 - Last of the Timelords Trail

0'30", 16:9

A collection of clips from the finale opening with the legend 'The Master has Returned'.

26th June 2007 - Richard and Judy

8'02", 16:9

After a clip from The Sound of Drums, Freema Agyeman talks about David Tennant's sexiness, the Doctor/Martha relationship, how she became cast, getting used to fame, the origin of her surname, how enjoyable filming is, John Simm and her plans for the future.

29th June 2007 - This Morning

7'53", 16:9

This Morning dredges up the Who 'celebrities' as it interviews not the Doctor, not the Master, not even Martha, but that bloke that was in the last episode of series three and didn't do much except look a bit menacing. Tom Ellis apologises for not being able to tell us anything except that it's set a year later, and then goes on to tell us the amazing story about how an actor of his calibre came to be cast in the show. He also tells us he'd rather watch X Factor and then answers questions on whether he'd take over from Tennant and talks about his repeated links to the medical world, both in acting and real life. Finally they chat about Eastenders and married life.

29th June 2007 - GMTV

6'38", 16:9

John Barrowman shows us around his trailer while filming Torchwood and previews the comic version of his character. He also teases us with some information on the final episode of series three (we see a clip too).

Two clips.

29th  June 2007 - Totally Doctor Who: 2.12

27'45", 16:9
  • Opening the final episode of the second series of Totally Doctor Who, Barney wanders around the deck of the Valiant.
  • The two teams in Team Totally discuss their favourite and least favourite moments prior to their final battle...
  • The Infinite Quest's "final part" is aired but, the rotters, it has a cliffhanger ending...
  • The final round of Team Totally begins with a quiz testing the team's knowledge of each other.
  • Barney and Kirsten add their handprints to complete the collection, and ask the final question before presenting a fact file on the Master.
  • The next part of the final Team Totally is an observation round, watching a clip of The Shakespeare Code.
  • John Barrowman takes us behind the scenes of The Sound of Drums, discussing stunt doubles, lunch and his trailer.
  • The final Team Totally challenge is the decider: matching words to props... After a tense runaround we discover... it's a tiebreak. Two contestants must guess how many orbs are on a Dalek, leading Team Time Lord to win.
  • Finally, a preview of Last of the Time Lords, and the team discovers what they've won: a week in Blackpool, when David Tennant turns on the lights. Hardly seems worth it.

30th June 2007 - Last of the Timelords Tonight

0'14", 16:9

A collection of clips from the finale opening with the legend 'The Master has Returned'.

30th June 2007 - The Infinite Quest

46'39", 16:9

An omnibus edition of the twelve parts of The Infinite Quest broadcast throughout the second series of Totally Doctor Who, with an added opening title sequence between the first and second parts (with animated TARDIS but otherwise as per the regular credits) and a new end credits sequence (with the wrong font) at the end, following the previously unbroadcast thirteenth part.

30th June 2007 - Doctor Who Confidential: 3.13, The Valiant Quest



Scissor Sisters: I Can't Decide
Jools Holland & Stereophonics: Revolution
Stereophonics: Rewind
Frank Sinatra: I've Got the World on a String
Blink 182: All the Small Things
Moby: Lift Me up
Patrick Cassidy: Vide Cor Meum
The John Morris Orchestra: I've Had the Time of my Life
Linkin' Park: What I've Done
God in the Beginning: Jah Wobble
Muse: Invincible

43'13", 16:9
  • Russell T Davies, Colin Teague and David Tennant talk about the Master and his wife dancing.
  • Tennant on the Master/Doctor relationship in the final episode while Davies explains the effect on Martha Jones. Tennant also explains the epic quality of the final episodes and Freema Agyeman talks a little about her plotline.
  • Agyeman and Tennant on the terror of the Toclafane.
  • Davies explains how exciting the cliffhanger is.
  • Barney Curnow, Teage and Tennant discuss the aging effect and the CGI Doctor, with thoughts from Adjoa Andoh and Gugu Mbatha-Raw.
  • Peter McKinstry, Will Cohen and Tennant on the CGI Doctor design.
  • Davies tries to justify the glowy Doctor and Tennant talks about levitating unexpectedly, with additional comments from Teague.
  • John Simm discuss the character of the Master and Phil Collinson and Tennant the final showdown.
  • Julie Gardner, Agyeman, Tennant on Martha leaving and her development over the year.

7th July 2007 - Live Earth

13'43", 16:9

John Barrowman and David Tennant speak separately about the problems facing the planet - veiled references are made to Doctor Who a couple of times.

Five clips.

7th July 2007 - US Shakespeare Code Trailer

0'14", 4:3

Clips from the second episode of series three.

9th July 2007 - Breakfast

4'12", 4:3

An interview with Peter Davison as he takes on the lead role in Spamalot. Although he mainly discusses Monty Python, Doctor Who is briefly mentioned.

12th July 2007 - Breakfast

3'38", 4:3

Promotion for John Simm's latest project, Elling, featuring repeated clips and references to Life on Mars and Doctor Who.

14th July 2007 - US Gridlock Trailer

0'19", 4:3

Clips from the third episode of series three.

14th-15th July 2007 - UKTV Doctor Who Weekend

17'30", 4:3

A weekend of episodes from the show, introduced by Sophie Aldred (timing above relates purely to the links). Episodes broadcast were:

Also the following were used repeatedly throughout: A 6-second bumper and a 44-second competition.

14th-15th July 2007 - UKTV Doctor Who Weekend Trailer 1

0'30", 4:3

Clips from 100,000BC, New Earth, The Parting of the Ways, Inferno, The Doctor Dances, The Curse of Fenric, The Two Doctors, Attack of the Cybermen, the 1996 TV Movie, The Caves of Androzani, The Deadly Assassin, Doomsday, Rose and The Chase. Broadcast throughout the weekend.

14th-15th July 2007 - UKTV Doctor Who Weekend Trailer 2

0'10", 4:3

Clips from 100,000BC, The Two Doctors, InfernoThe Deadly Assassin, The Caves of Androzani, Attack of the Cybermen, The Curse of Fenric, the 1996 TV Movie, The Doctor Dances and Doomsday (ie all ten Doctors, with Troughton represented by his appearance in the sixth Doctor era). Broadcast throughout the weekend.

21st July 2007 - US Daleks in Manhatten Trailer

0'18", 4:3

Clips from the fourth episode of series three.

26th July 2007 - Mock the Week

1'26", 16:9

The improvisational show has a quickfire round on lines unlikely to be heard in Doctor Who.

27th July 2007 - The Friday Night Project

11'00", 16:9

John Barrowman co-hosts The Friday Night Project. The opening montage refers to Doctor Who, and later he talks about the fun working on Torchwood and Jack's sexuality. We then see a behind the scenes report showing the Hub set, and later in the show various innuendo-fuelled references are made to Torchwood and Freema Agyeman makes a brief appearance.

28th July 2007 - US Evolution of the Daleks Trailer

0'19", 4:3

Clips from the fifth episode of series three.

August 2007 - Torchwood Series One US Trailer

0'31", 16:9

A collection of clips covering almost every episode of the first series.

August 2007 - uktv Gold Trailer

0'31", 16:9

Clips from the first two seasons promoting a complete repeat run.

3rd August 2007 - Dead Ringers

0'19", 4:3

Clips from the sixth episode of series three.

4th August 2007 - US The Lazarus Experiment Trailer

0'19", 4:3

Clips from the sixth episode of series three.

11th August 2007 - US 42 Trailer

0'19", 4:3

Clips from the seventh episode of series three.

11th August 2007 - US Torchwood Trailer

0'20", 4:3

An exciting trailer with many quick clips and the phrase "Save the planet."

15th August 2007 - Have I Been Here Before

0'10", 4:3

The show about past-life regression features John Barrowman (who discovers he was a clown in the 19th Century). Doctor Who is mentioned briefly as he is introduced.

18th August 2007 - US Human Nature Trailer

0'19", 4:3

Clips from the eighth episode of series three.

August 27th 2007 - NorthWest Tonight

0'18", 16:9

A world record amount of Daleks gather at the Museum of Science and Industry.

August 31st 2007 - NorthWest Tonight

5'07", 16:9

A lengthy preview of the Blackpool lights. Lawrence Llewellyn-Bowen is interviewed about his design, a Dalek makes a brief appearance and we see the stage being set up. A clip from Blackpool represents David Tennant.

August 31st 2007 - Granada News

1'54", 16:9

David Tennant switches on the Blackpool lights. Dale Winton comments. McFly whitter.

September 2007 - Sarah Jane Adventures Teaser - No Ordinary Boy

0'05", 16:9

One of two very brief teasers previewing elements of the new show.

September 2007 - Sarah Jane Adventures Teaser - No Ordinary Lipstick

0'05", 16:9

One of two very brief teasers previewing elements of the new show.

September 2007 - Sarah Jane Adventures Teaser - Website Trail

0'10", 16:9

A brief collection of clips with a caption promoting the website.

September 2007 - Revenge of the Slitheen Trailer

0'18", 16:9

As part of a lengthier trail advertising the forthcoming rebranding and relaunch of digital channel CBBC, a collection of clips from Revenge of the Slitheen is shown, along with newly recorded footage of Maria: "Yesterday I thought alien life-forms came from Dad's cooking! Today I met Sarah Jane."

September 2007 - The Sarah Jane Adventures Series One Trail

0'20", 16:9

"Are you ready?"
A collection of clips, ending with newly recorded footage of Maria asking us if we're ready.
Two variants: with DOG and without.

September 2007 - CBBC Trail

0'29", 16:9

This trailer tied in with the rebranding of CBBC, which Sarah Jane Adventures was at the forefront of.

1st September 2007 - US Family of Blood Trailer

0'19", 4:3

Clips from the ninth episode of series three.

7th September 2007 - US Series Three DVD Trailer

0'25", 4:3

Clips from the the third series advertising the forthcoming DVD boxset. Broadcast twice, during the closing credits of Human Nature and Last of the Time Lords.

8th September 2007 - US Blink Trailer

0'19", 4:3

Clips from the tenth episode of series three, made up purely of the Doctor's "don't blink" message, intercut with messages from SciFi.

15th September 2007 - US Utopia Trailer

0'20", 4:3

Clips from the eleventh episode of series three, showing Derek Jacobi regenerating and thus ruining the only good part of Utopia.

16th September 2007 - The Most Annoying TV... We Love To Hate

2'28", 4:3

The BBC Three countdown show focuses on British sci-fi, and Doctor Who in particular. Tony Jordan and Goldie Lookin Chain compare old to new (with clips from The Lazarus Experiment and The Ark in Space), and Jordan also looks at Torchwood.

22nd September 2007 - US The Sound of Drums Trailer

0'20", 4:3

Clips from the penultimate episode of series three.

Mid September 2007 - The Sarah Jane Adventures Series One - Starting Monday

0'30", 16:9

A collection of clips intercut with Maria telling us...
"A week ago I thought saving the planet meant climate change, yesterday I thought alien life-forms came from Dad's cooking! Today I met Sarah Jane. I could tell you what I know now, but you wouldn't believe me."

23rd September 2007 - The Sarah Jane Adventures Series One - Starting Tomorrow

0'30", 16:9

A different collection of clips intercut with Maria telling us...
"A week ago I thought saving the planet meant climate change, yesterday I thought alien life-forms came from Dad's cooking! Today I met Sarah Jane. I could tell you what I know now, but you wouldn't believe me."

23rd September 2007 - The Sarah Jane Adventures Series One - Starting Tomorrow (Long)

0'39", 16:9

A slightly different collection of clips intercut with Maria telling us...
"A month ago I thought danger meant forgetting my homework, a week ago I thought saving the planet meant climate change, yesterday I thought alien life-forms came from Dad's cooking! Today I met Sarah Jane. I could tell you what I know now, but you wouldn't believe me."

23rd September 2007 - Family Guy: Blue Harvest

0'23", 4:3

The first episode of the sixth season of Family Guy was a Star Wars parody. While in Hyperspace, Peter Griffin sees (and hears!) the Tom Baker opening credits through the window of the Millennium Falcon.

24th September 2007 - Breakfast

7'21", 16:9

Elisabeth Sladen promotes The Sarah Jane Adventures. After a clip from Revenge of the Slitheen, she talks about the journey the character has been on, the power of Doctor Who, the characters that she works alongside, topping the poll as favourite assistant of all-time (we see a clip from Planet of the Spiders), auditioning for the role, her experiences in the original series and working with two different Doctors.

24th September 2007 - The Sarah Jane Adventures Series One - Starting Today

0'40", 16:9

Another slightly alternate collection of clips intercut with Maria telling us...
"A month ago I thought danger meant forgetting my homework, a week ago I thought saving the planet meant climate change, yesterday I thought alien life-forms came from Dad's cooking! Today I met Sarah Jane. I could tell you what I know now, but you wouldn't believe me."

24th September 2007 - The Sarah Jane Adventures Episode 1: Revenge of the Slitheen Part 1

24th September 2007 - The Sarah Jane Adventures Episode 2: Revenge of the Slitheen Part 2

24th September 2007 - CBBC

8'42", 4:3

Elisabeth Sladen promotes The Sarah Jane Adventures, explaining who her character is, previewing some of the storylines, K.9's appearance, working with David Tennant (we see a clip from School Reunion), her favourite Doctor (Tom Baker), her favourite type of cactus and her age (she doesn't answer). After the digital premier of Revenge of the Slitheen Part Two, she answers viewers questions on the Doctor's toilet habits (ah, the target audience), her favourite monster, the scariest scene (the host assures her hardly anyone is watching anyway - she starts to argue but cuts herself short) and her hopes to meet the Doctor again.

24th September 2007 - The Sarah Jane Adventures - Red Button Quiz

5'08", 4:3

A number of rather simple questions played on loop on the BBC's interactive "red button" service.

29th September 2007 - US Last of the Timelords Trailer

0'20", 4:3

Clips from the final episode of series three.

October 2007 - Character Options Advert

0'19", 4:3

Advertising the Daleks in Manhatten toys.

1st October 2007 - The Sarah Jane Adventures Episode 3: Eye of the Gorgon Part 1

8th October 2007 - Breakfast

9'53", 4:3

Jessica Hynes talks about Learners, driving in real life, working with David Tennan (we see clips from both Learners and Doctor Who), being  a part of several television institutions, Spaced in the US

8th October 2007 - The Sarah Jane Adventures Episode 4: Eye of the Gorgon Part 2

9th October 2007 - GMTV

4'05", 4:3

A preview of Learners that features interview material with David Tennant about whether or not he'll be returning to Doctor Who.

15th October 2007 - The Sarah Jane Adventures: Warriors of Kudlak Trailer

0'33", 4:3

A collection of clips broadcast the day Warriors of Kudlak premiered.

15th October 2007 - The Sarah Jane Adventures Episode 5: Warriors of Kudlak Part 1

19th October 2007 - TMi

14'10", 4:3

The cast of Sarah Jane Adventures appear on the children's show. They explain the concept of the show, and preview a clip from the following week's episode. They answer some fairly random questions, see viewers' monster designs, talk about filming early mornings and whether the Doctor will appear in the Sarah Jane Adventures,

Three clips.

20th October 2007 - Charlie Brooker's Screen Wipe

3'25", 4:3

Brooker compares Billie Piper's new role in Secret Diary of a Call Girl to that in Doctor Who.

22nd October 2007 - The Sarah Jane Adventures Episode 6: Warriors of Kudlak Part 2

24th October 2007 - The Sarah Jane Adventures: Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane? Trailer

0'30", 4:3

A collection of clips broadcast the week before Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane? premiered.

29th October 2007 - The Sarah Jane Adventures Episode 7: Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane? Part 1

31st October 2007 - National Television Awards

21'33", 4:3

Trevor McDonald and Mark Indelicato present the award for Most Popular Actress. Nominees are Freema Agyeman (we see a clip from Last of the Timelords), Kara Tointon, Sue Cleaver and Lacey Turner. Turner wins, Freema doesn't seem to notice. Later McDonald and Mathew Taito and present the award for Most Popular Drama. Nominees are Shameless, Doctor Who (another Last of the Timelords sequence), The Bill and Life on Mars. Freema and David Tennant receive the award on behalf of Who, although Freema seems a little lost for words. Later, nominees for Best Actor include Charlie Clements, Anthony Cotton, James Sutton, David Tennant (a clip from Human Nature is shown) and David must take to the stage once again...He has difficulty speaking amongst the screams.

Three clips.

31st October 2007 - Backstage Exclusive

0'40", 4:3

Backstage at the National Television Awards as David Tennant wins best actor.

5th November 2007 - The Sarah Jane Adventures Episode 8: Whatever Happened to Sarah Jane? Part 2

7th November 2007 - The Sarah Jane Adventures: The Lost Boy Trailer

0'30", 4:3

A collection of clips broadcast the week before The Lost Boy premiered.

12th November 2007 - The Sarah Jane Adventures Episode 9: The Lost Boy Part 1

16th November 2007 - Time Crash

7'41", 4:3
Set during the final moments of Last of the Time Lords, this scene was written by Steven Moffat and directed by Graeme Harper for broadcast on charity event Children in Need (which had seen the premier appearance of the tenth Doctor two years previously).

The fifth and tenth Doctors' TARDISes crash when the latter forgets to reraise his forcefield after saying goodbye to Martha. Although the situation is resolved, the Doctor still forgets to raise his shields, allowing the Titanic to crash through the console room...

Shortly after broadcast, a version appeared on the BBC's official YouTube presence with a full opening credit sequence (the broadcast version being significantly shorter) and with an overlayed credit for Phil Collinson (rollover the image on the right).

16th November 2007 - Doctor Who Confidential

7'33", 4:3

This online exclusive episode of Doctor Who Confidential looks behind the scenes of Time Crash. Russell T Davies and Phil Collinson express their excitement while Graeme Harper talks about how extraordinary it all is. Steven Moffat expresses his surprise at how good Peter Davison looks after all these years and explains the plot, Davison talks about donning the costume again (Louise Page explains how they made it a little bigger) and how exciting it was seeing the new TARDIS for the first time.

19th November 2007 - The Sarah Jane Adventures Episode 10: The Lost Boy Part 2

22nd November 2007 - Loose Women

7'53", 16:9

John Barrowman promotes his album and talks about big bums, truth,  his talents, the emotion behind music and Torchwood.

22nd November 2007 - This Week

7'38", 16:9

John Barrowman discuss relationships, with references to his life and the shows he works on.

Two clips.

23rd November 2007 - The One Show

4'25", 16:9

John Barrowman appears on the daytime TV show, primarily to promote his album, but also to discuss dogs, music and what he fears.

27th November 2007 - Newsround

1'48", 16:9

Around a clip from Doomsday, Newsround reports on the return of Billie Piper to Doctor Who, and reminds us that Donna and Martha will both be returning too.

December 2007 - BBC iPlayer advert

0'42", 4:3

BBC iPlayer launches, and several of the BBC's flagship series are showcased in the trailer.

December 2007 - Voyage of the Damned Trailer 1

0'09", 4:3

Three clips.

December 2007 - Voyage of the Damned Trailer 2

1'29", 4:3

A lengthy collection of clips, with the date and time of broadcast at the end.

December 2007 - Voyage of the Damned Trailer 3

0'39", 4:3

A much shorter edit of the trail above.

December 2007 - Voyage of the Damned Trailer 4

0'19", 4:3

Two clips.

December 2007 - Voyage of the Damned Trailer 5

0'39", 4:3

Another clip collection.

December 2007 - BBC Christmas Trailer 1

0'59", 4:3

A collection of clips from the BBC's Christmas lineup, including many from Voyage of the Damned.

December 2007 - BBC Christmas Trailer 2

0'40", 4:3

A shorter collection of clips from the BBC's Christmas lineup, including many from Voyage of the Damned.

1st December 2007 - The Omid Djalili Show

2'38", 4:3

Omid Djalili tries to get a role on the next series of Doctor Who by engratiating himself upon Freema Agyeman in his stand-up/sketch show, doing impressions of Cybermen and Daleks.

2nd December 2007 - The Antiques Roadshow

1'43", 4:3

We accept that a notated copy of the Horror of Fang Rock is a rare collectable... But an antique? Damn we feel old. Fortunately, the collector has scribbled notes about flowers on the back and knocked the value down to £300. This makes us feel better.

5th December 2007 - Torchwood Meets Heroes

0'19", 4:3

Immediately prior to BBC2's premiere of the Heroes season finale, this mashup of the two shows (featuring one new clip from the second series of Torchwood) teasered the January relaunch...

10th December 2007 - Be

10'53", 4:3

BBC2 Wales previews Voyage of the Damned. Russell T Davies talks about the transition from Chucklevision to Doctor Who, being daunted by taking on the show, how the South Wales connection happened, the Torchwood link and the reason for Sarah Jane Adventures. Miguela Gonzalez previews the Christmas viewing, including The Davros Collection on DVD and Voyage of the Damned. Murray Gold discusses the challenges working on Doctor Who, how long it takes him to score an episode and how he finds inspiration.

Three clips

16th December 2007 - Christmas Voices

12'49", 4:3

John Barrowman reviews his year, explains his accent, speaks of his love for singing (and Christmas songs), his sexuality, challenging yourself and dancing. Then he sings one of his songs. Lovely.

19th December 2007 - GMTV

7'46", 4:3

An early-morning report from the previous night's preview screening of Voyage of the Damned. David Tennant talks about kissing Kylie and leaving next year (he's not despite Catherine Tate's recent claims on Jonathan Ross). Back in the studio, Gray O'Brien talks about the plot, his character, his understanding of Tennant's plans, appearing on TV twice on Christmas day, working on Coronation Street and his early work on River City.

Three clips.

19th December 2007 - Breakfast

3'21", 4:3

A report on the preview of Voyage, with some short clips from the special and comments from David Tennant on not leaving and Kylie's role. Bernard Cribbins recalls the Peter Cushing film he appeared in. Nick Park and Anne Widdecombe share their excitement

19th December 2007 - Newsround

3'10", 4:33

Another preview of Voyage of the Damned, with David Tennant again denying he's leaving, talking about Astrid's character and sneak previews of the 2008 series. We also see more clips of the special.

Two clips.

19th December 2007 - Blue Peter

0'34", 4:3

David Tennant promotes the latest Blue Peter appeal, Disc Drive, by appearing in costume on the set of the Pompeii two-parter from series four and giving away some old CDs and DVDs.

19th December 2007 - Wales Today

2'29", 4:3

Another report from the preview screening of Voyage of the Damned. Russell T Davies explains his thrill at having the Christmas day slot, we see a short clip collection and David Tennant assures us he has no immediate plans to leave.

Two clips.

19th December 2007 - Charlie Brooker's Screen Wipe

0'26", 4:3

In the middle of a rundown of the year, Brooker hits April and shows us a clip from the "downright terrifying" Blink.

20th December 2007 - Breakfast

5'51", 4:3

A preview of Voyage of the Damned, with clips from the special and an interview with Debbie Chazen, in which she teases a few plot details, working with David Tennant, why she never watched Doctor Who as a kid (or she may have done), her character in the special and working with Kylie Minogue,.

23rd December 2007 - Top Gear

9'07", 4:3

David Tennant appears in the Star in a Reasonably Priced Car segment of the Top Gear Christmas special. He talks about his childhood dream to be the Doctor, naming himself after Neil Tennant, auditioning unsuccesfully for Taggart, the plot of Voyage of the Damned, his penis, how the TARDIS works and the cars he's owned before we see him break the BBC's cars in the name of entertainment.

25th December 2007 - Torchwood Series 2 Trailer

0'39", 4:3

Following Voyage of the Damned, a short trailer for the upcoming second series, with the captions "Alone, they're only human. Together they're Torchwood." and showcasing the guest appearance of James Marsters.

27th December 2007 - Extras

0'58", 4:3

The Christmas special of the popular comedy features a guest appearance by David Tennant, in character as the Doctor, as Andy Millman (Ricky Gervais) plays a villainous slug. Which doubtless the audience found screamingly funny, while fans were reminded of Sil.

31st December 2007 - Breakfast

6'31", 4:3

An expose on the threats of hi-tech toys to children's development. Al Dewar of Character Options shows Maggie Philbin how his toys are created and why they so often include chips.

31st December 2007 - Jools' Annual Hootenanny

10'35", 4:3

In the final moments of 2007, Jools Holland interviews David Tennant and John Simm. Tennant can't recall if anyone's ever stolen the TARDIS and Simm gushes over Paul McCartney before Kylie Minogue performs and we count in the New Year.

Two clips.