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TV Appearances: 2000-2004

2000 - Genesis of the Daleks Repeat Trailer

0'20", 4:3

A fast paced trailer which, along with the items listed directly below, appeared on the official DVD.

2000 - Genesis of the Daleks Repeat Continuity

2'02", 4:3

0'21": Intro to Part One/Two double-bill.
0'13": Post-credits advert for a Tom Baker narrated Radio 2 documentary.
0'14": Intro to Part Three.
0'12": Post-credits advert for the Terror of the Zygons CD.
0'19": Intro to Part Four.
0'13": Post-credits advert for the official website.
0'19": Intro to Part Five.
0'16": Intro to Part Six

A compilation of this, along with this, this and this, appeared on the Genesis of the Daleks disc.

2000 - UK Gold Attack of the Cybermen Intro

0'13", 4:3

Brief introduction to a repeat of Attack of the Cybermen.

2000 - UK Gold Paradise Towers Outro

0'13", 4:3

After a repeat of Paradise Towers, a short advert for the video range.

2000 - The Way They Were: Coronation Street Special

2'20", 4:3

Steve Penk presents a clip of Nightmare of Eden featuring Geoff Hinsliff, and later on interviews an embarrassed John Savident about his appearances on Blakes' 7 and Doctor Who.

Two clips.

27th February 2000 - The Harry Hill Show

5'34", 4:3

In the first of Harry Hill's third and final series on Channel 4, Hill announces Claire Short as the new Doctor Who (welcomed by Nicholas Courtney in character as the Brigadier) who promptly breaks up a fight on a bouncy castle between Jarvis Cocker and Jamiroqui. Later in the show, the Brigadier turns up in Space Station Badger to defeat Darth Camembert and join in a sing-song of 'Don't Leave Me This Way'. No, really.

Two clips.

3rd March 2000 - It's Only TV... But I Like It

7'37", 4:3

Peter Davison appears in the sixth episode of the second series of this panel quiz show. He is introduced as fans' third favourite Doctor, and host Jonathan Ross talks briefly about his character. Later, a round is dedicated to him, as the guests get to interview three aliens: two are fake, one is a real Doctor Who alien - but which one!

Two clips..

18th March 2000 - This Is Your Life Advert

0'31", 4:3

Michael Aspel steps out of a TARDIS during an advert for This is Your

18th March 2000 - This is Your Life

9'02", 16:9

After a montage of clips from Who, Michael Aspel steps out of a TARDIS and walks past a Dalek, telling us Tom Baker's life story in brief - after bringing Baker to the studio, Aspel mentions Doctor Who while introducing him to the crowd of well-wishers that have gathered, including John Nathan-Turner and his wife, film editor Sue Jerrard and we then see a clip of Destiny of the Daleks amongst a montage from his career. A little later, schoolfriend Nick Ryan remembers hearing the news of Baker's casting as the Doctor, and much later discussion turns to Barry Letts casting him. With clips of Robot, Revenge of the Cybermen, Elisabeth Sladen and John Leeson join Tom to share some memories.

9th April 2000 - BAFTAs

0'51", 4:3

Matthew Robinson collects the award for Best TV Soap on behalf of Eastenders (which he had been Executive Producing for fourteen months at the time). On his way to the stand, a voiceover notes his work on Doctor Who.

11th September 2000 - Out There

15'17", 4:3

Following a dream sequence, host Mitch Benn wakes up to find he's fallen asleep reading Nicholas Courtney's biography Five Rounds Rapid. Following the opening credits and a clip from Evil Dead 2, Lisa Bowerman arrives to have a giggle and to talk about her appearance in Survival, and then her work with Big Finish. She explains Bernice Somerfield's character and her introduction to the Doctor Who universe. She also talks about the enduring appeal of Doctor Who, how much experience of the character she had before taking on the role, how excited Big Finish are about getting the rights to Doctor Who and her thoughts on some of Mitch's latest toy purchases: A Darth Vader mask, toy C-3PO and R2-D2s, Star Trek transporter series figures, Metal Gear Solid game figures and the video Kissed (wee see a clip). After a break, Lisa gives an overview of what BFP have produced.

Two clips.

27th November 2000 - Time Gentlemen Please

0'19", 4:3

The Prof meets his alter-ego from a rival pub, as played by Colin Baker. He explains his specialist subjects are "Star Trek, Star Trek Voyager, Blakes 7, Doct..." before he's interrupted by Baker demanding he grow up.

2001 - Kit Kat Advert

0'36", 4:3

The Daleks appear, chanting "Peace and Love".

Six seconds of this, cropped, appeared in the eleventh episode of Doctor Who Confidential in 2005.

February 2001 - QVC

58'38", 4:3

Tom Baker spends an hour on the TV shopping channel promoting Doctor Who merchandise. He talks about Doctor Who museums and sells a signed photo, some trading cards, two first day stamp covers, More Than Thirty Years in the TARDIS, Kinda, The Colin Baker Years, Who is Dr Who, Howe's Transcendental Toybox, a coaster, greeting cards and a mobile phone cover. He also talks about fandom, his surprise at becoming involved, professional fans, underwear, jelly babies, that he'd only return to the show if the fans were in charge (he then evades questions about Big Finish), Liz Sladen, how he was cast, that "hardly anyone" watched the McGann movie, the Daleks, Anthony Hopkins, granny's bosoms, Chris Achilleos (both he and the host are remarkably uninformed), his mood, K.9 and John Leeson, mobile phones, Daleks and stairs, the Doctors relationships with girls and the history of his scarf.

2nd March 2001 - Spaced

0'12", 16:9

Simon Pegg's character is taken into his Boss' office for a chat about self-restraint when it comes to Jar Jar Binks. His door is mocked up to look like the TARDIS.

2nd March 2001 - It's Only TV... But I Like It

1'11", 4:3

Graham Cole appears on Jonathan Ross' celebrity game show. He briefly mentions his appearances in Full Circle and The Keeper of Traken, and then (at Ross' request) puts on a Troughton-era Cyberman mask and menaces everyone.

7th March 2001 - Red Nose Day: 1000 to 1

0'42", 16:9

Dale Winton tasks his contestants to figure out who out of John Cleese, Ken Dodd, Adrian Edmondson and Alexei Sayle hasn't appeared in Doctor Who.

20th March 2001 - Esther

1'32", 4:3

Esther Rantzen's series of interviews focuses this week on Nerys Hughes. At one point, Kinda co-star Adrian Mills talks of his memories of working with her.

27th August 2001 - Orbital: Dr?

2'11", 16:9

A video to accompany their remix of the Doctor Who theme (a mainstay for their gigs, but never previously released on an audio album), as part of their DVD 'Altogether', produced by Austen Humphries and Tracy Bass, and created by The Mill (who would later work on the 2005 revival of the series) and The Lab. Two versions appear: One with a selection of photos of the DVD crew, and the other without.

27th August 2001 - Orbital: Dr? - Crew Version

2'11", 16:9

A video to accompany their remix of the Doctor Who theme (a mainstay for their gigs, but never previously released on an audio album), as part of their DVD 'Altogether', produced by Austen Humphries and Tracy Bass, and created by The Mill (who would later work on the 2005 revival of the series) and The Lab. Two versions appear: One with a selection of photos of the DVD crew, and the other without.

19th October 2001 - TV's Finest Failures

4'00", 16:9

The special, hosted by Phil Jupitus, looks at the wonder of K.9 and Company, showcasing some of the poorest sequences, including the opening titles. He then interviews K.9, who speaks with a Northern accent, explaining the difficulty of working on Doctor Who (with Tom Baker in particular), the pressure of the show, K.9 and Company being his idea and his bitterness at Blake's 7 getting a show and him not.

20th November 2001 - Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Smashed

0'30", 16:9
(Episode filmed in open-matte 16:9 intended for 4:3 broadcast, but the UK DVD release is in widescreen).

To ingratiate themselves upon Spike (James Marsters), evil geeks Warren Meers (Adam Busch) and Jonathan Levinson (Danny Strong) tell him that they've seen every episode of Doctor Who'.. but not Red Dwarf, because unlike Doctor Who, it's not out on DVD (at the time, it was indeed true that Red Dwarf had only just started coming out in Region 2, but Region 1 was still just scheduled).

15th March 2002 - Dead Ringers [Pilot]

6'22", 4:3

Tony Blair" claims to be a member of the Cyberon race (as seen in the BBV video that ripped off the Cybermen somewhat). Later, "Tom Baker" antagonises the people of a furniture store - we return to this "live" sketch again later in the  show.

Three clips.

15th April 2002 - Room 101

5'45", 4:3

Michael Grade starts his appearance on the long-running show by trying to throw Doctor Who into Room 101. After criticising the fans, he explains why he thought the series was "pathetic", we see an unfortunate clip from Warriors of the Deep, he talks about the "bring back Doctor Who" campaign written by three fans and Paul Merton shows some of the "65 pieces of Doctor merchandise that have happened over the years" - the audience agrees, and lets it in. A couple of minutes later, Merton can't let a good gag go, and rips into Doctor Who fans for not showing an interest in women.

Two clips.

7th May 2002 - Sweet Charity

0'54", 16:9

A pilot that ultimately came to nothing, this would have been a vehicle for Thelma Barlow and Anne Reid (The Curse of Fenric, Smith and Jones). In one scene, a rather camp gentleman announces that he's working on a new version of Doctor Who with Alan Tischmarsh and Carol Smillie.

10th June 2002 - Sophie Ellis Bextor: Get Over You

3'35", 16:9

Click here for info.

1st November 2002 - The Ralf Little Show

12'50", 4:3

Peter Davison appears on Ralf Little's chat show, which ran for one season on BBC Choice.

During the course of the inane interview, they talk about sticking hands up cow's arses, getting an "award" for At Home With the Braithwaites, when stunts go wrong, being a real-life hero, filming The Last Detective, Doctor Who and Doctor Who fans, the Saturday Night Live convention sketch with William Shatner (which they believe really happened) and we see a clip from Warriors of the Deep before they go on to discuss the poor dialogue, celery in his lapel and Button Moon. Little then convinces him to perform the theme live, after we see a clip of it.

26th November 2002 - The Frank Skinner Show

0'41", 16:9

While interviewing Sophie Ellis-Bextor for his ITV show, Frank Skinner shows her a clip of The Horns of Nimon, which she laughs at.

24th January 2003 - Born Sloppy

5'20", 16:9

For no readily apparent reason, Colin Baker appears on the Channel 4 music show Born Sloppy.

In the opening, the TARDIS materialises, and after the first break he steps out and enters the studio in-costume. He's disappointed to have missed Moloko, but glad he'll get to see Idlewild. A little later, Jo Guest walks out of the TARDIS, later still a toy Dalek wanders the streets outside, a larger one appears later on, even later Colin can be seen flirting with a pair of young ladies and finally more of the TARDIS over the end credits.

Seven clips.

19th February 2003 - Enterprise

0'22", 16:9

Commander Tucker investigates a space-vessel that appears to have travelled in time, and informs his Captain that it's bigger on the inside. Co-writer Mike Sussman has confirmed (in Star Trek Monthly issue 108) that this is a TARDIS reference.

July 2003 - Banzai

1'27", 16:9

The tongue-in-cheek Channel 4 gameshow poses the following question: If the Daleks threatened to invade Earth if Peter Davison didn't have bottom sex with Tom Baker, Jon Pertwee or Sylvester McCoy, which would Davison choose? We won't spoil the outcome.

24th September 2003 - Teachers - Series Three, Episode Eight

2'24", 16:9

Simon Casey (Andrew Lincoln) discusses the notion that being replaced in your job is similar to regeneration in Doctor Who with colleagues Brian Steadman (Adrian Bower) and Matt Harvey (James Lance). Matt is slightly put out at being compared to Sylvester McCoy.
Two clips from one episode.

26th September 2003 - BBC Wales Today

2'14", 16:9

From inside a Dalek in Llangollen, reporter Matthew Richards announces the new series to be filmed in Wales next year. Cropped clips of Planet of the Spiders, Genesis of the Daleks, 100,000BC, More Than Thirty Years in the TARDIS and the Tom Baker title sequence tell the history, before Richards explores the Llangollen exhibition and gets the opinion of George Smith, who is sceptical about the news.
Two clips.

25th-26th October 2003 - 100 Greatest Scary Moments


4'50", 2'20", 16:9

The occasional Channel 4 series of one-offs continues by looking at the 100 scariest moments on TV ever.

On the first night, the Daleks take the #39 slot. Amidst cropped clips from The Dalek Invasion of Earth, Dick Fiddy enthuses about the characters, Derren Brown explains what's scary about them, Ray Cusick talks about the design, Verity Lambert talked about how they worked, Cusick talks about the lights being a necessity of needing to know which Dalek was which. Jon Culshaw talks about them not being able to go downstairs "without a big clatter" and Lambert on the lack money. Dominik Diamond makes a bad joke about Dalek plumbers, and the segment finished with cropped clips of Genesis of the Daleks and comments from Xavier Mendik on the Davros character.

The following night, a clip from the Pitch of Fear sketch from 1999's Doctor Who night and a cropped clip from the Hartnell sequence introduces number 54 - the opening titles. Lambert and Bernard Lodge explain how howlaround worked, and Adam Hills talks about the music freaking him out.

Two clips.

31st October 2003 - Scream of the Shalka Trailer

0'32", 16:9

A webcast-only Flash trailer for Scream of the Shalka.

12th November 2003 - North West Tonight

2'41", 16:9

Gordon Burns introduces an item on Scream of the Shalka, animated by local company Cosgrove Hall. Jayne Barrett talks over clips of the opening credits and episode one, before interviewing two members of CH (both subtitled as Steve Maher), who discuss how the Doctor was based physically on Richard E Grant (local fan Andy Preen concurs that it sounds like him too) and that he's a troubled character (Preen points out that the new Doctor is a cross between Jon Pertwee and Sylvester McCoy). Returning to the studio, Burns discusses his favourite Doctor with his co-presenter.

13th November 2003 - Scream of the Shalka Episode One

15'27", 16:9

The first part of the online animated Doctor Who adventure. The Doctor lands in the town of Lannet, and meets Alison and her boyfriend Joe.

(Note that a 14'34" version is now the only one online - shortening the intro sequences to each section but no actual plot).

For more information click here.

20th November 2003 - Scream of the Shalka Episode Two

10'13", 16:9

The second part of the online animated Doctor Who adventure. The Doctor frees Lannet, but the TARDIS is taken captive by the Shalka.

For more information click here.

21st November 2003 - GMTV

6'56", 4:3

Clips from the Tom Baker titles, The Talons of Weng-Chiang, Earthshock and The Curse of Fenric  introduce a 40th anniversary segment. After the presenters reminisce, and more clips from the same stories are used, guests Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy are introduced.
The UKGold weekend is promoted, which Colin and McCoy plan on watching (although Baker will wait until after the rugby, missing Davison's episode, and McCoy will hide behind the sofa for his episode). They sidestep a question on inter-Doctor rivalry, but agree tha the stories made up for any shakey sets and poor effects, and that films like 'The Matrix' will be criticised similarly in twenty years, as 'Doctor Who' was indeed fairly state-of-the-art at the time. The conversation moves to the casting of the new Doctor - McCoy suggests Gary Wilmott or Philip Franks, but Baker prefers Dawn French (McCoy letches over Aldred and Langford briefly). The presenters suggest Eddie Izzard, but Colin reminds them that this rumour was started by Tom Baker, who is known for joking like this.
A Dalek then appears in the studio, and hilarity ensues. The two Doctors are asked about their Dalek stories - McCoy remembers the the anecdote about the emergency services arriving in reaction to the explosions, and Colin wonders how George Bush's bodyguard might react to a Dalek on the street. The Dalek makes a few more threats to exterminate, and everyone involved fades out to the sound of the TARDIS...

21st November 2003 - Blue Peter

7'24", 16:9

Doctor Who's fortieth anniversary is introduced by cropped clips from The Invasion of Time and Resurrection of the Daleks.
Simon Thomas steps out of the TARDIS to show cropped clips from the Colin Baker titles, 100,000BC, The Tomb of the Cybermen, Revenge of the Cybermen, The Time Warrior, Power of the Daleks, Earthshock, Genesis of the Daleks, Silver Nemesis, the TV Movie, The Web Planet, The Seeds of Death, The Invasion of Time, Terror of the Zygons, Battlefield, The Awakening, Warriors of the Deep, Terror of the Autons, The Robots of Death, The Caves of Androzani and Resurrection of the Daleks as he describes the history of the show, finally showing an exclusive clip of Scream of the Shalka.
He then challenges Sylvester McCoy to demonstrate his Doctor Who knowledge by engaging in a battle of wits with young fan Sebastian Orland. Needless to say Orland wins, and takes home a number of Doctor Who products. Introducing the next item, Liz Barker is attacked by a Cyberman and a Voc Robot... Two clips from one show.

21st November 2003 - Children in Need

6'46", 16:9

Terry Wogan and Gabby Roslin introduce a special sketch from the makers of Dead Ringers, written by Nev Fountain and starring Jan Ravens as Ann Robinson, Sylvester McCoy, Colin Baker and Jon Culshaw as different incarnations of the Doctor and John Leeson as the voice of K9 as they play The Weakest Link against each other, a Sontaran, a Cyberman and a Sea Devil. After a series of questions, the Sontaran is voted off.  

27th November 2003 - Scream of the Shalka Episode Three

12'48", 16:9

The third part of the online animated Doctor Who adventure. The Doctor attempts a rescue of Alison and the TARDIS.

For more information click here.

Late November 2003 - Doctor Who @ 40 Advert

0'30", 16:9

An advert for the forthcoming UKGold celebrations, based around the typical behind-the-sofa motif.

22nd-23rd November 2003 - Doctor Who @ 40












119'53", 4:3

A weekend long celebration of the series to date, with interviews with all the surviving Doctors, many famous fans and companions, and repeats of the following stories:
  • Saturday: Tomb of the Cybermen, The Curse of Fatal Death (spread across the day), The Caves of Androzani, The Daemons and The Two Doctors, along with a repeat of the 1999 Adventures in Space and Time documentary.
  • Sunday: The Time Meddler, The Curse of Fatal Death (again split), Dragonfire, Attack of the Cybermen, Pyramids of Mars, The Three Doctors and a repeat of the 1999 Carnival of Monsters documentary.

The new footage consisted of...

Saturday, 7:00 - Introduction and '1963' (7'32")
K.9 takes us on a trip into the real world of 1963 before Dick Fiddy explains how Sydney Newman came up with the idea for Doctor Who. Verity Lambert and Andrew Beech remind us of some of the inspirations of the time and talk about changing history. Barry Letts and Lambert also cover the lack of science fiction in the early years, while Kim Newman and Paul McGann talk about Doctor Who's influence on them. Letts and Newman remind us how children of the time saw it, while Kilton Fitzsimmons, Steve Berrym Colin Baker, Nev Fountain, Sophie Aldred and Mark Campell share their early memories. Fiddy and Beech reflect on the modern-day audience's opinions of the early years.

Saturday, 7:05 - 'The Patrick rs' (10'02")
K.9 on football, Twiggy, coal mines and Vietnam. Colin confesses Troughton was his favourite. Fiddy, Campbell, Antony Wainer and Hickman explain why the concept of regeneration was invented and how important Troughton's casting was. Nicola Bryant, Wendy Padbury, Colin Baker, Terrance Dicks, Nicholas Briggs, Arabella Weir, Michael Kilgariff, Russell, Campbell, Sylvester McCoy, Stephen Thorne, Nicholas Courtney and Louise Jameson all recall their memories of working with or watching Troughton and being inspired by him. Russell and Hickman introduce Tomb of the Cybermen as a "mini Doctor Who horror story" and Hickman explains the recovery of the episodes.

Saturday, 9:25 - 'The Peter Davison Years' (7'37")
Hickman and Beech recall the beginning of the Davison era. David J Howe describes him as an "underated actor", and Dale Who recalls the "wet vet" moniker. Peter Davison remembers meeting the fans for the first time and his approach to the role. Howe continues to justify the Fifth Doctor. Howe and Bryant talk about the Doctor/Peri relationship and the lack of sex, along with the wonder of The Caves of Androzani.

Saturday, 11:45 - 'The Jon Pertwee Years' (10'02")
K.9 tells us about the world in 1970 while Sladen, Hickman, Manning, Russell, Wainer, Who and Culshaw discuss the character of the Third Doctor and his enduring appeal. Wainer and Sladen recall their first memories of him, Letts describes him as "difficult" and Courtney explains some of his challenges. Dicks and Culshaw talk about the overlap between the Doctor and Pertwee. Hickman describes him as "a bossyboots" and Manning as "tetchy". Russell, Courtney, Dicks and Manning discuss the reasons for UNIT and the character of the Brigadier. Hickman, Russell and Courtney describe The Daemons as definitive - Letts covers his inspiration and Manning reminds us how scary the whole thing was. Stephen Thorne remembers his part in the show, Dicks talks about the location shooting and Culshaw shares his memories of Bok.

Saturday, 2:40 - 'The Theme Music' (4'05")
Hilary Wilson & Susan Blairgowrie, McGann, Newman, Fiddy and Fitzsimmons & Berry all remember how wonderful the theme tune was before Newman, Mark Ayres, Brian Hodgson and Blairgowrie explain the history of its creation.

Saturday, 3:55 - 'Don't Mention Mel' (4'20")
A look at the best (and worst) companions by Andre Vincent as he explains Doctor Who's impact on his sexual awakening. He mentions Tom Baker companion "Layla", who we seem to recall Eric Clapton once sung about.

Saturday, 6:45 - 'The Cancellation Crisis' (10'33")
Campbell describes Colin as almost "miscast", Russell descrives everything as being "a bit bland" and Beech discusses the budget of the show. Letts, Dicks and Lambert also pick apart the failings of the late 80s (a clip of Open Air is shown, followed by two clips from the cancellation announcement following season 22). Berry, Michael Jayston and Ian Wheeler recall how shocking the announcement was. Doctor in Distress is, sadly, briefly recalled. Discussion then moves to the Seventh Doctor (and a clip of his announcement on the news is shown), with McCoy discussing his regeneration sequence, Aldred about the Seventh's character and Cartmel about the budget. There is then speculation as to the reason for the 1989 cancellation.

Saturday, 6:55 - Day One Close (0'30")

Sunday, 7:00 - Welcome Back and 'Radio Times & Doctor Who' (5'26")
Coverage of Doctor Who in the Radio Times, with thoughts from Fiddy and Matthew Tombs on the historical appearances while Paul Smith and Andy Earl talk us through the mmaking of the fortieth anniversary four-part cover.

Sunday, 7:05 - 'The William Hartnell Years' (9'44")
K.9 gives us a historical perspective on November 1963, leading into Lambert giving credit to Newman and Donald Wilson for creating the show. Peter Purves tells us his early memories of the superb actors that got cast and Carole Anne Ford talks about JFK's assassination. David J Howe talks about the members of the public expecting a medical show, Gary Russell about how amazing the drama of the first episode is, Fiddy about his memories of Hartnell even in 1963 and Lambert why she cast Hartnell. Purves talks about Steven Taylor, Howe about The Time Meddler, Russell and Hickman on why The Time Meddler was unique at the time, Russell, Purves and Campbell about rape and Howe about Hartnell's performance. Finally, Lambert, Ford and Purves share their memories of Hartnell the personality and of the 'live' nature of the show, Dale Who explains Hartnell's illness and Hickman explains why Hartnell was loved by kids.

Sunday, 9:25 - 'The Sylvester McCoy Years' (8'14")
A look at the final Doctor of the 80s. Wainer, Hickman and Courtney set the scene. McCoy explains how he came to be cast. Russell explains his own perspective, that things had become a bit bland - Who sheds some light on some of the problems and McCoy speaks of his hopes. McCoy and Cartmel on Bonnie Langford and why Mel was replaced with Ace. Aldred gives some backstory to her character. Wainer, Campbell, Hickman and Aldred discuss Dragonfire... and Ace's outfit. Aldred and Cartmel explain the infamous literal cliffhanger before making way for the story itself.

Sunday, 11:20 - 'The Colin Baker Years' (9'35")
Wainer, Who and Fitzimmons & Berry all share their thoughts on the Sixth Doctor. Colin and Kilgarriff discuss the pros and cons of taking on the baggage. Hickman and Who on Colin's treatment by the BBC and the fans, while Colin and Bryant recall their slow warming to each other, Bryant's body and the Sixth Doctor costume. Hickman, Colin, Who, Wainer, Russell and Kilgarriff share some plot points of Attack of the Cybermen.

Sunday, 1:30 - 'Monstermania' (5'54")
Two K.9s introduce a brief feature on monsters, accusing the Rani of being the ugliest of them all. Fans at a convention recall their favourite monsters, before focus turns to Davros and the Daleks, discussed by Colin Baker , Andrew Green, Terry Molloy, Daniel Billing, Sylvester McCoy, Arabella Weir, Katy Manning, Peter Davison and Jon Culshaw. Mark Campbell talks about the Cybermen, as does Peter Davison and Michael Kilgarriff. Andrew Beech, Manning, Ainsworth and Fitzimmons & Berry then cover the Autons... and Bonnie Langford.

Sunday, 2:15 - 'The Tom Baker Years' (10'12")
The Tom Baker era is introduced by K.9, with the usual historical background. Culshaw, Hickman, Who, Sladen, Kilgarriff and Dicks agree that Tom was the definitive Doctor, due to his real-life eccentricity. Tom Baker makes similar comments, via footage recorded for the 1999 Doctor Who Night. Thorne and Louise Jameson discuss acting opposite Tom, while Hickman and Campbell remind us how wonderful Sarah Jane was. Sladen shares her memories of both her character and Tom. Whovian Gardner Goldsmith assures us that the Tom Baker era was the best while Hickman, Russell and Culshaw recall The Pyramids of Mars with great fondness.

Sunday, 4:35 - 'The Timelady' (4'50")
Behind the scenes of Doctor Who Unbound, as Arabella Weir tells us about being the Doctor. Goldsmith, Briggs, Campbell, Karen Davies, Ainsworth, Fiddy, Purves, Rachel Wallis and Kim Newman all offer their thoughts on the very notion of a lady Doctor. Briggs and Ainsworth explain the Doctor Who Unbound concept and the plot of Exile. Weir talks about her imaginary costume. (In the behind the scenes footage, play Spot-The-David-Tennant at The Moat studios)

Sunday, 6:50 - 'The Timelord's Coming Home' (9'28")
Finally, the McGann movie comes under scrutiny. Hickman shares his memories of the casting, McGann speaks of his excitement, Russell gives him the thumbs up, McCoy discusses the regeneration and Goldsmith criticises the plotline. Andrew Green introduces Big Finish, Russell explains their history while India Fisher and McGann talks about how wonderful they are. Jameson, Berry, Beech and Green talk about the recent poll win for Doctor Who. And last of all, discussion of the new series announcement. Howe, McGann, Letts, Padbury, Culshaw, Jenny Stacey, Green, Courtney and Fisher share final thoughts...

24th November 2003 - Scream of the Shalka Trailer

0'17", 16:9

A series of clips from the webcast.

4th December 2003 - Scream of the Shalka Episode Four

14'37", 16:9

The fourth part of the online animated Doctor Who adventure. The Doctor captures a Shalka.

For more information click here.

4th December 2003 - Scream of the Shalka Episode Five

12'39", 16:9

The fifth part of the online animated Doctor Who adventure. The Shalka take over the Earth.

For more information click here.

11th December 2003 - Scream of the Shalka Episode Six

15'08", 16:9

The sixth part of the online animated Doctor Who adventure. The Doctor saves the day.

For more information click here.

30th December 2003 - The Story of Doctor Who







59'16", 16:9

A documentary featuring interviews with the first seven Doctors, telling the story of the 1963-89 series. Offcuts of the Tom Baker and Peter Davison interviews would later be used in Doctor Who Confidential. Many pillarboxed clips from the classic series are used.
  • Peter Davison, Verity Lambert, Colin Baker, Carole Ann Ford and Peter Purves recall the broadcast of the very first story. Lambert and Ford also share the story of the genesis of the series.
  • Terrance Dicks shares his view of the Doctor's character, which Colin, Davison, Tom Baker, Barry Letts and Sylvester McCoy build on.
  • Lambert and Louise Jameson recall William Hartnell's personality and his difficulty in remembering lines. Peter Purves explains Hartnell's approach to television acting, full of tiny gestures. Lambert and Ford complain about the quality of Lime Grove Studio, while Letts reminds us things were similar in his day too.
  • Lambert, Dicks, McCoy and Davison on the wonder of the Daleks and how they were brought to life. Nicholas Evans and John Scott Martin recall life inside one. Colin and Davison on acting opposite them. Tom describes them as his favourites.
  • Dicks explains why regeneration was created, Anneke Wills reminds us how amazing it was the first time round and Colin gives credit to Patrick Troughton for making it work. Wills shares his love of Troughton amd Frazer Hines speaks about the fear Troughton instilled in the viewers.
  • Sophie Aldred covers her love of the Cybermen, while Graham Cole remembers the claustrophobia inside the Cybersuits. Nicola Bryant admits The Sea Devils terrified her the most and Dicks explains why they wore string vests. Tom talks briefly about Zygons and Colin confides in us that most of the monsters couldn't outrun someone walking at a brisk pace.
  • Dicks introduces us to the Pertwee era and explains why the Doctor was exiled to Earth. Nicholas Courtney tells us about the Brigadier and UNIT and Letts about the slow escape from Earth through seasons 8 and 9.
  • Davison, Dicks, Tom, Aldred, Bryant and Colin talk about the pros and cons of the TARDIS, with Brian Hodgson on hand to talk about the sound effect.
  • Discussion of Pertwee's portrayal by Colin, Lambert (who wasn't impressed), Dicks (who shares the untrue story of "reverse the polarity of the neutron flow" yet again), Sladen (on his costume), Letts and Courtney (on stunt performance). Sladen explains the genesis of the Whomobile.
  • Dicks takes credit for the more old-fashioned style of companion, Wills talks about holding the screaming back a little for fear of scaring the children too much, Sladen talks about reinventing the companion role and Bryant talks about asking 'why'.
  • Letts explains that Pertwee left to avoid typecasting. Dicks and Philip Hinchcliffe introduce Tom Baker. Tom describes the Fourth Doctor as "an idealised Tom Baker". Lambert admits Tom was probably the second best Doctor. Tom and Hinchcliffe discuss the former's fame and  Tom admits he never really read the scripts properly. Tom, Hinchcliffe and Jameson on the Leela character.
  • Dicks, Davison, Jameson, Tom and Roger Murray-Leach on the fear factor, and on dodgy effects.
  • Tom admits he was "not much fun to work with" and admits his resignation was swiftly accepted.
  • Davison talks about his regeneration sequence, Colin explains the major personality change from fourth to fifth, Davison confesses he couldn't imagine himself as the Doctor and talks about his outfit. He also talks about his companions (and that he could only physically touch Adric), the absurdity of the dialogue, giggling on set, memories of Tomb of the Cybermen and guest stars during his era. Colin explains his part in Arc of Infinity, and how he became the sixth Doctor.
  • Dicks describes Colin as "a bull of a man", and Colin himself describes his characterisation and talks about his costume, Vengeance on Varos (Nabil Shaban shares his ambition for Sil - to send kids behind the sofa), making 45 minute episodes, schedule shifting,  the cancellation crisis and being recast.
  • McCoy talks about his regeneration sequence, how he came to be cast, his stories, Ace (Aldred talks about stuntwork, specifically the famous flawed Battlefield cliffhanger), The Greatest Show in the Galaxy and fandom. Lambert offers her thoughts on the final years of the show and McCoy and Aldred talk about the final cancellation.
  • McCoy, Tom, Davison and Colin offer their final thoughts...

2004 - 2DTV

0'52", 16:9

A Dalek is given a makeover by the What Not To Wear team, robot versions of which would later appear in Parting of the Ways.

15th January 2004 - Liquid News

1'03", 16:9

The two presenters of this entertainment news programme announce that an ex-employee of the BBC has recovered the Doctor Who episode The Daleks' Master Plan, and show a cropped clip.

15th January 2004 - London News

0'40", 16:9

The presenter erroneously reports that Steve Roberts rescued a missing episode of Doctor Who from destruction when he worked for the BBC in the 1970s. A pillarboxed clip is shown.

21st January 2004 - Revolver

0'29", 16:9

A brief sketch featuring a Dalek.

20th March 2004 - 60 Seconds

0'60", 16:9

Christopher Eccleston's casting is announced.

20th March 2004 - BBC News 24

0'34", 16:9

Eccleston is announced again as playing "the famious [sic] Time Lord" with a cropped clip of The Hand of Fear.

20th March 2004 - BBC News

0'23", 16:9

Eccleston is finally announced on BBC One.

20th March 2004 - BBCi News

0'27", 16:9

BBC's interactive service takes the same script as the BBC News 24 announcement, but rerecords it to correct the "famious" fluff. Clips from The Hand of Fear and The Daleks' Master Plan are used.

20th March 2004 - Channel Four News

3'45", 4:3

A clip from Day of the Daleks leaves veiwers hanging over the ad break.

When we return, clips from the Pertwee titles, 100, 000BC and Day of the Daleks are shown over a potted history of the series. DWAS representative David Bickerstaff explains Eccleston's challenges, and reported Victoria McDonald goes live to the Who Shop where owner Alex Loofely-Saul enthuses over the casting and talks about the changes that she expects. Back in the newsroom, the presenter embarrasses one of his colleagues by running a clip of her appearance under make-up in The Curse of Fenric.

Two clips from one show.

21st March 2004 - North West Tonight

3'04", 4:3

Gordon Burns introduces a report by Jayne Barrett in which she speaks to William Hill Area Manager John Mitchell about how pleased he was with the casting, shows us a clip of Scream of the Shalka and then introduces us to Doctor Who's number one fan, Reverend Phil Janvier, who expresses disappointment at McGann not being picked. She then visits a branch of the Virgin Megastore and then chats to Random Northern Folk In The Street ("I saw him in Friends In The North, he'll do good", "He doesn't have enough hair" etc). Back in the studio, banter about anoraks ensues.

2nd April 2004 - Breakfast Time

8'58", 16:9

Introduced by cropped clips from Inside the Spaceship, The Tomb of the Cybermen, Spearhead from Space, Genesis of the Daleks, Enlightenment, Attack of the Cybermen, Time and the Rani and the TV Movie, Christopher Eccleston enjoys his first interview since being cast, with Bill Turnbull and Natasha Kaplinsky. Eccleston describes his excitement at working with Russell T Davies again, shrugs aside the notion that he might be daunted by his predecessors, and the idea that he'll be wearing scarves and hats (but he DOES have "a thing"). He talks about playing the lighter side of the character, and that they haven't cast Rose Tyler yet (but she'll be a strong character - "I'll be doing the running around and screaming"), the prevelance of fear in today's world, state of the art effects, stories paralleling social issues, the relationship between Doctor and companion, his knowledge of the show, the accent he'll use and old enemies reappearing (Sontarans are his favourite, Kaplinsky's are the Silurians). The interview ends with a brief plug for Electricity (the play Eccleston is currently in) and the promise that the new series will start early in 2005 after a July filming start.

9th April 2004 - North West Today

0'53", 16:9

A short piece on the opening of a new exhibition in Blackpool, with Philip Romwell and sound bites from David Boyle, the organiser.

23rd June 2004 - Blue Peter

9'36", 16:9
(with 4:3 Blue Peter clips cropped)

Matt Baker describes the problems of videotape, and hands over to Liz Barker, who introduces the concept of a hard drive based time-shift system, using Sky+. Matt then shows an archive reel-to-reel machine and a clip from an October 1966 of Blue Peter which shows this in action. Liz similarly shows a 1973 clip of Blue Peter where Peter Purves shows off an early videocasette system, and then talks about the difference between Betamax and VHS.

The topic then moves over to professional recording, and a Quad is shown - Matt gives the disappointing news that many TV shows were junked, but points out how much the BBC has spent transferring and restoring those that DO exist.

Liz interviews Jonathan Wood, who is colourising missing episode of Blue Peter #1620 from 4th December 1980, using a b/w film transfer, the original colour inserts, and a home VHS in full, if low-grade, colour, using the same methods as in the 1993 recolourisation of Doctor Who that he had worked on. He first shows how the colour footage needs to be twisted to match the b/w film, and then goes on to demonstrate how Scratchbox works, and how easy it is for large blemishes to appear on film. Konnie Huq appears briefly at the end to close the show.

[Note that Doctor Who is not mentioned in this feature, but it does showcase a rare appearance of a member of the Restoration Team at work]

Director: Bridget Caldwell, Producer: Gavin Woods

27th June 2004 - Glastonbury Live

6'01", 16:9

Orbital perform their version of the Doctor Who theme live for the last time.

12th July 2004 - South Today

5'32", 16:9

The first of a series of five mini-documentaries directed by Bill Baggs and presented by Sylvester McCoy entitled Doctor Who in the South. After a reminder of the filming of the new series, Sylvester McCoy visits IBM Portsmouth for a look at the location of Revelation of the Daleks and then goes to Dorset to see the house from The Seeds of Doom. Two Clips from one segment.

13th July 2004 - South Today

4'08", 16:9

Sylvester McCoy meets a fan in the South who wrote a letter to William Hartnell and got a very comprehensive response back. After a clip from The Dalek Invasion of Earth, we get to see her letter. McCoy also visits Patcham High School and meets the librarian, Rowlie Darby, who is encouraging a new generation of fans. A clip from Remembrance of the Daleks is shown.

14th July 2004 - South Today

4'19", 16:9

Sylvester McCoy visits a further two locations: a lake used in Terror of the Zygons and Arundel Castle from Silver Nemesis. Gary Downie talks us around the latter.

15th July 2004 - South Today

7'57", 16:9

Sylvester McCoy visits Anneke Wills, shows us clips from The Macra Terror and talks about the importance of companions, and her painting enthusiasm. He then joins the studio team and shares his memories of the week. We also meet some local fans who are excited about the 2005 season. After the weather, McCoy takes part in an online webchat. Three Clips from one segment.

20th July 2004 - BBC Wales Today

6'17" 16:9

The first location report on the filming of the new series of Doctor Who.
Reporter Rebecca Johns talks of the secrecy surrounding the filiming, before handing over to Nick Pallet, who talks through the history of the show over the opening credits from The Story of Doctor Who.
Eccleston comments on his outfit (this was the first time it was seen by the public), and Piper discusses catching up on the show, and the differences between old and new. Cropped clips from Resurrection of the Daleks and Earthshock run over talk of the high viewing figures of the 1970s, and Eccleston goes on to talk about the appeal of the show. Piper talks of her excitement at shooting in Wales, and cropped clips of Invasion of the Dinosaurs, The Daemons and Terror of the Autons demonstrate the old visual effects. Johns interviews Russell T Davies, who refuses to give much away about the scene being filmed (the opening of Rose), why the secrecy (he'd like to keep it fun for the viewers), what the fans can look forward to (Cardiff, mainly, it seems), a lack of Daleks (he hopes they'll come back at some point), high expectations of the fans (he ignores them) and the appeal of the series ("it's the best idea ever invented in the history of the world").

September 2004 - Ultimate Sci-Fi Top 10: Moments

3'24", 16:9

A series of three linked programmes produced for Sky One by Tyne Tees Television, counting down the top ten Moments, Aliens and Robots as voted for by the British public, with soundbites from original contributors and famous fans.

Alan Jones (critic), Nick Evans (Dalek), Carole Ann Ford (Susan) and Joe Nazzaro (expert) recall the appearance of the Daleks in London.

Clips of The Dalek Invasion of Earth, Genesis of the Daleks, Remembrance of the Daleks and Resurrection of the Daleks pillarboxed.

September 2004 - Ultimate Sci-Fi Top 10: Aliens

3'41", 16:9

A series of three linked programmes produced for Sky One by Tyne Tees Television, counting down the top ten Moments, Aliens and Robots as voted for by the British public, with soundbites from original contributors and famous fans.

The Doctor is the fourth most popular alien, discussed by Toyah Wilcox (singer, presenter), David and Sue Pound (fans), Sylvester McCoy (the seventh Doctor), Verity Lambert (producer), Joe Nazarro (expert) and Colin Baker (the sixth Doctor).

Clips of The Five Doctors, The Three Doctors, The Robots of Death, The Dalek Invasion of Earth and The Caves of Androzani pillarboxed.

September 2004 - Ultimate Sci-Fi Top 10: Robots

4'25", 16:9

A series of three linked programmes produced for Sky One by Tyne Tees Television, counting down the top ten Moments, Aliens and Robots as voted for by the British public, with soundbites from original contributors and famous fans.

The eighth most popular robot is K.9. Remembering him are Kim Newman (author), John Leeson (K.9 voice), Colin Baker (the sixth Doctor) and Elisabeth Sladen (Sarah-Jane).

Clips of Revenge of the Cybermen and almost every K.9 story, including A Girl's Best Friend, appear pillarboxed.

25th September 2004 - The Weakest Link

0'40", 4:3

In a celebrity edition of The Weakest Link, featuring various Doctors (most of them people with actual doctorates), Anne Robinson convinces Colin Baker to sing and admits she fancies him like mad.

Four clips.

11th November 2004 - Dead Ringers (Series D, Episode 1)

4'30", 16:9

"Tom Baker" (Jon Culshaw) attempts to buy a ticket for the Eurostar, believing it to be a transporter that travels through time and space. He then chats to an Australian about Tegan Jovanka and her "marvellous norks", and accuses the guard of being the Master.

We return to him later, as he asks people to wake him up once he's Sylvester McCoy, explains that Kwik Fit destroyed his TARDIS and moans that Eccleston gets to hang out with Billie Piper.

Two clips.

25th November 2004 - Richard & Judy

2'55", 16:9

Richard Madely introduces Russell T Davies and compares the Doctor Who revival to the Crossroads revival (Davies takes this with some good humour) and asks how the show will compare to the original series. Davies loves the charm of the old series, but believes they'd never get away with anything like that now - However it's still fun, and it should still go out on Saturday nights. Co-host Judy Finnegan talks about obsessive fans and shows a clip of Queer as Folk (Davies admits that Vince is based a little on himself). Richard shows a photo of the new Dalek and admits he was wrong when he'd previously said they'd never flown before - Mark Gatiss had corrected him by pointing out the flying sequence in Remembrance of the Daleks (Davies says that the new flight is "souped up even more". Davies refers to the new Dalek as the "Bling Bling Dalek" and says he expects the new run to start in March. Richard reminisces a little about the broadcast of the first episode in 1963...

2nd December 2004 - BBCi Series One Teaser Trailer

0'27", 16:9

The first trailer for series one, consisting of clips from Rose, as it appeared on BBCi some weeks before the actual broadcast - without the BBCOne ident in the corner, and with the logo zooming past (as it would later do on the "Next Time..." segments) rather than against the vortex.

December 2004 - Unknown BBC Four Preview

0'31", 16:9

An unknown show on BBC Four, compiling a preview for the New Year, shows the series one trailer with an added explanatory caption.