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TV Appearances: 1990-1994

1990 - Galaxy Channel Doctor Who Trailer 1


A collection of clips from Hartnell/Troughton era Doctor Who, including elements of the Hartnell titles, advertises the run of repeats the short-lived Galaxy Channel broadcast during 1990.

1990 - Galaxy Channel Doctor Who Trailer 2


A collection of clips from Hartnell/Troughton era Doctor Who, including elements of the Hartnell titles, along with clips of Satellite Game and Space Patrol, advertises cult television on the Galaxy Channel.

1990 - Galaxy Channel Doctor Who Trailer 3


A certain "knock knock" joke gets dragged out for this short trail.

1990 - Galaxy Channel Doctor Who Trailer 4


A clip from 100,000BC reminds us what the TARDIS is.

1990 - WXEL - McCoy Links: Time and the Rani


After the end of the McCoy era (we have to admit, we're just guessing 1990 - it's possibly slightly later, but the hairdos seem right) Sylvester McCoy and later Sophie Aldred were flown out to Florida by TJ Lubinksy to provide exclusive links for PBS station WXEL.

In this one, McCoy shares his memories of Time and the Rani (after an intro sequence featuring Doctorin' the TARDIS), including playing the spoons on Kate o'Mara and the scene with the costumes. After the story, he then talks further about the explosions and the regeneration scene.

Two cliips.

1990 - WXEL - McCoy Links: Delta and the Bannermen


This time, McCoy talks about getting the chance to film in a holiday camp and pretending he was capable of riding a motorbike.

1990 - WXEL - McCoy Links: Dragonfire


After Dragonfire, McCoy talks about Mel's leaving scene.

1990 - WXEL - McCoy Links: Remembrance of the Daleks


Following the broadcast of McCoy's fifth story, he reminisces about the nickname Chunky Gilmore.

1990 - WXEL - McCoy Links: Remembrance of the Daleks


Following the broadcast of McCoy's fifth story, he reminisces about the nickname Chunky Gilmore.

1990 - WXEL - McCoy Links: Silver Nemesis


Prior to Silver Nemesis, McCoy tells us that the enemies are dressed in silver. So much for sharing his memories...

1990 - WXEL - McCoy Links: Battlefield


McCoy introduces his final season by comparing the opening story to the Pertwee era, and speaking of his thrill at working with Nicholas Courtney.

1990 - WXEL - McCoy Links: The Curse of Fenric


After The Curse of Fenric, McCoy goes to great lengths to explain the reasoning behind his duffel coat and also the weather.

1990 - WXEL - McCoy Links: Survival


Following his final story, Sylvester McCoy talks about the final speech being added to the end of his final episode.

1990 - WXEL - Aldred Links: Call to Action


A brief commercial featuring Sophie Aldred begging for money for the Florida PBS station, WXEL.

1990 - WXEL - Aldred Links: Send in Your Money


Aldred sings a song and threatens us with more if viewers of WXEL continue to send in money for Doctor Who.

1990 - WXEL - Aldred Links: Thank You


Aldred thanks us for sending more money to pay for reruns of Doctor Who.

1990 - WXEL - Aldred Links: Dragonfire


Soph' recalls her start on the show, introducing Dragonfire and pointing out her very first scene.

1990 - WXEL - Aldred Links: Remembrance of the Daleks


Sophie Aldred shares her childhood memories of Daleks.

1990 - WXEL - Aldred Links: The Happiness Patrol


A very brief intro to The Hapiness Patrol, in which Sophie Aldred explains the plot.

1990 - WXEL - Aldred Links: Silver Nemesis


Sophie explains the anniversary nature of Silver Nemesis and talks about her childhood memories of Cybermen.

1990 - WXEL - Aldred Links: The Greatest Show in the Galaxy


Aldred introduces The Greatest Show in the Galaxy.

1990 - 31 West


Sylvester McCoy talks about how he got into acting and how he became cast as the Doctor before we see a clip from Survival. He then talks about what's made Doctor Who endure, his current work and the new series of Doctor Who (he's not sure whether or not he's going to be in it). John Nathan-Turner then arrives at Longleat with Nicholas Courtney, and the two talk about their history with the show.

21st March 1990 - Wogan


Frazer Hines talks about the Yorkshire air making him attractive, the current plot of Emmerdale, working in the elements, expertise in sheep-dipping and other farming practice, leaving and returning to Emmerdale, his lengthy career, his Coronation Street character and finally his Doctor Who role: his time with Troughton, getting mail still and getting residuals.

1990 - Doctor Hewson 1


An Australian sketch show merges Doctor Who with political satire in these sketches. In the first, the Doctor complains that the TARDIS hasn't worked since it was serviced by Telecom.

1990 - Doctor Hewson 2


An Australian sketch show merges Doctor Who with political satire in these sketches. In the second he meets a Dalek version of John Howard.

1990 - Doctor Hewson 3


An Australian sketch show merges Doctor Who with political satire in these sketches. In the third graffiti artists attack the TARDIS.

1990 - Doctor Hewson 4


An Australian sketch show merges Doctor Who with political satire in these sketches. In the fourth, the Doctor speaks to a mysterious disembodied voice.

September 1990 - Heineken Advert


A man walks into a public toilet, which promptly wheezes, groans and vanishes.

September 1990 - 31 Who Trail


"Doctor Who here, to transport you through time to the weekend of the 23rd and the 22nd of September where you will be able to see some of my greatest adventures."

So says Jon Pertwee, introducing clips from The Three Doctors, 100,000BC, the first Dalek serial, Inside the Spaceship, The Abominable Snowmen, The Web of Fear, The Space Museum, The Keys of Marinus, The Aztecs, The War Games, The Dominators, The Mind Robber and Daleks: Invasion Earth 2150AD.

September 1990 - 31 Who The Three Doctors Trails


"Just who is who... on Doctor Who?"

Jon Pertwee introduces a clip from The The Three Doctors.

Four variants: stating the story will be on "Sunday 23rd September","Sunday", "tomorrow", and "today".

September 1990 - 31 Who and Comedy Weekend Trail


Clips from The Space Museum, The War Games, The Three Doctors, Dr Who and the Daleks and Daleks: Invasion Earth 2150AD, along with a brief clip of The Goodies to promote the Comedy Weekend coming up the following week.

18th September 1990 - 31 West


In preparation for the Doctor Who Weekend, 31 West present clips from The Mind Robber and the first Dalek serial. They also present a brief clip of the Waris Hussein interview in which he talks about his  surprise at the show running as long as it did and his memories of the recording, and we also see clips of the first story. Presenter Andy Crane then appears in the studio to do a poor K.9 impression.

19th September 1990 - 31 West


31 West presents another preview, with clips of The Mind Robber, The War Games, 100,000BC and The Dominators and then looking at some of the crazier American fans at Unicon 90. John Levene entertains the nutters while Eric Hoffman explains why Americans love the show and why they dress up (we see some classic crazies demonstrating).

"Good, innit?"

20th September 1990 - 31 West


Another 31 West preview - this time purely consisting of clips of The Mind Robber, Inside the Spaceship, 100,000BC and The Dominators.

20th September 1990 - 31 Who Saturday Trail (Short)


"Doctor Who here."

Pertwee introduces a collection of clips from 31 Who day 1 - 100, 000BC, the first Dalek serial, Inside the Spaceship, The Abominable Snowmen, The Web of Fear, The Space Museum, The Keys of Marinus and The Aztecs.

21st September 1990 - 31 West


Clips of 100,000BC, The War Games, the first Dalek story, The Three Doctors and The Mind Robber lead into the final preview of 31 Who, in which John Nathan-Turner appears in studio to talk about what's coming up and killing off K.9. Nerys Hughes is also there to talk about fans pestering her, her kids watching Doctor Who when they were younger and her contribution to the Doctor Who Cookbook. Nathan-Turner tells us his favourite Doctor was William Hartnell.

Three clips from one show.

21st September 1990 - 31 Who Saturday Trail (Long)


"Doctor Who here. If you don't watch Galaxy on the weekend of September the 22nd and 23rd you might just find yourself..." "EXTERMINATED!"

Pertwee introduces a collection of clips from 31 Who day 1 - 100, 000BC, the first Dalek serial, Inside the Spaceship, The Abominable Snowmen, The Web of Fear, The Space Museum, The Keys of Marinus, The Aztecs and Daleks: Invasion: Earth 2150AD.

21st-23rd September 1990 - 31 Who The Dominators Trails


"No-one knows the galaxy... quite like I do."

Jon Pertwee introduces a clip from The Dominators.

Three variants: One stating the story will be on Sunday, one "tomorrow" and the other "today".

22nd September 1990 - 31 Who Sunday Trail


Clips of The War Games, The Dominators, The Mind Robber, The Three Doctors and Daleks: Invasion Earth 2150AD to advertise day 2 of 31 Who.

22nd-23rd September 1990 - 31 Who The Mind Robber Trails


"Just when you thought it was safe to watch Galaxy..."

Jon Pertwee introduces a clip from The Mind Robber.

Two variants: One stating the story will be on tomorrow, the other "today".

22nd-23rd September 1990 - 31 Who (aka Doctor Who Weekend)




182'38" (not including episodes) 

A weekend of entertainment from the Galaxy Channel, replacing the usual 31 West.

Day One:
  • We meet John Nathan-Turner, and see clips of what's coming up. Carole Ann Ford and Russell Enoch (William Russell) appear in studio to talk about how they got their parts and their characters' developments. In a prefilmed interview, Verity Lambert discusses the start of the series, her influence (the TARDIS sticking to the police box design) and the Daleks contribution. In another, Warris Hussein talks about his  surprise at the show running as long as it did and his memories of the recording. Hussen then appears in studio to help Nathan-Turner introduce 100,000BC.
  • Enoch and Elizabeth Sladen are in studio to reminisce about the Daleks, and in Enoch's case his offspring's feelings about them. In a pre-recording, Terry Nation talks about how he got into writing, killing off the Daleks, why the Daleks were popular, how the Daleks helped sci-fi in general and his career. Raymond Cusick is in studio to talk about how he came up with the Dalek design, and then introduces the first three episodes of their first story.
  • The only UK broadcast of Doctor Who's Who's Who is introduced.
  • The final four episodes of the first Dalek story are introduced, with a brief catchup courtesy of Nathan-Turner.
  • Enoch and Ford offer their thoughts on the Daleks, and Nathan-Turner introduces Inside the Spaceship, broadcast in the wrong order.
  • Mervyn Haisman is in studio to talk about his influences for the Yeti stories, why so many episodes are missing from the BBC archives, what made the Yetis special, and then the two existing episodes of The Abominable Snowmen and The Web of Fear are shown.
  • In between the two Yeti episodes, Nicholas Courtney arrives in studio shares his memories of The Web of Fear.
  • Sylvester McCoy joins the hosts to talk about Doctor Who conventions to introduce a segment on US convention Unicon 90. We see brief clips of John Levene and Colin Baker, before fan Eric Hoffman explains why everyone loves the show so much. He tries and fails to adequately explain why everyone is dressed up, not only as the seventh Doctor and Nyssa, but a female Master and a Klingon or three. Back in studio, McCoy talks about why he loves the fans and not getting paid for conventions. "Awfully sensible solicitor" and fan Andrew Beech shows his house, clips of the early Tavern meets (including a painfully young Paul Cornell) talks about his conventions. Back with McCoy, discussion turns to fan creativity, the cancellation crisis in 1985, memorabilia, what his sons think of the show and his own acting making him hide behind the coach. Next we see a report on two young fans who ran their own convention, Whoniverse 90.
  • After a break, John Nathan-Turner pits his knowledge against fans Jeane Riddle, Jon Preddle and Andrew Beech in a thrilling quiz. Preddle wins a vile jumper. McCoy follows up, proving that he doesn't really know much about the show, and Nathan-Turner introduces The Space Museum.
  • Peter Purves is in studio to cover how he was cast as Steven Taylor and working with William Hartnell, prompting Nathan-Turner to introduce a collection companion clips. We then see inside the offices of Doctor Who Magazine, interviewing editor John Freeman and writer Dan Abnett. Back in the studio, Freeman is joined by Terrance Dicks, the latter of whom talks about novelising while Freeman covers his favourite pieces of Who merchandise over the years. 31 Who then ventures out into the streets of London to encourage people to do Dalek impressions before Nathan-Turner introduces the first three parts of The Keys of Marinus.
  • During a break half way through Marinus, Waris Hussein returns to talk about working on the historical stories, his surprise at the longevity of the show and shows off his camera script of Maro Polo's first episode and his memories of that story. McCoy then rejoins the team to discuss taking on the role, his responsibilities to the fans and the show taking over his life (or not). We then see a "monster top 10" (so predictable) and a Cyberman is interviewed while one of his colleagues flashes in the background. A prefilmed interview with Gerry Davis covers the genesis of the Cybermen and Nathan-Turner introduces the second half of The Keys of Marinus.
  • After Marinus, a selection of clips of humanoid villains, and then Purves and Sladen join forces in the studio to talk about the show being shot in a rush and on a low budget, Sladen having to adjust from one Doctor to another, the evolution of the show since they left, their favourite monsters (Purves preferred the historicals) and Sladen is requested to scream. She refuses. Nathan-Turner remembers the cancellation crisis, and shows a clip of the Doctor in Distress music video. Deborah Watling then appears in a prefilmed segment to talk about not watching the series until she was in it, working with the Daleks, her favourite story (Fury From the Deep), her funniest memory (The Web of Fear) and being recognised by fans even to this day. Next: The Aztecs.
  • Finishing off the first day is the Cushing film Doctor Who and the Daleks. First Jennie Linden talks about her character, Cushing's characterisations, working with the Daleks and her favourite Doctor (she won't say). Haisman is then back to talk a little more about the Yeti stories and The Dominators (he talks about not being happy with the script editing) and help Nathan-Turner introduce Doctor Who and the Daleks, which closes the night. After the film, the hosts tease us with what's coming up tomorrow...

Day Two:

  • After an introduction to the second day, with clips of forthcoming episode, Jon Pertwee appears in a pre-recorded interview to talk about how he got his job, Jean Marsh introducing him to the show, his favourite aliens and still being recognised. Steve Mansfield and Sue Moore then begin to talk us through the making of a Haemovore face. Nathan-Turner, Courtney and Dicks all join the studio to talk about The War Games (which Courtney remembers not being in) - it's length and its plot. The first five episodes are then introduced...
  • Wendy Padbury is in the studio after the start of The War Games to talk about Zoe's character, why she left the show, screaming and Zoe's main moments. Nathan-Turner then presents Whose Doctor Who, from 1977. Padbury is back to talk further about practical joking, and Frazer Hines joins her in a pre-recorded insert. Hines talks about the show's success and his funniest memory before Nathan-Turner introduces the second half of The War Games.
  • After The War Games, the hosts talk about the TARDIS and Nathan-Turner introduces The Dominators.
  • Next, Patrica Godfrey (costume designer) takes the blame for Colin's outfit and shows us some early costume designs. A pre-recorded interview of Brian Hodgson and Dick Mills then covers the theme tune, special effects (including the TARDIS materialisation and Dalek voices) and the lack of synthesisers. Padbury and McCoy rejoin the studio: Padbury talks about Zoe's character some more, McCoy talks about the Daleks (recounting a story about the talking of Remembrance), Padbury on the sophisticated effects of the newer seasons and her favourite monsters and McCoy on his (Nathan-Turner seems to be it). Moore and Mansfield show us a little more of the Haemovores, and presenter Debbie Flint tries one of the masks on.
  • After the break, Cusick and Barry Newbery enter the studio. Cusick talks through the original brief and his inspiration, and Barry covers the research he put into the historicals. Peter Hawkins then talks to the presenters about how he got the job of the Dalek voices, the fact that he wasn't inside the Daleks themselves and working with David Graham. Godfrey is then back to discuss the Cyberman costumes and Davison's outfit. Padbury and McCoy then launch a competition to make a lucky viewer the eighth Doctor, McCoy talks about fancying Wendy and about his companions while Padbury compares them to her character. Nathan-Turner then opens The Mind Robber.
  • Next, more of Hines' prerecorded talk about his favourite story (The War Games). practical jokes, Jamie's character and the benefits of playing a character from the past. Then, a roll call of famous guest actors, and introduction to The Three Doctors by Dicks and Courtney, who explain how the concept came about, how the actors interacted, Courtney's memories of that and The Five Doctors and how Dicks juggled the various characters in The Five Doctors. Before The The Three Doctors begins, Bob Baker and David Martin are in studio to explain the idea of K.9, their surprise at its popularity and the merchandise. They then share their memories of writing The Three Doctors, and David Howe talks us through his collection of merchandise. Finally, the tenth anniversary tale is shown.
  • Cusick is back to talk yet again about his Dalek inspiration and the low budget. Next, clips of the people of London pretending to be Daleks. The monster top ten from the previous day is shown again, and finally we return to the beginning: Lambert (prerecorded) shares her memories of the first rehearsals of the Dalek story, location filming for the second, the series becoming "a parody" in recent years and the unlikelihood of her return, while Nation (prerecorded also) talks about the horror films of his youth, killing off the Daleks and his contribution to science fiction as a whole. Finally, the second Cushing film gets a broadcast.
  • The show ends with some memories of the weekend, and a rerun of the video of viewers' Dalek impressions.

(Note that clips of many episodes are used throughout this footage, which have not been catalogued here).

10'15" of excerpts from day two appeared on the Three Doctors DVD, including a trailer for The Three Doctors and the interviews with Nicholas Courtney, Terrance Dicks and Jon Pertwee. Hosted by John Nathan-Turner.

10'25" of excerpts appeared on the Curse of Fenric DVD, revolving around the two interviews with Sue Moore and Steven Mansfield on the Haemovore designs, broadcast on day 2.

(C) John Gau Productions 1990

22nd-23rd November 1990 - 31 Who Apologies


Three apologies (two from Saturday, one from Sunday) for airing Inside the Spaceship in the wrong order, and pledging to repeat it correctly on the Sunday.

21st November 1990 - Search Out Science


Ace, Cedric and K.9 are selected for a gameshow called The Ultimate Challenge in this, the Search Out Space segment of the popular BBC childrens educational show.

In the challenge, they must try and work out what shape the Earth is and what makes day and night before a spoof Travel Agent advert tells us all about the planets in the solar system. They then try and understand why we have seasonal weather changes before another commercial break - this time for an astral washing powder - and then a challenge to try and work out why the moon changes shape and an advert for a lunar landscape kit. Next up is a team game in which lots of quick facts are fired at us, some footage of astronauts in zero-gravity, and then finally K.9 attempts to put star colours in order (to the tune of the K.9 and Company theme) and fails...

This appears on the Survival DVD.

1991 - BBC Video Advert 1


Featuring a video clip from the 1989 Red Dwarf episode Polymorph (and a brief soundbite), Tom Baker advertises BBC video releases of Genesis of the Daleks/The Sontaran Experiment, The War Games, City of Death, An Unearthly Child, Terror of the Zygons and The Troughton Years.

"Generations of Time Lords have battled to contain the galaxy's most fearsome forces of evil, but the pod in which they are held is breaking up! And time capsules known as home videos are being released into the Earth's atmosphere! It is your duty as a citizen of this solar system to track down these capsules and neutralise them through your VCR. Many modules are already circulating, and further releases are imminent. You have the power to protect your universe."

1991 - BBC Video Advert 2


A short trailer for Blakes' Seven and Doctor Who videos, with mocked up video covers for both.

June 1991 - Unknown Video Review Programme


An interview with John Nathan-Turner explaining the thinking behind The Hartnell Years and The Troughton Years videos, featuring clips from 100,000BC and The Abominable Snowmen. He also talks about casting Doctors, showing the money on-screen and his favourite Doctor being William Hartnell.

June 1991 - G.B.H Trailer


Featuring a clip of the main character having a fight with a Dalek.

6th June 1991 - G.B.H


In Alan Bleasdale's popular miniseries, Michael Murray gets trapped in a hotel full of Doctor Who fans, all in full costume, as he tries desperately to procure some condoms.

26th August 1991 - The Lime Grove Story


As part of BBC2's The Lime Grove Story, an edit of the pilot version of An Unearthly Child was shown, with this humorous introduction sequence.

January 1992 - Resistance is Useless / Repeat Season Trailer


An advert for the early 1992 repeat season and Resistance is Useless specifically, including clips from all the Doctors (even though the repeat season only included examples from the first three).

3rd January 1992 - Friday Night Trailer


As part of Children's BBC, the Friday evening lineup is announced, including Doctor Who, 100% and Thunderbirds.

3rd January 1992 - The Time Meddler Repeat Trailer


A collection of clips from this serial.

3rd January1992 - Resistance is Useless


A clips-based documentary in which an anorak voiced by comedian Steve Steen explains the history of the show to help viewers who've joined the show through the repeats.

Thanks to Ian Levine, Steve Roberts and the Doctor Who Exhibition; Graphic Designer: Sara Woollcombe; Camera: Colin Case; Lights: Alan Muhley; Floor Manager: Susan Heddon; Unit Manager: Barry Dixon; Videotape Editors: David Hambleton, Hugh Parson and Ian Howlett; Editor: Russell Rees; Consultant: John Nathan-Turner; Production Assistant: William Naylor; Assistant Producer: Teresa Griffiths; Executive Producer: John Whiston; Director: Archie Lauchlan

31st January 1992 - The Mind Robber Trailer


Clips from the serial launching that evening.

31st January-28th February 1992 - The Mind Robber Repeat Continuity


0'15": Intro to Part One, which suggests its the first Troughton story.
0'30": Advert for 100%, and intro to Part Two.
0'17": Intro to Part Three.
0'19": Intro to Part Four.
0'15": Continuity announcer talks over some of the end credits of Part Four.
0'18": Intro to Part Five.

This appeared on the official DVD release.

5th March 1992 - The Sea Devils Trailer


Clips from the serial launching the following evening.

6th March 1992 - The Sea Devils Tonight


A brief clip.

Spring 1992 - BBC Video Ad


With clips from Blakes' 7, Doctor Who and Red Dwarf, along with a "hilarious" voiceover linking clips from the Red Dwarf episodes Polymorph, Timeslides and Bodyswap with Star Trek, this advert also features the same mockup covers here, along with one new one.

10th July 1992 - Summer Scene


Tom Baker appears on a daytime TV show presented live from the National Garden Festival in Ebbw Vale to promote the new VHS of Shada. After a clip, he answers questions on the plot (he doesn't really remember), assures us that it's only the fans that will want it (great), explains why it's taken so long to release, being associated with the show (he seems quite happy about that at the moment), what the appeal is of the show (there was no competition), his childhood and his early career.

20th November 1992 - The Daemons Trailer


A single clip of the Doctor saying "Eureka!" to advertise the start of a new repeat run.

1993 - Tomorrow's Worldd


After a clip from 100,000BC, the TARDIS drops off one of the presenters in-studio to run a feature on time travel.

8th January-12th February 1993 - Genesis of the Daleks Repeat Continuity


0'23": Intro to Part One.
0'14": Intro to Part Two.
0'14": Post-credits advert for BBC video.
0'17": Intro to Part Three.
0'12": Post-credits advert for Dalek-themed releases from BBC video and audio.
0'14": Intro to Part Four.
0'20": Intro to Part Five.
0'17": Intro to Part Six.

A compilation of this, along with this, this and this, appeared on the Genesis of the Daleks disc.

January 1993 - Genesis of the Daleks Trailer


A collection of clips kicking off the next BBC2 repeat.

January 1993 - Mastermind


Ultimately the winner of the 21st year of Mastermind, Gavin Fuller answers questions on his specialist subject, Doctor Who. He gets a respectable sixteen points but seems very annoyed with himself for the two he passed on - Foamasi is an anagram of Mafiosa and the final episode of The Gunfighters was called Don't Shoot the Pianist.


29th January 1993 - Absolutely


The Channel 4 sketch show presents history's most 'open' Open Golf Championship, as Lytham St Georges plays host to Thor the Thunder God vs Dave Cyberman. Dave wins, and enjoys a little victory dance.

8th March 1993 - The Making of the Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy


The TARDIS features in the opening credits, with dubbed on police siren.
Adams refers to Doctor Who scriptwriting as a project he worked on between the pilot for Hitch Hikers and the main series. A clip from The Pirate Planet is used.
Two clips from one documentary.

Directed and Produced by Kevin Davies

12th March-9th April 1993 - Revelation of the Daleks Repeat Continuity

0'11": Preview card for the following week's broadcast of Part One.
0'17": Part One intro
0'11": The cliffhanger ending to Part One, created for this repeat version.
0'36": Part Two intro, along with a clip from the opening credits and the moment immediately post-credits.
0'14": Part Three intro
0'10": The cliffhanger ending to Part Four, created for this repeat version.
0'18": An advert for Silver Nemesis and Terror of the Autons on VHS, plus Entertainment Express which that evening featured some of the past Doctors.
0'33": Part Four intro, along with a clip from the opening credits and the moment immediately post-credits.

This, along with this, featured on the official DVD.

2nd April 1993 - Entertainment Express


Andi Peters reports on the impending anniversary, with clips from throughout the show's history.

Colin Baker, Peter Davison and Jon Pertwee offer their thoughts on Doctor Who returning, Ian Levine talks about what makes the show unique, Davison about the fans, Pertwee about being old, Baker about not being a fan, Steven Wickham about the show's enduring appeal and Andrew Beech about making the show to come back by force. Finally, Davison offers his hopes that the show will return.

November 1993 - GMTV


Katy Manning and Jon Pertwee chat to Lorraine Kelly about the thirtieth anniversary of Doctor Who. Manning talks about her life post-Who in Australia, Pertwee promotes the Hammersmith convention coming up that weekend and they all discuss the Daleks, the Cybermen and the ongoing fanmail.

November 1993 - This Morning


The ITV show reports on a Doctor Who convention, starting with clips from The War Games, Spearhead from Space and then (to advertise the recent release) The Chase. Jon Pertwee and Katie Manning graciously allow an interview and talk about the popularity of the show and how Katie felt about being the companion. A clip from Earthshock leads into a collection of costumed fans (including Kate Orman and Gary Russell) trying to pinpoint why the show has endured, and one from Remembrance of the Daleks leads into a short interview with Sylvester McCoy about the fan reaction and the possibility of the show returning. Finally a competition is launched to win Remembrance of the Daleks/The Chase on VHS and The Paradise of Death on cassette.

November 1993 - This Morning


After a clip from The Chase, Richard and Judy interview some Daleks.

November 1993 - Exterminate!


Fans Steven Wickham, Gary Russell and Alister Pearson tell us what first attracted them to Doctor Who, how their lives have been shaped around it, their favourite moments and their favourite Doctors.

This would seem to be a feature of a larger program, but we have been unable to trace the full details.

November 1993 - Movies, Games and Videos


With dozens of brief clips, the ITV show promotes the release of 58 videos (to date) and the thirtieth anniversary by presenting exclusive interview bites with several of the Doctors: Peter Davison tells us he could move quicker than his predecessor, Sylvester McCoy talks about being quirky and eccentric, Colin Baker expresses disbelief that the Daleks have so entrenched themselves in popular culture and Davison explains how the Daleks worked. Rumours then come up of the new Spielberg movie and who would play the new Doctor: Davison backs David Warner, Colin Baker wants Joanna Lumley and Sylvester McCoy suggests someone not handsome.

With Big Finish's Sympathy for the Devil (Warner), the 1999 Comic Relief special Curse of Fatal Death (Lumley) and the 2005 episode Parting of the Ways (Tennant), it seems they all got their wishes.

5th November 1993 - Planet of the Daleks Repeat Trailer


A tongue-in-cheek advert for the repeat run of Planet of the Daleks, entitled Doctor Who and the Daleks due to the addition of five minute mini-documentaries immediately prior to each episode.

5th November 1993 - Planet of the Daleks Repeat Announcement


BBC2 briefly advertises the repeat of Planet of the Daleks.

5th November 1993 - Bigger Inside than Out


The first of six mini-documentaries broadcast immediately prior to the 1993 repeat run of Planet of the Daleks.

Colin Baker narrates an explanation of the history of the Police telephone box, including a 1930s cinema reel telling us how to use them.

Various clips from the series are used, along with a pillarboxed clip from Dr Who and the Daleks.

7th November 1993 - Pause for Pudsey


As part of a series of six ten-minute shows promoting Children in Need, Noel Edmonds showcases a behind-the-scenes look at the making of Dimensions in Time.

Jon Pertwee explains the plot, John Nathan-Turner shows us his special 3D glasses, explains the 3D process and talks about the Eastenders cast.

12th November 1993 - The Antique Doctor Who Show


The second of the Planet of the Daleks mini-documentaries, this feature looks at Doctor Who collectibles, with luminary David Howe offering his expert opinion.

Appeared on the Horror of Fang Rock DVD.

15th November 1993 - 3D Week Trailer


Sylvester McCoy materialises in a hapless couple's living room as part of a promotion for BBC's 3D week, which would culminate in the broadcast of Dimensions in Time.

19th November 1993 - Missing in Action


The third of six mini-documentaries broadcast in November 1993 looks at the missing episodes of the 60s, narrated by Nicholas Courtney. Paul Lee expresses his disappointment at the loss, Ian Levine tells us the story of his first visit to BBC Enterprises, Adam Lee at the BBC Archives reminds us how unlikely it is any more episodes will turn up, Levine talks about his attempts to track down episodes and he, Adam Lee and Paul Lee discuss the Roger K Barratt hoax.

Various clips from the series are used.

20th November 1993 - Dr Who Weekend


As part of UKGold's Dr Who Weekend, in between repeats of K9 and Company and Resistance is Useless, the station gives away a TARDIS containing every Doctor Who video released so far.

23rd November 1993 - Showbiz


A brief report on the anniversary, featuring the special 1993 BBC video intro and clips from Robot, The Caves of Androzani, 100,000BC, The Seeds of Death, Planet of the Spiders, Castrovalva, The Trial of a Time Lord and Remembrance of the Daleks.

26th November 1993 - Children in Need



The third Doctor arrives at Noel Edmonds' house in Crinkley Bottom - but its all just a ruse to show the first part of the 3D Doctor Who story Dimensions in Time, made for the charity event Children in Need.

The Rani is capturing creatures from around the galaxy, and the fourth Doctor warns his other selves to avoid her. The seventh is ensnared in her vicious plot, and finds himself in Albert Square (Eastenders). The seventh Doctor becomes the sixth, and then the third, while Ace becomes Mel. The Doctor comes up with a rather implausible explanation, as they discover that they are also travelling through thirty year timeloops. Next, the sixth Doctor chats with Susan and the third is reuinited with Sarah Jane, before the fifth Doctor, Nyssa and Peri confront the Rani. (7'40")

27th November 1993 - Noel's House Party



Back in his usual slot, Noel Edmonds' show plays host to the second part of Dimensions in Time, which made even less sense than the first part, having been edited at Edmonds' request to better fit the timeslot.

The third Doctor and Liz are rescued from the Rani by Mandy (who had won a phone poll the previous night) and Yates. The sixth Doctor meets the Brigadier in a fan-pleasing moment, and Romana II meets the Mitchell brothers before the Rani captures her. The third Doctor and Victoria discuss the plot so far (still doesn't make any sense) and the seventh rescues Leela, realising that the Rani's computer will overload, for reasons that we're sure we'll understand later. Ace and K9 carry some bits of equipment around, the seventh Doctor gurns a bit, and the Rani is hoisted by her own peTARDIS. (4'47")

An alternate version exists in which Big Ron saves the day instead of Mandy (rollover image right)

Earlier in the evening, Noel updated us on the phone voting twice.

(Four clips)

December 1993 - Tomorrow's World Trailer


A reminder that Tomorrow's World will be moving timeslot to 7PM and featuring a look at Dimensions in Time.

3rd December 1993 - Tomorrow's World


Looking back at the past week of BBC TV, Tomorrow's World explains the Pulfrich effect, and then goes behind the scenes of Dimensions in Time.

Stuart McDonald talks of the difficulties he had directing and Sylvester McCoy about being upstaged by plants. John Nathan-Turner explains why it had to be action packed and that he doesn't think it would ever take off for general use. And once more hugs his special 3D glasses close.

3rd December 1993 - Crimefile: The Master


Shaw Taylor hosts the fifth of six mini-documentaries broadcast prior to Planet of the Daleks in 1993. Clips from most of the stories featuring the Master are shown to demonstrate the full extent of his evilness.

3rd-17th December 1993 - Merchandise Ads


After the fourth, fifth and sixth parts of the Planet of the Daleks repeat, captions cards for The Trial of a Time Lord, The Daleks Tin (The Chase and Remembrance of the Daleks) and Trial/The Radio Collection.

17th December 1993 - UNIT Recruitment Film


From a 1993 repeat run of Planet Of The Daleks (each episode of which was preceded by a mini-documentary such as this, the last of the six), this spoof recruitment video features clips from many Pertwee stories, and was narrated by Dexter Fletcher, produced by Kevin Davies and featured music by Mark Ayes. Upon calling the phone number at the end in 1993, fans were greeted with a message from Nicholas Courtney as The Brigadier advertising the 1994 repeat of The Green Death.

Appeared on the Spearhead from Space DVD, with the phone number at the end (and the Doctor Who and the Daleks opening sequence, which all these docs started with) removed, and a number of the clips replaced with those from the master tapes.

1994 - Schofield's Quest


The ITV show visits a convention in Coventry (showing a clip from on the way), interviewing fans and meeting Colin Baker, Sophie Aldred and Sylvester McCoy to discuss fandom. We then meet the owners of The Who Shop, who set a challenge to track down a specific model of Dalek.

1994 - Gamesmaster


Dominik Diamond presents a short clip of some test footage of a CGI Dalek, as planned for use in the new Doctor Who movie... "Come on, Stevie, my pants look more like a Dalek than this!".

1994 - Pyramids of Mars Repeat Continuity


Various continuity announcements:

0'31": Advertising more repeats of The Fugitive, and introducing Episode One.
0'21": Introducing Episode Two.
0'16": Introducing Episode Three.
0'25": Introducing Episode Four.

A 2'26" compilation of this and this appeared on the DVD release of Pyramids of Mars.

2nd January - 6th February 1994 - The Green Death Repeat Continuity


Various continuity announcements:

0'33": Advertising the start of a repeat of The Fugitive, and introducing Episode One.
0'20": Introducing Episode Two.
0'16": Introducing Episode Three.
0'32": Advertising the continuing of The Fugitive, and introducing Episode Four.
0'18": Introducing Episode Five.
0'14": Introducing Episode Six.
0'22": Following Episode Six, an advert for Planet of Evil (VHS), Dragonfire (VHS), Fury from the Deep (Cassette) and The Paradise of Death (Cassette).

A 4'10" compilation of this and this appeared on the DVD release of The Green Death.

20th January 1994 - Good Morning with Anne and Nick

Jon Pertwee drops in to announce the winner of a competition in which the question was 'Who created the Daleks?'. Most people answer Davros.

1'03" of clips from this appear on Thirty Years in the TARDIS.

19th March 1994 - Noel's House Party


Jon Pertwee appears on Noel Edmonds' Saturday night TV show, in the regular slot that plays pranks.
Pertwee believes he is appearing on a disastrous radio show, in which he is asked to talk about his favourite songs. He is asked to fake that the host is in the studio (which he isn't), that he's been chatting to the host during the songs (he's not) gets him confused with Peter Cushing, the host gets him confused with Bill Pertwee, and gets the requested songs wrong. There's a technical problem which causes extra problems with the notion that the host is in-studio with Jon, and a leaky roof starts to get worse. When Noel walks in at the end, Pertwee begins to explain what has happened to him, before the penny finally drops...

[Doctor Who is only mentioned briefly, but this whole segment is of great entertainment value]

24th March 1994 - Pebble Mill


While introducing Science Week, Alan Titschmarsh gets attacked by Daleks threatening to exterminate him.

Two clips.

13th April 1994 - The Big Breakfast


Terrance Dicks, Sophie Aldred and Gary Russell appear on The Big Breakfast's Expert Panel and answer a question on the dating of The Invisible Enemy.

Later they answer questions on Doctor Who's grand-daughter, his first name, his age and how to join DWAS.

At the end of the episode, a quickfire round.

Three clips from one show.

6th September 1994 - The Real McCoy


A short sketch from the comedy show in which a clip from Earthshock is dubbed into Jamaican. Hysterical. Possibly.

This appeared on the DVD release of Earthshock.