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TV Appearances: 1985-1989

1985 - Doctor Who and the Warlord advert


A short piece advertising the new computer game: "There's a challenging adventure game for use with the BBC microcomputer called Doctor Who and the Warlord with over 250 locations in each part, and a useful 'save and retrieve' facility enabling you to save and load your last position. And the cassette costs 7.95."

Sounds thrilling.

1985 - Sweet and Sour / Jon Pertwee Era Aus Ad


A lengthy collection of clips from the acclaimed Australian ABC tv show Sweet and Sour are shown as the series is about to receive a repeat run. We also see a clip from the Pertwee credits (along with the Davison ones) as his episodes will be show afterwards.

We've never seen Sweet and Sour, but we have to admit this advert makes us realise how much we're missing. TME doesn't ask for much - you'll notice we've never asked you for contributions to our expensive web-server costs, or even point you to our Amazon wishlists, but if you have a copy of Sweet and Sour, you'll make one of our editor's years.

1985 - Sweet and Sour / Jon Pertwee Era Aus Ad 2


A much shorter trailer for the repeat of Sweet and Sour and Doctor Who.

1985 - Saturday Morning Picture Show


A brief report on the opening of the Space Invaders ride in Blackpool, featuring an in-character Colin Baker.

The presence of Mark Curry and Colin Baker combined suggests this clip is either from Saturday Morning Picture Show or Blue Peter. The Doctor Who related clips in Blue Peter are well-documented and do not include this, leading to our assumption that this is from Curry's other show.

1985 - Troughton on New Jersey Network


Patrick Troughton helps Eric Luskin introduce The War Games. They discuss The War Games being the final Troughton story, having David Troughton in it, the location filming, and Patrick's first US appearance.

This appeared on the Reeltime Pictures release Patrick Troughton in America.

1985 - Doctors Who Old and New


A specially created documentary in which Eric Luskin and fan/writer Patrick Daniel O'Neil watch through classic clips from many stories and discuss the upcoming lineup on the PBS station, hilariously referring to one William HartNELL repeatedly, as the first Doctor receives his premier US screening.

Luskin wonders if The Dalek Invasion of Earth introduced the characters of The Daleks and O'Neil repeatedly tries to show off his knowledge, with Luskin cutting him off on a regular basis. We also learn that many early stories no longer exist and that Colin Baker's outfit is loud.

Jon Pertwee is interviewed about working with Patrick Troughton and Colin Baker is interviewed about his appearance in Arc of Infinity, being cast as the Doctor, filming the regeneration and creating a new characterisation. John Nathan-Turner also waffles on about American fandom.

Finally, the people of London talk about their favourite Doctors, including the classic Norman Hartnell.

1985 - Doctor Who's Who's Who



Recorded at the Creation Convention in Philadelphia in 1984 and broadcast in 1985 (clips of the convention were also broadcast back in 1984). It was never released on video in the States (although a heavily re-edited version, The Home Whovian, did appear in 1985, details of which can be found here), but came out here courtesy of Reeltime Pictures in 2001 as part of their three-volume "Time Travel TV" range, and then reissued on DVD in 2004. What follows is a list of the interviews that make up this documentary, which is interspersed with clips of fans at the con talking about their love for the show:
  • Sci-Fi author Isaac Asimov talks about conventions and the nature of Sci-Fi.
  • Actor George Takei (Sulu in Star Trek) talks about Sci-Fi.
  • Sci-Fi author Patrick Daniel O'Neill (later to appear on the "Then & Now" documentary) talks about the appeal of Doctor Who.
  • Tom Baker (in live con footage, rather than interview form) talks about getting on with children, getting the role, why he stopped, his favourite stories and American fans.
  • Mary Tamm talks about the limits of the companion role.
  • Terrance Dicks (in a separate interview) rebuffs these comments and explains the importance of the Doctor character.
  • Louise Jameson also talks about the limits of the role, and how she approached Leela.
  • Matthew Waterhouse talks about Adric's behaviour changing between Doctors, and the Castrovalva anecdote of his being sick during filming.
  • John Nathan-Turner continues this story, talks about his desire to produce, his first decisions as producer, the Master and casting Davison.
  • This is followed by the first commercial break, into which Reeltime spliced a Terry Nation pledge drive filmed during the making of Then & Now.
  • Peter Davison talks about suffering from "Tom Baker backlash", being a fan for the first six seasons, how he approached the character, the role of the assistant and performing the regeneration into Colin.
  • Colin Baker talks about his regeneration scene, approaching the character, and the fans' favourite Doctors.
  • Sarah Lee (John Nathan-Turner's assistant) pretends to take a phone call (consisting mainly of "Yes? Yes. Yes! Yes. Oh yes. Yes.") and talks about the fan-mail.
  • Roger Brunskill (BBC Enterprises) talks about complaint letters and the recovery of missing stories.
  • After the second commerical break, fan and NJN employee Eric Luskin walks around the BBC Enterprises props vault.
  • Jon Pertwee (in an interview recorded at his home) talks at length about getting cast, approaching the role, memories of season seven, having fun making the show, comparisons with his other roles, not likingSci-Fi, the differences between UK and US fans, the Daleks, the "half-mask" aliens, leaving Doctor Who and his autobiography.
  • Punks and yuppies on the streets of London share their memories of Doctor Who.

Produced, Directed and Edited by: Eric Luskin
Co-Director: Frieddie Chisholm
Production Assistant: Larisa Bondy
Camera: James Hamilton, Aubrey J. Kauffman, David Kinney, Michael O'Rourke, Alan Compher
Audio/Video: Thomas O. Carroll Jr., Jim Lien, Chris Meehan, Salvatore Morreale, Jr, Bill Robinson, Carey W. Walker, Laurel Wilson
Grips: Rick Williams, Robert Vitt
CMX Editors: Tim Hufnell, Larry LiMato
CMX Tape: Lisa Bair, Rick English
Electronic Graphics: Grace D. Bethea, John Parker, Debbie Joslin
Post Production Supervisors: Jeffrey Joslin, Bill Keiser, Dan Slater
Announcer: Bill Keiser

Television News Team
Camera: Charles Morgan
Audio/Video: Dave Morton
Lighting: Nick Milburn
London Still Photography: Matthew Mullins
Executive in Charge of London Production: Robert Getz

Executive Producer: Albert Rose
Special Thanks to: The Friends of New Jersey Network, Creation Conventions, Inc., The Doctor Who Fan Club of America, Roger Brunskill, Mim Beecham
This is a production of New Jersey Network (C) 1985 All Rights Reserved

c1985 - New Zealand Telecom Advert 1


Three commercials with an in-character Jon Pertwee.

In the first, the Doctor appears in a red telephone box in the middle of a sheep field, and tells the audience how useful the "humble telephone" is, and the latest advancements in technology.

c1985 - New Zealand Telecom Advert 2


Three commercials with an in-character Jon Pertwee.
In the second, he appears in the middle of a road and borrows a driver's car-phone to call for help.

c1985 - New Zealand Telecom Advert 3


Three commercials with an in-character Jon Pertwee.

In the last, he shows up on a man's doorstep, and sets up some hi-tech phones (including one with a calculator) for him.

c1985 - The War Games US Omnibus Continuities


From 1985 onwards The War Games was generally broadcast in the US in two omnibus editions, five episodes in each. Special recaps were created, which still exist on fan recordings.

4th January 1985 - Breakfast


As part of the publicity drive, the In Vision segment of Breakfast shows a clip from the following night's episode.

5th January 1985 - Saturday Superstore


On the morning of the broadcast of Part One of Attack of the Cybermen, Nicola Bryant, Colin Baker and Jacqueline Pearce appear on Saturday Superstore. Early in the show, a clip from the upcoming episode is shown, and then later on a clip from Part Two introduces the guests appearing in their Cinderella costumes with Sarah Greene. They talk briefly about their work on Cinderella and on Doctor Who, and Sarah Greene recalls the filming.

Later the guests appear in their regular clothes with Mike Reid. Opening with another advance clip, they move to the phones to answer viewer calls.

Natalie Taylor asks if Colin was always a fan (he was) and who his favourite villain is (it's the roader (it was his first UK one, but he loved it).

Finally, Colin presents a poster of Cinderella (with himself and Bryant starring), a Dalek toy, a poster of himself as the Doctor, a Cyberman toy, the record of the theme (with his face now on the front), the Key to Time book, a Gail Bennett illustration to the person who can answer the question: "To what are Cybermen allergic"?

19th/26th January 1985 - Vengeance on Varos Part One Trailer


A  brief clip collection advertising Vengeance on Varos broadcast beginning in 15 minutes.

This and this both appeared on the Varos DVD.

19th/26th January 1985 - Vengeance on Varos Continuity


The introductions to each part of Vengeance on Varos.

These both appeared on the Varos DVD.

26th January 1985 - Vengeance on Varos Part Two Trailer


A clip collection advertising Vengeance on Varos broadcast beginning in 15 minutes.

This and this both appeared on the Varos DVD.

26th January - 9th February 1985 - The Mark of the Rani Continuities


0'19": Voiceover over end of Vengeance on Varos
0'17": Part One Intro
0'19": Part Two end credits, including voiceover for Doctor Who The Music 2 and The Warlord computer game
0'19": Part Two Intro

This, along with this, appears on the official release.

Late January 1985 - Breakfast


The In Vision segment of Breakfast presents a brief clip from The Mark of the Rani.

1st February 1985 - The Mark of the Rani Trailer


A collection of clips from the first part advertises the start of the new story.

9th February 1985 - The Mark of the Rani Part Two Tonight


A collection of clips from the second part of this story.

This, along with this, appears on the official release.

16th February 1985 - The Two Doctors Tonight Trailer


Two clips advertise the start of the new story.

28th February 1985 - Breakfast Time


Frank Bough and Gwen Taylor discuss their shock at the cancellation news and how many actors are infuriated with Michael Grade.

28th February 1985 - The Six o'Clock News


Sue Lawley reports that DWAS are "up in arms" about the day's news that Doctor Who would be off the air for 18 months. With clips from the Colin Baker opening sequence and The Two Doctors, a report blames the various new dramas for taking the Doctor's budget, and quotes "the programme's official historian" (Ian Levine, no doubt) as describing the move as "horrifying and staggering".

28th  February 1985 - The Nine o'Clock News


Michael Buerke presents a clip of the Colin Baker credits and discusses the cancellation, but mentions that it will be back late 1986.

1st March 1985 - Wogan


David Banks interrupts Terry Wogan's show, dressed as a Cybercontroller, to express his great pleasure at Michael Grade's actions.

Late February 1985 - Newsround


reports briefly on the cancellation, reassuring us that the show will be back.

Late February 1985 - After Noon


In the wake of the cancellation announcement, Australian show brings in local celebrity Katy Manning and fan Dallas Jones to comment.

Manning clarifies that the show has been rested temporarily as the show has lost viewers and the cast are quite expensive ("I was very cheap", she points out). Jones talks of his lack of shock - he saw it coming. Manning then reminisces about her time with Pertwee and Jones shares his memories.

Late February 1985 - Willessee


Willessee gets in on the act by recycling it's 1984 report on fandom to discuss the shock at the BBC postponing the show by six months, and then talks to fan president Tony Howe about how Australians can get through their lives day by day...

2nd March 1985 - Jim'll Fix It

Immediately after the broadcast of The Two Doctors, young fan Gareth Jenkins had his greatest wish come true, when he starred in a mini-episode entitled A Fix With Sontarans as part of Jim'll Fix It.

Colin Baker and Janet Fielding also starred, as did Clinton Greyn and Tim Raynham as Sontarans. The story was written by script editor Eric Saward.

This appeared on the Two Doctors DVD.

5th March 1985 - Points of View


One viewer writes to complain about 'Doctor Who's hiatus, but two other viewers complain about the violence in The Two Doctors.

9th-16th March 1985 - Timelash Continuities


0'21": Part One Intro
0'26": Part One end credits
0'11": Part Two Intro
0''32": Part Two end credits

Along with this, appears on the official DVD.

15th March 1985 - Doctor in Distress


Ian Levine rounds up a collection of D-list "celebs" to sing an awful song about Doctor Who. As if that wasn't enough, the whole sorry affair was captured on video and edited by Keith Barnfather and Kevin Davies into a cheesy 80s mess.

16th March 1985 - Timelash Advert


Timelash appears as part of the evening's lineup.

Along with this, appears on the official DVD.

23rd March 1985 - Revelation of the Daleks Tonight


A quick clip as part of the Tonight lineup.

23rd/30th March 1985 - Revelation of the Daleks Continuity


0'15": Introduction to Part One
0'12": Introduction to Part Two
0'23": End of Part Two - advertising the  exhibitions in Longleat and Blackpool.

This, along with this, appeared on the official DVD.

29th May 1985 - Breakfast Time


John Nathan-Turner appears on the breakfast show to promote Slipback, and The TARDIS Inside-Out. The presenter first introduces a clip from The Five Doctors before the producer enters in a TARDIS, his "first time ever".

He talks about his new book first, explaining that he was approached by the publisher, and that it tells anecdotes that he experiences with each actor he's worked with, and then goes on to describe the differences between the Doctors.

His history is touched on, talking about the various programmes he's worked on, and his close association with Doctor Who - taking over as producer was a great challenge, especially due to ill physical health of Tom Baker. He feels the requirements for a new Doctor are mainly that the actor has a strong personality that he can bring to the role, but will not tie himself down to a favourite previous Doctor.

He hopes his book will do well, especially in America, due to the many generations of fans around the world. He finally announces a new season in Autumn 1986 following Slipback.

Mid 1985 - Attack of the Cybermen Australian Trailer


A collection of clips from Attack, backed with the garish new title sequence, advertises the new series beginning in Australia.

25th August 1985 - The Rock and Roll Years: 1963


The popular series of musical documentaries arrives at 1963 and shows clips of 100,000BC to cover the start of the legend...

3rd October 1985 - The Lenny Henry Show


The Doctor regenerates... into comedian Lenny Henry. The TARDIS is knackered, so the Doctor and explore England in the year 2010. They meet a UB (the lost tribe of the unemployed), a Cyberman, and the head Cyberwoman: Thatchos!

22nd November 1985 - Children in Need


Colin Baker arrive in Bessie at the Blackpool exhibition, and Colin makes an awful knock knock joke.

A little later, a cheque is presented by  Patrick Troughton, Carole Ann Ford, Maureen O'Brien, Peter Purves, Michael Craze, Adrienne Hill, Jon Pertwee, Caroline John, Nicholas Courtney, Richard Franklin, John Levene, Elisabeth Sladen, Louise Jameson, Ian Marter, Peter Davison, Janet Fielding, Matthew Waterhouse, Mark Strickson, Nicola Bryant and Colin Baker.

Two clips.

8th December 1985 - Windmill


Chris Serle's TV history programme looks at time travel this week, and features a clip from The War Games.

1986 - Troughton Pledge Drive


A minute-long pledge drive for NJN, recorded in Grover's Mill, New Jersey.

48 seconds of this appeared on the Reeltime Pictures release Patrick Troughton in America.

1986 - Unknown Michael Grade Interview


The BBC1 controller admits that the show has its fans.

This is a short clip as reused in the 9th March 2005 edition of Newsnight, depillarboxed but with a burnt-in caption.

1986 - The Six O'Clock News


A brief report on the sale of a Dalek in aid of the Sudan appeal run by Woman's Hour and the Red Cross. Andrew Taylor reports. And, erm, interviews a Dalek.

1986 - Temps X


The French media show presents a special hosted by Alain Carraze entitled "Who is Who", looking at the history of Doctor Who (presenting a fictionalised account of the broadcast of the first story). English fans (dubbed into French) are interviewed about their thoughts before the show goes behind the scenes of the second segment of The Trial of a Timelord. Colin Baker, John Nathan-Turner, Ron Jones, Philip Martin and Peter Wragg are all asked for their thoughts. They give them, but are loudly dubbed into French so we can't really help out there...

Features clips from 100,000BC, The Twin Dilemma, Genesis of the Daleks, The Trial of a Time Lord and City of Death.

February 1986 - Backchat


Anthony Howe of the Australiasian Doctor Who Fan Club writes in to complain about the violence in The Two Doctors.

August 1986 - Backchat


While the Brits were enjoying Trial of a Time Lord, the Australians were stuck with Frontier in Space... at least until the final episode which was rescheduled around the Commonwealth Games in Edinburgh on Aug 2nd. They wrote to Tim Bowden to complain bitterly, and threaten to attack the ABC with Daleks and Cybermen. Oh dear...

25th August 1986 - Wogan


A major promotion for the upcoming Trial of a Time Lord season. Terry Wogan arrives in the TARDIS with a Bandril in tow and then introduces his first guest, Colin Baker (in costume and bearded). Baker quickly changes into a suit and then discusses why the TARDIS looks like a police telephone box, how he got into acting, superstitions, working on The Brothers, getting fanmail, American conventions and the appeal of the show. Lynda Bellingham then joins them to talk about her character, whether the show will continue, how she got into acting and that the Daleks will not be appearing...

This appeared on the Trial of a Time Lord DVD, but with 3'25" cut from the towards the end covering Bellingham's career.

September 1986 - The Trial of a Time Lord Trailer


Clips from the first four episodes of season twenty-three, followed by a brief announcement of the following week's Wogan show, in which Colin Baker would be interviewed. Two variations: one advertising the start as part of the new season, the other as starting Saturday.

6th September 1986 - The Saturday Picture Show


Bonnie Langford appears on Mark Curry's short-lived Saturday entertainment show to promote The Trial of a Time Lord, starting that evening. First a clip from her appearance in Hot Shoe Show, and then later she arrives in studio to discuss her sparkly denim and how much she's changed since she was eight, appearing in the Peter Pan pantomime and flying on stage. The topic then turns to Doctor Who, where she talks about her character and Mark Curry introduces a clip from the end of Revelation of the Daleks (supposedly set to open the evening's episode) and then two from the first part of Trial. She finishes by explaining the arc nature of the plot and how confusing it made working on it.

Two clips.

6th September 1986 - The Trial of a Time Lord Part One Tonight Trailer


Clips from the first episode of season twenty-three.

Early September 1986 - Points of View


After a clip from The Trial of a Time Lord, Anne Robinson presents some viewer feedback.

11th September 1986 - Breakfast Time


A report on the promotional roadshow currently in New York. Brian Sloman explains why they're there while the fans (including fan club president Kathleen Cummings) explain the appeal. We are also shown just how popular the series is in the States, and Fred Daniels of WMHT-TV New York talks about this, while the fans try (and fail) to guess why it's so popular. Sloman finishes by talking of his hopes for the future.

13th September 1986 - The Trial of a Time Lord Part Two Tonight Trailer


Clips from the second episode of season twenty-three.

13th September 1986 - Roland Rat - The Series


Roland Rat's TV show was famed for having fake continuity announcements at the start and end. This week, Colin Baker hosts the series in character as the Doctor. At the start he tells us all about the strange monsters he's met, and at the end he has a brief argument about the quality of Doctor Who. Rubbish!

Two clips.

18th September 1986 - Blue Peter


Promoting The Trial of a Time Lord, Mark Curry tells us the story of the first three episodes, with a clip from Part Three. Janet Ellis then invites us to see inside L1, as played by her father Mike Ellis. He explains how it works, then Paul McGuiness appears inside Drathro. Then, to preview the upcoming segment of the story, we see a clip of Part Five, and Nabil Shiban appears in studio in-costume and talks about acting disabled. Finally, the TARDIS appears and Ellis and Curry interview Colin Baker (in a beard) and Bonnie Langford, where they talk about how special the Trial story is and what its like being Mel. Finally we see Mel's introduction in Part Nine.

20th September 1986 - The Trial of a Time Lord Part Three Tonight Trailer


Clips from the third episode of season twenty-three.

4th October 1986 - The Trial of a Time Lord Part Five Tonight Trailer


Clips from the fifth episode of season twenty-three.

17th October 1986 - Wogan


Whilst filling in for Terry Wogan on his eponymous show, Esther Rantzen interviews Bonnie Langford on subjects such as the scariest thing she's ever done (conducting an interview with a tarantula crawling up her arm), falling over and doing her own stunts where possible, never playing a villain (she doesn't have the voice for it), the character of Mel and finally her lengthy career.

20th October 1986 - Breakfast Time


Janet Fielding talks about having fun on the show ("sometimes it can be a little bit hairy") and the monsters (the Daleks were her favourites).

Later The Companions is advertised, and Sally Magnusson talks about the fans of the show before showing a clip from Resurrection of the Daleks. John Nathan-Turner speaks of his pride of Fielding, who talks us through the audition process. Nathan-Turner discusses the viewer identification with the assistant. Fielding touches on arguments over the length of her skirt, Nathan-Turner defends the use of attractive girls in a children's show, and Fielding gives us an anecdote about Terminus. Magnusson is disappointed at the lack of male companions, and Nathan-Turner explains how he came up with the name Tegan Jovanka.

Two clips from one show.

This appeared, edited together with this, on the DVD release of Resurrection of the Daleks.

23rd October 1986 - Blue Peter


Episode #2090 introduces us to some Doctor Who fans with model Daleks. First, a clip from the first Dalek serial and then a short film created using the 30 cm models.

Stuart Evans, Mark Dando and Simon Lidgett then talk us through how they got started, how they're made (including out of bits of anoraks) and some special ones by remote control. Finally, we see a clip from Revelation of the Daleks, just to remind us how great these mini Daleks are, and two viewers send in a photo of their home made full-size Daleks.

25th October 1986 - The Trial of a Time Lord Part Eight Tonight Trailer


A clip from the eighth episode of season twenty-three.

1st November 1986 - That's Television Entertainment Advert


A clip from Revelation of the Daleks appears in this trailer for one part of an evening of celebration.

1st November 1986 - TV50 Advert


A clip from The Dalek Invasion of Earth appears in this trailer for an entire evening of programming.

1st November 1986 - That's Television Entertainment


As part of the TV50 strand of programming to mark 50 years of the BBC, That's Television Entertainment presents three minutes of clips from Doctor Who, including Day of the Daleks, The Dalek Invasion of Earth, The Claws of Axos, The Seeds of Death, The Invasion, The Green Death, Robot, Warriors of the Deep, Earthshock, Pyramids of Mars, The Hand of Fear, The Time Warrior, City of Death, The Talons of Weng-Chiang, Terror of the Zygons, The Twin Dilemma, Genesis of the Daleks and Revelation of the Daleks.

14th November 1986 - Wogan


The TARDIS materialises in the studio, carrying with it Miss World, who Terry Wogan then goes on to interview.

28th November 1986 - Saturday Superstore Advert


Mike Reid (with TARDIS) and Sarah Greene promise us Colin Baker in-studio the next day.

29th November 1986 - Saturday Superstore


To celebrate the 23rd anniversary of Doctor Who (well, thereabouts), Colin Baker appears in studio. Before that, though, Sarah Greene and Vicki Licorish arrive in the TARDIS and announce the forthcoming attractions.

Later in the show, a clip from that evening's episode of Trial, Part Thirteen, introduces Baker.

Later on, the L1 robot can be seen lurking around the tudio.

Later still, a Cyberman menaces Ludo from the film Labyrinth (no, really, see the second screencap).

Sometime later, Baker returns to tell a story about playing a practical joke on Nicola Bryant, tell us how many assistants there have been and then take some calls. Anthony Hall asks Baker if he'd like to write a Doctor Who script (he doesn't think he'd be very good at it), James Frankland asks if Baker has any input into monster design (no), Keiran Quirke asks if he thinks there is life on other planets (certainly), Matthew Martin asks what his first Doctor Who story was and when did he start liking Doctor Who (age 22), David Eldridge asks the old standard about where he'd go in the TARDIS and why (restart Doctor Who and do it again) and finally Colin offers some prizes. Finally, Colin gets to cut a Doctor Who birthday cake.

Five clips.

29th November 1986 - The Trial of a Time Lord Part Thirteen Tonight Trailer


A clip from the penultimate episode of season twenty-three.

8th December 1986 - Open Air


Following the finale of The Trial of a Time Lord, fans complain about the spiralling quality of the show, with clips from the final episode demonstrating.

Graham Wood first talks about what made him join DWAS, why he loves Doctor Who and his disappointment with the "cheat" end to Trial. Simon George talks about his history with fandom and his opinion of Bonnie Langford. Chris Chibnall (yes, of Torchwood) joins in and talks about Langford and the final episode of Trial. Pip and Jane Baker arrive and express their surprise - everyone else has told them so far that they loved Trial. George asks the pair if they feel the general public will be able to follow the story, Chibnall accuses them that the Vervoids story was too "routine" and Jane Baker admits she'd never seen Doctor Who before they started working on it. John Nathan-Turner phones in to express his surprise at the negative reviews and promise that there will be a following series. Wood requests properly structured plotlines.

1987 - Connecticut PBS Pledge


An enthusiastic American encourages PBS viewers to pledge. If they don't hit their goal, Trial parts thirteen and fourteen won't get aired... We hope the people of Connecticut learnt their lesson after what followed.

1987 - Doctor Who: Then & Now

I was looking for leisure, when you came into my heart
Something in your demeanour made me certain from the start
Friends who thought me crazy said it wouldn't last
But still I come back to you and the secrets that we've had

Then and Now - Undying affection
Then and Now - Stretching through time
Than and Now - You are my companion
Then and now, then and now.

Then and Now - Undying affection
Then and Now - Stretching through time
Than and Now - I am your companion
Then and now, then and now.

Download now (1.07mb, 1'52")

A studio-bound documentary, focussing mainly on an interview with Terry Nation conducted by Eric Luskin. It was not released in the US on video, but broadcast in 1987. In the UK it was released as part of Reeltime's "Time Travel TV" range before being paired up on disc with Who's Who.
  • Eric Luskin talks about the birth of the series.
  • Verity Lambert talks us through the initial problems and how she became the first producer.
  • Patrick Troughton briefly talks about the Daleks.
  • Terry Nation talks about creating the Daleks, how he got the job writing for Who, the Cuban Missile Crisis being an inspiration and the visual design.
  • Carole Ann Ford talks about Doctor Who seeming like any other show at the time, the Daleks making it popular but being funny backstage, the frustration of being the companion, the nature of filming and Hartnell's paternal nature.
  • Terry Nation talks about David Whittaker's premise for Susan, before they cut to a commercial break. At this point Reeltime spliced in a short trailer for Then & Now.
  • Terry Nation talks about moving to LA, and then pre-recorded clips are used of costumed fans asking questions, which Nation answers. These questions comprise: What he thought of the Dalek voices, the possibility of Resurrection and Revelation getting novelised, messing up the continuity in Genesis, the inspiration behind Davros, how he altered his writing style between Doctors, comparing the UK and US TV industries and the possibility of returning to work on Who again. They then return to Luskin interviewing, where Nation gets to talk about the Georgian State Dancers, getting excited about writing for Who, knowing the Daleks like they were his own children and how he'd react if he met Davros face-to-face.
  • Patrick Troughton talks about taking over the show, the scripts becoming more "him" as the season went on, the sonic screwdriver and improvising with Hines and Watling. This is then followed by a commercial break, in which Reeltime splice a pledge drive by Terry Nation.
  • Michael Grade, talking in May 1986 to Luskin, talks about the cancellation crisis.
  • Pat Daniel O'Neill (the "Sci-Fi Author" from the previous documentary, and now apparently a respected Who commentator) updates us on what's going on in the world of Who: He points out that season 23 was shorter than 22, that the series may be in jeopardy but that it is a UK institution, he suggests using Earth's past more (and suggests the next companion be a Napoleonic soldier), he talks about US fans being more supportive of the show, and the companions are getting both better and worse.
  • Sylvester McCoy talks about getting the role, his children, being a fan when Troughton was the Doctor, becoming an actor, the Ken Campbell Roadshow, being a bouncer and what he plans to bring to the role.
  • Then & Now then closes on a song written by Eric Luskin about the love he feels for the show.

NJN would make one further documentary: The Making of Doctor Who, which revolved around the filming of Silver Nemesis and which appeared, slightly edited, on the BBC video release of this story.

Executive Producer: Albert Rose
Producer and Writer: Eric Luskin
Director: Winifred Chisholm
CMX Editor: Tim Hufnell
Interformat Editor: Rick English
Camera: Mark Anthony, Greg Bryant, Aubrey Kauffman, Joe Macklin, Pat Terray, Jim Wein, John Wynne
Floor Manager: C.J. Moore
Videotape: Michael Barnhart, Paul Dougherty, H. Robert Herman
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Art Direction: Ed Yungmann
Lighting Director: Bob Barnett
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Written by: Eric Luskin
Produced & Arranged by: Tom Wisnosky
Performed by: Transgalactic Consort
Recorded at 3 Bear Sounds Cresco, PA
Vocals: Mark Ramage
Guitars: Nicksul Cire
Keyboards: Walter Carter
Bass & Drums: Tom Wiskosky
Engineer: Dave Ramage

Special Thanks to: Continental Airlines, Hyatt Regency - Princeton, Robert J. Novins Planetarium Ocean County College Toms River, N.J., Georgia Public Television [George Wearn - Program Director, Rob Johnston - Camera], Jeremy Bentham Author of: "Doctor Who: The Early Years", Tim Barrow, Raymond Cusick, The Times (London), Members of NJN
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Doctor Who Then & Now is a Production of New Jersey Network (C) 1987, NJN All Rights Reserved

1987 - AMP Beyond 2000 Science Awards


Australia's Channel 7 hosts the AMP Beyond 2000 Science Awards, in which all manner of geeks get to show off their inventions that will take Australia into the 21st century.

Amongst an early version of Windows (a computer that prints and calculates AT THE SAME TIME!!!!!!), a rather poor seismograph and an automatic clothes line cover is a model of K.9. It doesn't seem to do much, but goes down well with the judges, and the "inventor" gets a brief interview with the channel.

Five clips.

21st February 1987 - Saturday Superstore


Two clips from the final episode of Trial of a Time Lord introduces Bonnie Langford, who talks about being Doctor Who's assistant, Mike Reid's Doctor Who scarf, doing a full fourteen episodes this year and who the new Doctor will be. Following some non-Who related viewer calls, Bonnie gives away a Doctor Who single, book and poster.

Two clips.

2nd March 1987 - Blue Peter


On the day of his announcement, Sylvester McCoy appears on show #2124. He talks about the costume (or rather doesn't), and which planet he'll first visit (or rather not).

All in all, a worthwhile promotion.

2nd March 1987 - 6 o'Clock News


The news program reports on the photocall Sylvester McCoy had taken part in earlier in the day, and remind us who the first four Doctors were.

3rd March 1987 - Pamela Armstrong


The day after the announcement of Sylvester McCoy's casting, he and John Nathan-Turner appear on the daytime TV show Pamela Armstrong.

Nathan-Turner first speaks alone about his experience on the show, its longevity, competing with Star Wars and the show's future.

McCoy then joins them and talks about his characterisation, his past work, his hat and what he's seen of past Doctors. Nathan-Turner then explains how McCoy and the writers will work together to create the character.

April 1987 - It's Wicked


Sylvester McCoy promotes the new season and discusses his clothes, parking the TARDIS, his new assistant, how he got into acting, his costume, how long he's been acting and eating in the TARDIS.

June 1987 - Wales Today


The news show that, from 2005, would be filled with exclusives, gets all excited about Doctor Who being filmed locally. After the TARDIS appears in the opening "coming up" segment, we later see some behind the scenes footage, along with interviews with Sylvester McCoy (who talks about Barry Island and playing the Doctor) and John Nathan-Turner (who attempts to explain the appeal of the show).

Two clips.

August 1987 - Season 24 Trailer


Promising "a galaxy of stars", and focussing on the guest stars of the year, clips from the first three stories of season 23.

September 1987 - But First This


In preparation for Doctor Who's return the following Monday, But First This... (the children's show hosted by Andy Crane) provides a behind the scenes preview of Delta and the Bannermen. Sylvester McCoy explains the plot and tells us that he used to watch the series when he was much younger - he also confesses he fell in love with a rock in Star Trek. Bonnie Langford discusses her working relationship with McCoy and the rest of the cast and Ken Dodd explains who his character is and how he fits into the Doctor Who universe.

There also exists a collection of rushes from this production, with offcuts and extra comments, lasting 44'34". This has never been broadcast or released.

September 1987 - Time and the Rani Trailer


Clips from Time and the Rani. Two variants - one ending "Next Monday", the other "Tonight".

7th September 1987 - Time and the Rani Part One Tonight


A clip from the first episode as part of the 'Tonight' lineup.

September 1987 - Points of View


"The first episode can only be described as twenty minutes of the most appalling mindless drivel."

And so the celebration of the twenty-forth season begins.

Includes a clip of the regeneration sequence from Time and the Rani.

14th September 1987 - Time and the Rani Part Two Tonight Trailer


A clip from the second episode as part of the 'Tonight' lineup.

21st September 1987 - Time and the Rani Part Three Tonight Trailer


A clip from the third episode as part of the 'Tonight' lineup.

24th September 1987 - Blue Peter


Following a clip from Revelation of the Daleks, Mark Curry introduces a homemade Dalek car, made from bits of several different cars and driven into the studio by Caron Keating.

28th September 1987 - Time and the Rani Part Four Tonight Trailer


A clip from the final episode as part of the 'Tonight' lineup.

29th September 1987 - Open Air


Cut short due to coverage of the Labour Party Conference, this edition of Open Air devotes itself almost entirely to Doctor Who:
  • First viewer comments on the latest TV (including Open Road, Dead or Alive and an advert for guns) with generally favourable reviews of Doctor Who.
  • John Nathan-Turner, Bonnie Langford and Sylvester McCoy arrive to take viewer calls, following a clip from Time and the Rani. First McCoy is presented with various negative reviews from the newspapers, but after that viewer Jackie Billings asks why the new timeslot, the presenter asks Bonnie Langford who she appeals to, Anthony Smith talks to Langford about her character's progression, McCoy talks about acting, Stewart McLaren asks McCoy what he's enjoyed most so far (riding a motorbike), Andrew James has hung up while waiting, but he would have accused the show of being old fashioned - Nathan-Turner tells us the memory cheats, Riena Verbeek calls from Holland to congratulate McCoy on being wonderful, McCoy goes on to talk about his approach to the character, Gavin Drake asks Nathan-Turner about the proposed Doctor Who film, young Julian Duffy raves about the show and Jeremy Clark complains about the theme tune.
  • We are shown an awe-inspiring clip of Paradise Towers and hear more feedback from the phones, which once more seem to be mainly positive.

4th October 1987 - Paradise Towers Trailer


A collection of clips aired the day before the broadcast of Part One.

5th October 1987 - Paradise Towers Part One Tonight Trailer


A clip from the first episode as part of the 'Tonight' lineup.

14th Oct 1987 - Why Don't You?


A young Swansea-based fan is interviewed about his obsession with Doctor Who. He tells us how to join local groups or DWAS and informs us that Troughton is his favourite.

November 1987 - Radio Times Advert


In footage specially shot on the set of Delta and the Bannermen, Bonnie Langford and Sylvester McCoy help promote the Radio Times.

1st November 1987 - Delta and the Bannermen Trailer


The day before the serial begins, clips from the first episode of Delta and the Bannermen.

2nd November 1987 - Delta and the Bannermen Part One Tonight Trailer


A brief clip from Part One in the lineup trailer for the evening.

14th November 1987 - Going Live!


After rating the latest pop videos with the help of Rick Astley, Sylvester McCoy answers the fans questions: Is he concerned about being typecast? (no). Is Charlie Chaplin his hero? (no, Buster Keaton is). Whether he finds drama or comedy more difficult (both). How much input he had into the costume (lots - the hat is is own). Why he wanted to become an actor and whether he dreamed of being the Doctor when he was a boy (he didn't). Do his children enjoy having a famous Dad? (not really). What are his dreams for the future? (to go back in time).

Two clips.

22nd November 1987 - Did You See..?


Clips of the McCoy opening titles and Time and the Rani frame this report of Jeremy Bentham, Ian Levine and Manuel Alvarado complaining that the quality has gone downhill. Bentham compares the 70s stories to Hammer films, and that the new season has lost its terror factor; a clip from September 29th 1987's Open Air edition in which Nathan-Turner defended the season is shown as he declined to appear on Did You See..?; Levine places the blame purely on Sylvester McCoy; Alvarado talks about the formatless nature of Doctor Who; Levine talks about his history as a fan of the show, shows us his collection and talks about the Doctor's character; Alvarado sets the historical scene of 1963; Finally Media Researcher Peter Anghelides then arrives to talk about the different actors (including a certain one captioned as 'Peter Davidson').

22nd November 1987 - WTTW11 Broadcast Hack


On the same day that Ian Levine put forward his thoughts on British TV, an arse impolitely invaded American TV. Oh the irony. During the broadcast of Horror of Fang Rock on WTTW11, a gentleman dressed as Max Headroom hacked into the signal and insulted Chuck Swirsky, advertised Pepsi and had his bare bottom spanked by a flyswatter. No really.

For more info:

23rd November 1987 - Dragonfire Part One Tonight Trailer


After a brief photo flash of the first six Doctors, clips from the first part of Dragonfire, advertised as the 150th story.

18th December 1987 - Victoria Wood's As Seen on TV


A short sketch featuring Jim Broadbent as the Doctor going up against his old enemy Crayola, with the help of Georgia Allen as Fiona, recorded on June 14th.

1988 - The Noel Edmonds Saturday Roadshow


Outtakes from Delta and the Bannermen, one from Silver Nemesis and also one from The Awakening, presented by Noel Edmonds and Sylvester McCoy in a courtroom setting... followed by outtakes from the courtroom scenes.

1988? - NJN Promo 1


One of two promos recorded by Sophie Aldred for the New Jersey Network:

"Hi, I'm Sophie Aldred. As companion to Sylvester McCoy in Doctor Who, I've learned a lot about public television in America. I've learned that NJN is the station you can depend on to bring you the best of PBS plus unique programmes like Doctor Who. If you're as crazy about Doctor Who as I am, call now with your pledge of support for NJN, the public television station for New Jersey. NJN and Doctor Who need you."

1988? - NJN Promo 2


One of two promos recorded by Sophie Aldred for the New Jersey Network:

"Hi, I'm Sophie Aldred. As companion to Sylvester McCoy in Doctor Who, I've learned a lot about public television in America. I've learned that NJN is the station you can depend on to bring you the best of PBS plus unique programmes like Doctor Who. If you made a pledge to NJN during their February membership drive, you'll be receiving a pledge card. When you do so, send it back right away with your cheque. And thankyou for supporting New Jersey Network - and Doctor Who!"

16th May 1988 - Star Trek: The Next Generation

Around 2 frames, 4:3

Blink and you'll miss it!

Graphic artist Mike Okuda regularly slipped references to his favourite shows in the screens and control panels of the 1980s/90s Star Trek shows. In the episode The Neutral Zone, Deanna Troi shows a guest from the past her family tree... And you'll never believe "Who"* she's related to...

*No, we can't believe we just made that gag either.

2nd June 1988 - Doctorin' the TARDIS Promo


The Timelords release the single Doctorin' the TARDIS, with a natty promo video promptly played repeatedly everywhere for the next three months.

23rd June 1988 - Top of the Pops


In their first week at number one, The Timelords appear on the music chart show, which intersperses clips from the video (broadcast 2nd June, 9th June, 16th June and 25th December) with a live appearance.

Mid 1988 - The Afternoon Show


Prefacing the Australian premiers of Time and the Rani, the hosts of The Afternoon Show overdub classic movie The Spanish Main with a Doctor Who-esque spoof script. They also present the full music video of Doctorin' the TARDIS.

September 1988 - Remembrance of the Daleks Part One Trailer


Broadcast a week before the start of season 25, clips from the first episode of Remembrance of the Daleks

This appeared on both DVD releases of Remembrance of the Daleks - for the initial version, the final caption (pictured left) was missing, but replaced for the Special Edition.

The Special Edition release was as part of a montage also including this, this, this and this.

September 1988 - Daytime Live


Clips from The Web Planet, The Seeds of Death, Doctor Who and the Silurians, Genesis of the Daleks, The King's Demons, Mark of the Rani and Remembrance of the Daleks prelude a celebration of the 25th anniversary.

Sylvester McCoy, Sophie Aldred and Jon Pertwee are all in studio and in costume. Pertwee talks about his Doctor and McCoy about his. McCoy then talks about loving a rock from Star Trek and why Doctor Who is so charming and Pertwee about American fans. Aldred then discusses Ace and researching for the part, and also her November trip to the US.

Next, questions from the audience, and we learn how the guests feel about being part of a legend, replying to fanmail and if McCoy will be in the forthcoming multi-million dollar film.

5th October 1988 - Breakfast


Jeremy Paxman introduces a b/w clip of the Pertwee credits, with a report by John Buckley on the history of the show (also including b/w clips from The Web Planet, The Two Doctors, Spearhead from Space, Terror of the Zygons and colour clips of The Five Doctors and Remembrance of the Daleks). After further clips of The Daemons, The Wheel in Space, The Web Planet and Remembrance of the Daleks (a version of the Part One cliffhanger with no sound mix), Sylvester McCoy arrives to promote season 25 along with fan David Saunders.

McCoy and Saunders discuss the secret of the show's longevity, if new fans are joining the show, the kind of questions McCoy gets asked by fans, Michael Grade trying to kill the show and how long it could last.

5th-26th October 1988 - Remembrance of the Daleks Continuities


0'27": Miss Marple announcement and Part One Intro.
0'14": Part One Outro
0'42": Radio Times advert, Miss Marple announcement and Part Two Intro
0'30": Motor Show 88 announcement, Miss Marple announcement and Part Three Intro. 1.58
0'40": Radio Times advert (with The Pet Shop Boys' Domino Dancing throughout), Call My Bluff announcement, Miss Marple announcement and Part Fourt Intro.
0'25": Part Four Outro with BBC Video advert.

Released on the Special Edition of the official DVD in a montage also including this, this, this and this.

12th October 1988 - Remembrance of the Daleks Part Two Trailer


Clips from the second episode of Remembrance of the Daleks.

This appeared on both DVD releases of Remembrance of the Daleks. The Special Edition release was as part of a montage also including this, this, this and this.

12th October 1988 - Remembrance of the Daleks Part Two Tonight


Clips from the second episode of Remembrance of the Daleks as part of the advert for the night's lineup.

19th October 1988 - Remembrance of the Daleks Part Three Tonight


Clips from the third episode of Remembrance of the Daleks as part of the advert for the night's lineup.

Released on the Special Edition of the official DVD in a montage also including this, this, this and this.

26th October 1988 - Remembrance of the Daleks Part Four Tonight


Clips from the fourth episode of Remembrance of the Daleks as part of the advert for the night's lineup, backed with The Pet Shop Boys' Left to My Own Devices.

Released on the Special Edition of the official DVD in a montage also including this, this, this and this.

November 1988 - The Making of Doctor Who






With a heightened budget and recognition from the BBC, this NJN TV production (following on from Who's Who and Then and Now in previous years) was filmed in England, overseeing the making of Silver Nemesis and interviewing almost all involved parties. It was released on the 1993 Silver Nemesis video in the UK, Australia and the US, with a number of slight edits: ad break idents were removed, and an interview with Malcolm Clarke (taken from Breakfast Time) that featured footage from Earthshock, removed at writer Eric Saward's request.
  • After an introduction in which Eric Luskin tells us what's coming up, Sylvester McCoy talks about the hectic filming and Sophie Aldred about getting down and dirty, the special begins...
  • Large-haired Luskin shows us the rehearsals for 'Silver Nemesis'.
  • John Nathan-Turner explains what he does for the show, calmly telling us that "the buck stops here." Chris Clough looks a little embarrassed as he tells us what his contribution is, and we see Gary Downie managing to make eating an apple look quite unbelievably camp.
  • Fiona Walker is fitted for her mask and discusses her history with Who, while Dorka Nieradzik shows us the mask itself.
  • Mark Hardy and Brian Orrell try their Cybercostumes on, and David Banks Cyberchats about his Cybergloves and Cyberboots. Doc Martins, we call them over here.
  • On location, Banks talks about his Cybermicrophone, and being screwed. Into his helmet.
  • We see a clip from Did You See..?. with clips from The Tenth Planet, The Invasion (and Earthshock, cut from the VHS version).
  • As we see more rehearsal footage Clough speaks of his enjoyment working with the crew and McCoy of cramming everything in following the asbestos scare.
  • Nathan-Turner on the problems they encounter, and on location Gerard Murphy on the friendliness of the Who crowd and Anton Differing on not seeing Doctor Who ever before. But he does take the time to tell us how much he'd rather be in Wimbledon. Murphy gets excited about the TARDIS. He's much nicer.
  • In the televised version, Luskin tells us what to expect after the break.
  • Clough talks over more rehearsal footage about working as a team on the planning process, and McCoy talks about wishing he had more time in rehearsals.
  • In a clip from Whose Doctor Who, we see rehearsal and interview footage of Tom Baker.
  • Kevin Clarke on drama being a co-operative activity and on wanting to bring back the mystery of the Doctor's origins and the menace of the Cybermen. Richard Croft is, however, less happy with the villains and their Cybercrotches. Nathan-Turner talks to us about the challenges of location shooting and what sets Doctor Who aside from its peers.
  • A clip of Malcolm Clarke (removed from the VHS version) scoring Resurrection of the Daleks from Breakfast is shown before Luskin interviews Keff McCulloch, who demonstrating his hi-tech keyboard. He can fit 28 seconds of sounds on a floppy disc!
  • We see outtakes from on location, with McCoy falling over in a variety of silly ways and the pyrotechnic expert talks about safety, the gun expert about... guns and one of the effects team talk about laser beams (we see a clip from Attack of the Cybermen).
  • In the televised version only, Luskin makes the final part sound much more exciting than it actually will be.
  • Gary Downie explains why Arundel is so amazing and why cars cause him so much stress.
  • When McCoy arrives he tells us why he arrived late and how chaotic the last day of the Gasworks shoot was.
  • Clough talks of his love for McCoy and shooting multiple-camera while Downie tells us what they hope to achieve that day. John Asbridge shows us an amendment to the location he's made and Ian Dow talks about lighting on location. Nieradzik is back to talk about subtle makeup and latex and Clough talks to us about FAP - front axial projection.
  • Nathan-Turner shares his vision of the show with us and discusses changing Doctors. McCoy, Aldred and Clough talk about stunt falls, and back on location Aldred speaks of the importance of her character as a role model.
  • Finally we visit the Arundel Castle location filming, and see how cramped taping can be. Lynn Grant tells us how difficult being an Assistant Floor Manager is, Aldred eats breakfast, and back in his office Nathan-Turner speaks of being "Whoed out."
  • After the end credits, some messing around with McCoy, Aldred and Clough.
Two clips from the opening credits

2nd November 1988 - The Happiness Patrol Part One Tonight


Two short clips from the evening's episode, starting a new story.

9th November 1988 - The Happiness Patrol Part Two Tonight


Two brief clips.

12th November 1988 - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Enter: The Fly


In 1984 comic book artists Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird created the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, a parody of various popular strips of the time... Throughout the 80s, the Turtles became a surprise success through the creators' own Mirage Studios. In 1987, Murakami-Wolf-Swenson Film Productions premiered a five part animated miniseries, which the following year was picked up as a regular show, running through to 1996 and gaining worldwide popularity as an alternative to the simultaneous movie trilogy. In the UK the show was renamed Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles and cuts were made to Michaelangelo's nunchuk action to make it more child friendly. In 1997 a live-action show continued the plot of the movies, entitled Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation (Hero Turtles: The Next Mutation in the UK, again with cuts), in 2003 a new, darker, cartoon series began and in 2007 a CGI film was released.

The first animated series featured many sly nods to sci-fi classics, including most obviously the use of HR Geiger's Alien design in The Case of the Killer Pizzas (1988). The seventh episode of the second season, Enter: The Fly, included Baxter Stockman uttering the classic line "Oh no! I forgot to reverse the polarity of the neutron flow!".

16th November 1988 - The Happiness Patrol Part Three Tonight


A clip from the final part.

22nd November 1988 - Silver Nemesis Trailer


Several clips from Silver Nemesis, and from The Web Planet, broadcast the day before the serial started.

22nd November 1988 - Boxpops


To celebrate the twenty-fifth anniversary, Boxpops show a clip from the first Dalek serial (with facts running over the bottom of the screen) and then, over the end credits, presents a series of clips showcasing some of the most rubbish monsters ever to grace the series. With a Vogon from Hitch-Hikers Guide thrown into the mix for no readily apparent reason.

23rd November 1988 - Silver Nemesis Part One Tonight


A single clip from the new story.

28th November 1988 - Behind the Screen


Rob Curling interviews John Nathan-Turner at the World of Doctor Who Exhibition at Space Adventure in Tooley Street London.  Nathan-Turner talks about the show's long success, attracting big-name actors and actresses, how the show has evolved, the worldwide appeal, his favourite baddies (the Daleks), the construction of the various models and effects, the high budget, the video releases of The Talons of Weng-Chiang and Terror of the Zygons, the announcement of season 26, that McCoy won't be moving on any time soon and finally introduces a clip from The Greatest Show in the Galaxy.

31st November 1988 - Silver Nemesis Part Two Tonight


Two clips as part of the night's lineup.

14th December 1988 - The Greatest Show in the Galaxy Part One Tonight


A short clip from the evening's episode, starting a new story.

Late 1988 - The Afternoon Show


Prior to the Australian premier of Remembrance of the Daleks, stripped across one week, The Afternoon Show celebrates the twenty-fifth anniversary. Primarily centring around a lengthy competition (with comedically badly edited canned applause) adjudicated by Dallas Jones and featuring future author Kate O'Mara as a contestant, who assures us that a female Doctor will happen eventually. At one point, Kate names the stage play The Seven Keys to Doomsday but is incorrectly-corrected as it "should" be The Seven Keys to Wisdom. Everyone looks a bit confused.

9 clips.

1989 - TV Australia 10 Promo


The Doctor and his assistant defeat their enemies by switching to the right channel.

4th January 1989 - 25th Anniversary Album Ad


Immediately after the final episode of season 25 is broadcast, this caption card advertises the tie-in album.

1989 - BBC1: The Star Attraction Ad


A promotion for BBC1, focussing on its many big names, including a blink-and-you'll-miss-it clip from The Curse of Fenric.

17th February 1989-1992 - Bill and Ted (Overview only)

In 1989 Chris Matheson and Ed Solomon's comic creations Bill (played by standup comic Alex Winter) and Ted (played by unknown young actor Keanu Reeves) hit the big screen in Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure (86'14"). These kids travelled through time in a phone booth collecting historical figures (and along the way making a few sly references to the lack of space inside said phone booth) in an attempt to save a future where their band, Wyld Stallyns, would bring peace to the world.

This was followed up by a 13-part 25-minute cartoon Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventures from Hannah Barbera (aired 15/09/1990 - 22/12/1990) which remained true to the original style, an 8-part 25-minute cartoon with the same name from Dic (aired 14/09/1991 - 16/11/1991) which did not (and horrifically recast the heroes with the voices of Evan Richards and Christopher Kennedy), a cinematic sequel in Summer 1991, Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey (89'43"), and finally bellyflopped out a 7-part live action show with Richards and Kennedy that 'aired' (not that anyone noticed) 28/06/1992 - 08/09/1992.

10th March 1989 - Wogan


Jon Pertwee appears on Wogan to promote Red Nose Day and his appearance in stage play The Ultimate Adventure.

After materialising in a TARDIS, he then goes on to discuss returning as Doctor Who, missing it, deciding what kind of character he should play, his costume, the special effects, stuntwork and driving a hovercraft.

He then goes on to talk about his theatrical family, being expelled from RADA, his memories of Kenneth Barnes and Noel Coward, Worzel Gummidge and being 70 (he gets a round of applause for still being alive).

20th April 1989 - Take Two


A behind-the-scenes feature as part of the children's TV show.

This appeared on the DVD release of The Curse of Fenric.

1st May 1989 - Open Air


Present Eamonn Holmes and Sylvester McCoy arrive in the TARDIS to introduce a sci-fi special segment. Mat Irvine later joins in to discuss the reality of science fiction, and we see clips of The Quatermass Experiment, Lost in Space, Blakes 7, The Greatest Show in the Galaxy and Star Trek III: The Search for Spock. McCoy cracks a joke about his surname matching up with a character from Star Trek.

Later, Mike Shaft meets Star Trek fans at a convention. One of them rather patronisingly explains that if you look really carefully - really really carefully - peeling back the layers and examining with a fine tooth comb - episodes of Star Trek and TNG do in fact contain morality tales hidden carefully behind the action adventure. Blimey, we really need to watch This Side of Paradise a bit more closely, it seems. Shaft pretends not to know anything, being far too cool himself, but then accidentally namechecks Captain Decker and proves his inner fan.

Two clips.

September 1989 - Battlefield Trailer


A collection of clips from the first story of the show's twenty-sixth season, broadcast in two variants: the week before ("Coming next Wednesday...") and on the launch day ("Tonight...").

6th September 1989 - Battlefield Part One Tonight


A short collection of clips as part of the Saturday lineup advert.

13th September 1989 - Battlefield Part Two Tonight


A brief clip as part of the Saturday lineup advert.

16th September 1989 - The Noel Edmonds Saturday Roadshow


Noel Edmonds' return to BBC TV saw him fictionally travelling the country while meeting various guests (some in character, some out of). This week he's broken down in the country, and finds the TARDIS (also broken down, and piloted by Sylvester McCoy). He trades some witticisms with the Doctor before David Banks arrives in costume as the Cyberleader... The two return at the end of the show with Banks planning on conquering the show.

20th September 1989 - Battlefield Part Three Tonight


A short section of the evening's episode.

27th September 1989 - Battlefield Part Four Tonight


A final brief clip from Battlefield.

3rd October 1989 - A Night of Comic Relief


A short sketch in which Philip Schofield and CP Grogan consider buying a TARDIS.

4th-18th October 1989 - Ghost Light Continuity


0'40": Advert for Bergerac, and the intro to Part One.
1'16": Part One closing credits, with Katharine Schlesinger's name mis-spelt (corrected for the 1994 VHS and the 2004 DVD).
0'56": Advert for The Radio Times, the Conservative Party Conference and Bergerac, and the intro to Part Two.
0'27": Advert for The Radio Times, Motorfair 89, and the intro to Part Three.
0'14": Post Part Three caption card for The Curse of Fenric.

This appeared on the DVD release of Ghost Light.

25th October-15th November 1989 - The Curse of Fenric Continuity


0'40": Advert for The Radio Times, Bookmark, Bergerac, and the intro to Part One.
0'36": Advert for Past Exposures, Bergerac, and the intro to Part Two.
0'10": Intro to Part Three.
0'22": Advert for Bergerac, and the intro to Part Four.

This appeared on the DVD release of The Curse of Fenric.

25th October 1989 - The Curse of Fenric Part One Tonight


A short clip.

1st November 1989 - The Curse of Fenric Part Two Tonight


Another short clip.

22nd November 1989 - Survival Trailer


"Feline encounters of the frightening kind" as the first part of the Survival is trailed.

22nd November 1989 - Survival Part One Tonight


A single clip as part of the 'tonight' lineup.

This, along with this, this and this, appear on the DVD.

22nd November - 6th December 1989 - Survival Continuities


0'42": Adverts for Fast Forward, Rally Report and Bergerac before the intro to Part One.
0'27": An advert for Bergarac and then the intro to Part Two.
0'30": As above, but the BBC1 Scotland variant.
0'17": The intro to the final original episode of Doctor Who...

This, along with this, this and this, appear on the DVD.

29th November 1989 - Survival Part Two Tonight


A single clip as part of the 'tonight' lineup.

This, along with this, this and this, appear on the DVD.

6th December 1989 - Survival Part Three Tonight


Two clips as part of the 'tonight' lineup.

This, along with this, this and this, appear on the DVD.

Late December 1989 - BSB Peter Cushing Trailer


Several clips advertising both 60s Dalek movies on BSB's The Movie Channel.

Note that the advert refers to "Monday at 6, for a New Year's treat" - the only New Year's day that fell on a Monday during BSB's lifetime was 1990, hence our assumption that this trailer is from December 1989, although assuming this was a New Year's Day broadcast could be stretching the point!