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The 'Years' Tapes / Lost in Time

The 'Years' Videos (1991-1994, 1997)

A series of videos produced by 80s producer John Nathan-Turner (at the time essentially running the Doctor Who VHS range), originally intended to make rare episodes available to the public (along with interviews with various production personnel), but which also expanded to include videos on the Tom and Colin Baker eras.

All British releases were handled by BBC Worldwide, Australasian releases by Polygram and American releases by CBS/Fox. The CBS/Fox releases were later reissued by Warner Home Video in 2001, and therefore a second set of release codes for that area was generated. All ratings are for 'U' (in the UK) and 'G' (in Australia) except where stated.

The Hartnell Years

Presented by Sylvester McCoy
The pilot (one edit only - this would later appear uncut on the video release of 'The Edge Of Destruction')
The Crusade 3: The Wheel Of Fortune (later, when 'The Lion' was discovered, this would be reissued on video also)
The Celestial Toymaker 4: The Final Test.

03/06/1991: UK - BBCV4608
??/??/1991: US - 3403 / E1098
06/05/1992: Aus/NZ - BBC46802 [Deleted January 1996]

Passed 08/05/91 (87'19") by the BBFC for the UK and 10/07/91 (88m) by the OFLC for Aus/NZ.

The Troughton Years

Presented by Jon Pertwee
The Abominable Snowmen: Episode 2 (cut slightly due to a film fault - see below)
The Enemy Of The World: Episode 3
The Space Pirates: Episode Two.

03/06/1991: UK - BBCV4609
??/??/1991: US - 3402 / E1097
04/03/1992: Aus/NZ BBC46092

Passed 08/05/91 (83'31") by the BBFC and 10/07/91 (94m) by the OFLC.

The clip to the left shows the original film  of The Abominable Snowmen with the eight second audio "hole", which includes most of the Doctor's line "You were right about one thing, Victoria." For this VHS, the scene of the monks was slowed down and Troughton's line removed. For the DVD release below, Mark Ayres recreated the audio using syllables from other sources.

The Pertwee Years

Presented by Jon Pertwee
Inferno: Episode 7 (story released in full in 1994)
Frontier In Space: Episode Six (released in full in 1995)
The Dæmons: Episode Five (in b/w - the recoloured version was released 1993).

02/03/1992: UK - BBCV4756
??/??/1992: US - 5732 / E1182
20/10/1992: Aus/NZ - BBC47562 [Deleted January 1996]

Passed 05/03/92 (87'48") by the BBFC and 05/05/92 (88m) by the OFLC as 'PG' for 'Low Level Violence and Adult Themes'

(Alternate early UK cover displayed to the right)

Daleks: The Early Years

Presented by Peter Davison
The Daleks' Master Plan 5 and 10: Counter Plot and Escape Switch
The Evil Of The Daleks: Episode 2

06/07/1991: UK - BBCV4810 [Deleted 14/02/1994]
??/??/1992: US - 4793 / E1143
03/02/1993: Aus/NZ - BBC48102
(later reissued in Australia by Roadshow as B00085 and in New Zealand as Z00085)

Passed 25/06/92 (104'59") by the BBFC and 01/10/92 (119m) by the OFLC as 'PG' for 'Low Level Violence'

Cybermen: The Early Years

Presented by Colin Baker
The Moonbase: Episode 2 and Episode 4
The Wheel In Space: Episodes 3 and 6

06/07/1992: UK - BBCV4813
??/??/1993: US - 3494 / E1104
10/03/1993: Aus/NZ - BBC48132 [Deleted January 1996]

Passed 25/06/92 (118'49") by the BBFC and 30/09/92 (106m) by the OFLC as 'PG' for 'Low Level Violence'

The Tom Baker Years

Presented by Tom Baker
Doublepack (or single video in Australia) featuring various clips from the era.

07/09/1992: UK - BBCV4839 [Deleted 09/05/1996]
??/??/1993: US - 3493 / E1103
10/03/1993: Aus/NZ - BBC48392
(later reissued in Australia by Roadshow as B00085 and in New Zealand as Z00085)

Casette one passed 26/11/92 (89'12") by the BBFC as 'PG'. Cassette one bizarrely passed three months earlier on 18/08/92 (85'47") as 'U'. Passed 13/01/92 (180m) by the OFLC as 'PG' for 'Low Level Violence'.

The Colin Baker Years

Presented by Colin Baker
Featuring various clips from the era (but not Attack of the Cybermen or Revelation of the Daleks as Eric Saward refused permission).

07/03/1994: UK - BBCV5324 (2 years after it was produced)
08/04/1994: Aus/NZ - BBC53242
23/08/1994: US - 8144 / E1267

Passed 02/03/94 (89'42") by the BBFC and 15/03/94 (90m) by the OFLC.

For the most part, these episodes would never have seen a video release at the time, so Nathan-Turner's efforts in producing these videos was to be commended by fans. In 1993 the BBC, unfortunately, refused to fund production of videos dedicated to the Davison and McCoy eras.

As part of the 'Ice Warriors' collection box set (BBCV5387) released for Christmas 1997, the Restoration Team prepared a special video documentary hosted by Frazer Hines and Debbie Watling. This video detailed the return of many of the episodes and clips that now represent incomplete stories. Included in this documentary was every surviving clip discovered up to that point (bar the '8mm home cine footage' and, erroneously, the Late Night Line Up clip from 'The Abominable Snowmen') and also The Underwater Menace: Episode 3, introduced by Hines.

When 'The Ice Warriors' was released in America, it came without this extra video. The documentary would, however, come as part of a double-pack version of 'The Edge of Destruction/The Original Pilot' (released on its own in the UK). The release, one of the first to be distributed by Warner Home Video, was recalled when it was discovered that the first video contained an unrestored 'Edge' and the first episode of '100,000BC' instead of the pilot. The catalogue number E1497 was replaced with E1578.

The Missing Years
Presented by Frazer Hines and Debbie Watling

Features almost every surviving clip from otherwise missing episodes and The Underwater Menace: Episode 3.

09/11/1998: UK - BBCV6766 (as part of BBCV6387)
14/12/1998: Aus/NZ - B00312 / Z00312
??/??/1999: US - E14973 / E1578

Passed 19/11/98 as 'PG' (35'30" for the documentary and 25'48" for the episode)

The Reign of Terror (with The Web of Fear and The Faceless Ones)

Only episodes of The Faceless Ones and The Web of Fear to be found a home - eventually these were paired with The Reign of Terror to form a VHS release in 2003. Surviving episodes from The Crusade, The Tenth Planet and The Invasion had already received full releases.

07/10/2003: US - Warner Home Video - E1853
24/11/2003: UK - BBC Worldwide Ltd - BBCV7335
04/12/2003 - Aus/NZ - Roadshow Entertainment, Ltd - Z00780/B00780 [not pictured]

The cassettes also featured in the US "End of the Universe" collection, a compilation of the final BBC videos released in an effort to clear up the remaining releases quickly (E1840).

The Faceless Ones had long been assumed to be unreleasable due to the various missing frames in the third episode. With a lot of work put in by Jonathan Wood and Peter Finklestone, however, a releasable edit was created.

With the audio providing a guide (and thus ensuring the episode was as complete as possible), Wood and Finklestone used a combination of two methods (clips made up using  motion estimation software and cutaway clips from other moments) to create as complete a version as possible. Below are two demonstrations to explain. On the left is the original film, on the right is Finklestone's attempts to bridge:


UK cover by Black Sheep.

Lost in Time (2004)

Contrary to the very bitty release of "orphaned" footage on VHS described above, the DVD collection Lost in Time brought together every bit of footage from every story that was no greater than 50% complete..

Disc One (William Hartnell)
The Lion, The Wheel of Fortune*, Day of Armageddon* (recovered earlier that year), Counter Plot, Escape Switch, The Final Test

- Audios of the second and fourth episodes of The Crusade, and the video links from the VHS release of the same story (only viewable through the Play All feature).
- Every William Hartnell clip discovered until that point, including the previously-unreleased 8mm cine footage (parts of which had appeared on the Reign of Terror release).
- Behind the scenes footage of The Smugglers, previously unreleased.
- A trailer for the BBC Audiobooks.
- Easter Egg: The Wheel of Fortune countdown slate (When the circles around Hartnell's head stop spinning, press 'up').

Disc Two (Patrick Troughton Season 4)
The Underwater Menace Episode 3, The Moonbase Episodes 2 and 4, The Faceless Ones Episodes 1 and 3, The Evil of the Daleks Episode 2*


- Audios of the first and third episodes of The Moonbase
- Every Troughton Season 4 clip discovered until that point, including the previously-unreleased 8mm cine footage.
- Previously unreleased trailer for The Power of the Daleks
- Behind the scenes footage of The Evil of the Daleks, previously on the Seeds of Death DVD.
- Easter Egg: Underwater Menace intro from the Ice Warriors VHS (When the circles around Troughton's head stop spinning, press 'up').

Disc Three (Patrick Troughton Seasons 5 and 6)
The Abominable Snowmen Episodes 2*, The Enemy of the World Episode 3, The Web of Fear Episode 1*, The Wheel in Space Episodes 3 and 6*, The Space Pirates Episode 2

- Every Troughton Seasons 5/6 clip discovered to that point, including newly discovered modelwork from The Space Pirates.
- Behind the scenes footage of The Abominable Snowmen and Fury From The Deep, previously unreleased.
- The Missing Years documentary, from the Ice Warriors VHS.

*also feature commentaries

With the release of this, the BBC were left with only The Reign of Terror, The Tenth Planet, The Ice Warriors, The Invasion, and any further clips/episodes that would reappear post-2004 to release.

01/11/2004: UK - BBC Worldwide - BBCDVD1353
02/11/2003: US - Warner - E2081 (Hartnell), E2082 (Troughton), E2083 (Both)
02/12/2004: Aus/NZ - Roadshow - Cat# Unknown

Cover designs by Clayton Hickman for the UK and Black Sheep for the US.

The BBFC cleared the menus as U on 21/09/2004, the extra clips and footage as PG on 02/08/2004, The Lion as U on 01/04/2005, The Underwater Menace as PG on 02/11/2004 and The Abominable Snowmen as U on the same day. The OFLC cleared discs 1 and 2 on 19/10/2004 and disc 3 the following day, all as PG for Low Level Violence.

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