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The Stranger

"Life isn't black or white you know - you don't EITHER love OR hate! Emotions aren't that simple - LIFE isn't that straightforward! It's a kind of murky grey normally. Grey and full of unpleasantly indiscriminate unpredictable little complicated bits. Suspicions, greed, questionable loyalties. Triviality, lies..."

A series of standalone dramas starring Colin Baker as 'The Stranger' and Nicola Bryant as 'Miss Brown'. Initially aided by money and resources from the BBC's film club and co-owned by co-funder Metro Music International, this range gave Bill Baggs a 'name' and the funds with which to branch out with the PROBE series in 1994. The first two stories, written by Christian Darkin and Nigel Fairs respectively, aimed to capture the essence of Doctor Who, whilst avoiding the use of copyrighted names (the latter even being based on an identically-named Doctor Who audio script originally produced by Baggs) - the remaining 4, penned by Nicholas Briggs, turned the series into an sf creation in its own right. With guest appearances from Who alumni Michael Wisher, Sophie Aldred, David Troughton, Louise Jameson, Caroline John and Geoffrey Beevers (not to mention spinoff regulars such as Nicholas Pegg and Briggs himself), this set the trend for the BBV releases to come.

In 1994, alternating with the videos of that year, BBV also released 2 60-minute audio adventures on cassette, again by Nicholas Briggs (the second under his regular pseudonym of Arther Wallis), entitled The Last Mission and Eye of the Storm. These were reissued in 1999 as the 8th and 9th of their CD range 'Audio Adventures in Time and Space', with an additional 5 minutes added back into Eye of the Storm. Whilst The Last Mission fits neatly in between the 4th and 5th video releases, Eye of the Storm is essentially retold in the 1995 video release Eye Of The Beholder.

Accompanying the 2003 DVD releases as bonus features were plans for 3 brand new audio stories, set before Summoned by Shadows: Coming of Shadows, Force of Nature and Places Everyone. In the event, Places Everyone was missing from the disc released...


Summoned by Shadows

A mysterious ship heads towards a barren planet. On the planet a marketplace bustles with activity while a strange man (Colin Baker) sits huddled in a makeshift tent, his companion (Nicola Bryant) tiring of his recent inwardness. She eventually walks of, ignored by the man.

At the marketplace, a conjuror amazes a group of children and young men and women with his tricks, the final one involving a computer component - "Who will find one of these for me?" he asks. One woman in particular seems oddly mesmerised by him, and follows him away, despite her deaf boyfriend's pleas.

Mournfully, the Stranger's companion makes her way through the desert and eventually comes across a rather out-of-place country mansion. The mansion is owned by a man in a white suit (who looks strangely like the conjuror), and is host to some sort of party. The man invites the companion in as a new guest and offers to clothe her and put her up.

Meanwhile, Dane (the deaf man) visits a pair of wise men (one of whom again looks like the conjurer and seems to be receiving orders telepathically from somewhere) to beg them to help him find his girlfriend. He also wants them to help him find 'the man who appeared', who lives out in the wilderness. They will not help him but (at the suggestion of the voice giving orders) they allow him to go to find the stranger.

The conjurer leads Tanya (Dane's girlfriend) to some sort of work-site, where many people her age are searching for components for him. He offers her her freedom if she can find him just one piece. Dane's search, meanwhile, finally leads him to the stranger. While he tries, unsuccessfully, to enlist the stranger's help, the conjurer watches proudly as his people get more desperate and begin to fight amongst each other. One escapes, but the man at the mansion is warned about this and captures and kills her. The companion is upset, but the man attempts to explain it to her - "You have to earn privilege" he says.

As the stranger relents to Dane's requests, a shrouded figure piloting the ship from the start (and with the same voice as the conjurer, the interpreter and the mansion owner) becomes annoyed at the amount of time being spent. Dane and the stranger find the conjurer, but before they can act he shoots them. Whilst this is going on, Tanya finds a component and rushes to take it to the conjurer.

The stranger and Dane find themselves with the shrouded figure on the spacecraft, who explains that the men on the planet are aspects of his personality, and demands that they help him or the companion will die. For her services, Tanya is granted a place at the mansion as part of the party, but there she meets the companion who convinces her to try and escape.

The stranger completes the equipment, but unbeknownst to anyone Dane has sabotaged it, killing the controller. The two couples are reunited and the stranger lifts his self-imposed exile.

More Than a Messiah

(Based on the Audio Visuals fan-audio, also by Nigel Fairs, below-right)

A middle-aged couple go mermaid-spotting while two young men pollute a lake from their speedboat. One of the men vanishes, taken by hand that appears from the water... upon investigating, the other is dragged under.

On the beach, Miss Brown complains that the Stranger lied to her when he promised a lack of sulking. The Stranger argues that he isn't sulking, he's snoozing, and suggests his companion joins him - she trudges off.

At their chalet, the couple (Charlotte and Bernard Darton) "relax". Charlotte waters her plants and Bernard makes plans to relandscape the surroundings - he tries to convince himself that his talents in this area are why he's been sent there. A strange ape-man watches them from a distance, as does a girl.

Miss Brown discovers the body of of the second young man on the beach - he's alive, but terrified. Back at their chalet, Bernard prepares to go hunting and Charlotte tries to talk him into relaxing instead. He storms out, ready to kill some apes - the girl continues to watch him.

At the young man's (Nic) chalet tells Miss Brown about the planet - his friend Marc had written the publicity brochure describing Majus XVII as 'paradise', and now he's dead. Meanwhile, Bernard is about to shoot a deer, but the girl gets in the way. Nic tries to find out when the next flight out is, but can't find any - as we soon see, the spaceport is under some kind of emergency, and is destroyed. Back at the beach, the girl approaches the Stranger, and later Nic and Miss Brown make their way towards the spaceport, but are attacked by an ape. Bernard shoots from behind a tree, but catches Nic by mistake.

The Stranger finds himself in a cave, where the girl tends to him, giving him "a natural remedy... to calm the flames in your eyes", while everyone else convenes at Bernard's chalet. Bernard blames the students, while Charlotte looks after the semi-concious Nic. Meanwhile, the Stranger and the girl enjoy a shower together.

Bernard and Charlotte explain more about the "back to basics" concept of the planet to Miss Brown, while the Stranger asks the girl about her scars - she avoids the question, and the Stranger returns to sleep - she begins to express her feelings for him.

Miss Brown tries to get Charlotte to help her take Nic past Bernard to the Stranger - Charlotte explains that the QuickHome Corporation had sent Bernard there as a remedy for his stress, but that until then he'd been a successful designer of planets - she gives Miss Brown a couple of MediTabs that she'd smuggled in, which might help. Bernard takes her to one side to explain his theory that the "students" are actually spies sent my QuickHome's rivals.

The Stranger and the girl discuss love and his need for peace. She tries to convince him to stay with her - he seems almost tempted. Bernard destroys Charlotte's plants as he prepares for war, which tips Charlotte over the edge - she gets Miss Brown out so she can get to the forcefield generator. Bernard is not impressed.

The Stranger refuses to leave, citing his duties to the Universe as a reason - the girl becomes angry and blocks off the cave entrance. Meanwhile, Bernard goes out shooting wildlife, causing the girl great pain - the cave entrance reappears, but the Stranger stays to talk to her. She dashes out into the water to have "communion", and shares what she sees with the Stranger: a beautiful world taken over by construction... in return she is able to see the love he has for Miss Brown. In a misguided attempt to gain his affections, the girl transforms into Miss Brown. She threatens to kill the real Miss Brown, but the Stranger demands that she stops - saying that this isn't the way to win his affections. Bernard takes Miss Brown's moment of vulnerability to kidnap her.

Back at the chalet, Nic is conscious again, but the forcefield around the chalet goes down. Meanwhile Miss Brown complains about the fakeness of a supposedly natural resort... They reach the site of the spaceport, and its absence prompts Bernard into believing the apes have destroyed it to stop him reporting back to the QuickHome corporation.

The girl tries to understand the Stranger's complicated human nature, but fails. The Stranger wonders if the girl is a Messiah - but she is more than a part of the world... she is the world.

Bernard and Miss Brown arrive back at the chalet and are attacked by an ape - Bernard shoots him and forces Nic to carry the ape to the girl's cave. The girl is in great pain for the ape, and the Stranger tries to help - she returns to her original form and tries to kill herself, but the Stranger stops her. Miss Brown and the others arrive, and Bernard holds them all hostage. A struggle ensues, and the girl is shot. As she dies, the planet begins to break up around them. Bernard is killed and Charlotte stays with him while the others escape. The Stranger and Miss Brown take Nic home, and leave for more adventures...

In Memory Alone

(DVD features new effects sequences overseen by Alistair Lock - primarily the crash sequence and the robot POV shots, noted throughout the synopsis with asterisks).

A spaceship crash-lands at Rothley train-station - from the inhabitants view we see it attempt to find a new power-source.*

A flying robot floats around the platform and examines the objects it finds there. One, a mannequin, turns into the image of Miss Brown. She explores her surrounds, confused...

Meanwhile, another mannequin sits on board a steam train, reading a newspaper - after the flying robot passes it and demands a ticket, it turns into the Stranger, equally confused...

At the station, Miss Brown continues to explore, and hears a voice telling her that the latest train has been delayed. A man in a suit, a cardboard tie, and lensless glasses appears, complaining about the late train. We see through his eyes, as a system message appears in-vision launching a 'combat sequence' of some sort.* Miss Brown finds nothing, but notices steam gathering on the traintracks. On the train, the Stranger examines some wiring* and the train dematerialises*. After a moment, it reappears* back on the tracks, and the floating robot approaches - another robots-eye view* sees a combat sequence launch. Back at the platform, we see the train appearing through the eyes of the suited man*. The Stranger gets off, and the suited man sees himself as being under attack*. The floating robot acknowledges this* and the train vanishes*.

The Stranger and Miss Brown try and work out who they are - they both have total amnesia. Miss Brown begins to dematerialise* but the Stranger grabs her, keeping her there. The suited man describes this as "typical!" and Miss Brown introduces the two. The Stranger attempts, and fails, to talk to him. The man watches them* as they look around the station. They find a dark cellar and try and piece together their memories, and how the train appearing and disappearing figures into things. The Stranger begins to tamper with things, to Miss Brown's concern - she believes the station might disappear the way the train did...

Miss Brown goes off to explore further while the suited man watches, and a message reading "Home is Warm" appears in his vision*. The floating robot follows Miss Brown, watching her* and considering her a threat. The suited man watches* as the Stranger tries to open a panel and attacks him as he gets too close, accusing him of not obeying the rules. When asked what the rules are, the man 'shuts down'. Meanwhile, Miss Brown attacks and defeats the floating robot. The suited man phases in and out of reality* but appears for long enough to punch the Stranger - the robot recovers, shoots Miss Brown* and receives a message in-vision saying "Behaviour must be corrected"* - she manages to defeat it again, however.

The robot asks Miss Brown if she is a threat - she realises that it too has no memory, and fools it into believing she can command it. The robot stops her leaving with a beam of light* and demands to follow her.

The Stranger wakes up and discusses "the rules" further - the suited man tries to remember how long he's been there for, but begins to malfunction. After a "reboot" he regains composure and explains that he came here on holiday, to wait for "a train that's quite late".

Miss Brown arrives with the robot and catches up with the Stranger - he explains that this is a very unusual holiday resort and asks her to command the robot to blast the door open that he's been trying to open with little success. The robot, however, begins to regain its memories, but Miss Brown is able to convince it to break the door down. Behind it is another robot, who has the same in-vision controls as the others*. The suited man recognises it as a Mark VII Cledestron Survival Combat Suit, Model Upgrade X09, and tries to command it to destroy the Stranger and Miss Brown, while the Stranger argues that "predictable daily routine" would be the better option.

The suited man gives the command... and the Combat Suit destroys the floating robot.

The Stranger approaches the Suit to see who's inside. It attacks him. Miss Brown tries to convince the suited man to command it to stop, and he begins to relive a battle of some sort. "Formation broken..."

The Stranger escapes the grip of the Suit, and the visor lifts - to reveal the suited man. The man seems to be a holographic projection of the dead man within. The hologram disappears* and then reappears as a backup program to fix the primary, who explains that the world was built around the dreams of a man who died in battle.

The Suit begins to walk around, destroying the backup hologram* - we see its POV* as it chases the Stranger and Miss Brown. The Stranger puts himself into the controls that the Suit has left - he submits himself to a process that will put him and Miss Brown back in their  proper times and places... They both disappear to be replaced by mannequins, but where have they gone..?

The Terror Game

(DVD features new effects sequences overseen by Alistair Lock - primarily the dematerialisation effects and gun lasers, noted throughout the synopsis with asterisks).

The Stranger appears* in a stairwell, clearly in pain and wearing the clothes we last saw him in.

A man in a leather jacket approaches a buiding and feels a wall, sensing something. An employee interrupts him - he asks if the employee is Mr Raven - Raven is management, but the employee is just a student.

The Stranger passes out while the student (Norman) attends to the needs of his boss, a Miss Henessy and the jacketed man drives off. He enters a delapidated flat where he is greeted as Saul by his partner, Egan. Saul gives him the information - that Raven is the manager of a nightclub. Egan taps this into a high-tec computer device and receives confirmation that something is due to happen the following night at 10.

Later, the Stranger awakens and enters the club, much to Norman's surprise. He feels he is "supposed" to be there, but is highly disorientated and passes out again.

At the flat, Egan warns Saul their mission won't be as easy as he expects - he has a bad feeling about it. Saul claims not to be scared, but as Egan tells him "if you're not scared, you're dangerous". The Stranger awakens again, and wanders around the club - he has visions of walking through a corridor, dressed in a tuxedo, and approaching a door with a gun... Miss Henessy and Norman bring him back to reality - the former assumes his memory lapses are drink-related and walks away. The visions continue, as the Stranger prepares to open the door, and... He passes out again.

Saul and Egan discuss their mission, and Egan's cell leader, who is now gone. They leave for the nightclub.

Back at the club, Miss Henessy fixes the Stranger a coffee. He asks her if there's anyone else around - she tells him about Mr Raven, "a kid - we're testing his management potential". She offers him the chance to get freshened up in the company-owned flat abover the club.

Outside, Egan and Saul sit in a car. Saul exits to check possible escape routes at the club.

Henessy and Norman watch the Stranger through CCTV - he wanders further into the depths of the club and sees the corridor from his visions... He approaches the door as he had done before... And finds it locked. Behind the door there are the sounds of something in pain - he looks through the keyhole and can see a figure wrapped in bloody bandages.

Dashing out the back of the club, he runs into Saul, who takes him to the car, and Egan. They take him away.

In the club, Henessy goes through the locked door...

At the flat, Egan, Saul and the Stranger talk. Saul wonders if the Stranger will take command "again", and Egan asks what had happened. The Stranger admits he remembers nothing.

Henessy logs into a computer terminal and reports on the progress of the bandaged Raven. Meanwhile Egan proposes patience to Saul, but Saul is concerned that the Stranger has been planted there. At the club, Henessy taunts Raven.

The following morning, Egan wakes the Stranger and allows Saul to beat him and tie him up. He checks his computer, and discovers there is "a gap" on the way. He returns to the Stranger and explains that what's about to happen will hurt him, but it's necessary: he was meant to be there, but he disappeared and has since been returned - he wonders if the Protectorate have sent him back as a spy. Saul places the computer terminal in front of him, and it sends a green energy beam into his head, causing him pain.

At the club, Henessy gives Raven food and then notices on her screen that her enemies are using their technology. Egan explains to the Stranger that they are using a HunterPulse - a "searchlight into the mind". It shows flashbacks to In Memory Alone and they recognise Miss Brown as a Custodian for the Protectorate. It seems the Protectorate have erased his memory and sent him on a "wild goose chase" with Miss Brown to keep an eye on him - the Estrangement Program, which he has accidentally broken free from and been returned to the Transverse point he was originally heading to - here and now. The terminal begins showing his visions of the club - Egan recongises it as their last target - behind the door is a woman who the Stranger shoots*.

The Stranger attacks Egan and escapes, heading towards the club. He pauses on a bridge to contemplate, while Henessy reports back in*. Egan catches up with the Stranger, who has remembered his past. The two argue: The Stranger refuses to continue being a terrorist, but Egan points out that he is a Preceptor, sworn to fight against the Protectorate, who had enforced rules and regulations over the them - the creators of the dimensional web. Raven is an innocent, but the Stranger dashes off to kill him...

At the club, Raven sobs for freedom.

Saul catches up with Egan and is glad that the Stranger has gone to carry out his mission, but Egan explains that it's not safe yet, and he should have waited. They agree they may have to kill him first.

Henessy tends to Raven, while Saul and Egan approach the club. The Stranger bursts in, but refuses to kill Raven, and instead passes out. He wakes up in Henessy's flat and the two talk - he realises she is is enemy. Saul and Egan find Raven and mock him while they wait for 10pm.

Saul finds Henessy and the Stranger, and between them they hold the latter hostage. Egan realises Henessy is a part of the Protectorate and dashes in, killing Norman*. The Stranger finally manages to convince Egan that he is not a Protectorate spy, and Egan convinces him to kill Raven while the other two escape. The argue over the morality of killing individuals just to break the rules. Egan and Saul escape*, and the Stranger shoots Henessy's gun*. Raven walks in on them, and the Stranger must make a choice...

'Raven' begs the Stranger to kill him - he's a creation of the Protectorate, placed there as bait for the Stranger, a replacement for the real Raven. In the event, Henessy "uploads" him to her her computer, leaving him free of physical corruption. Henessy tries to dematerialise with the Stranger, but he escapes without her*. Finally, she leaves too...*

Breach of the Peace and Eye of the Beholder

Synopses to follow...


Release code
Certification details (length, submission date, cert)*
Summoned by Shadows
34'18" - 27/01/1994 - PG
More Than a Messiah
43'36" - 26/05/1995 - PG [missing cover]
In Memory Alone
38'02" - 27/01/1994 - PG (also Making Of: 10'05" - 13/08/1993/PG)
The Terror Game
47'00" - 06/07/1995 - 12
Breach of the Peace
45'33" - 06/07/1995 - 15
Eye of the Beholder
83'52" - 19/06/1997 - 15
*Note that the BBV releases of the first five stories were uncertified, but Pickwick/Carlton submitted all the tapes to the BBFC in 1994 and 1995.

Carlton released Summoned by Shadows/More Than a Messiah and In Memory Alone/The Making of In Memory Alone (PV2229, 1993) under their Pickwick label. They released The Terror Game (PV2316, 1995) and Breach of the Peace (PV2317, 1995) alongside PV2318, The Zero Imperative, under their own label. They did not release the final Stranger adventure.


Reeltime reissued Eye Of The Beholder (RTP0169) in 1997. They then issued a run of BBV rereleases (RTP0209-12 and RTP0225) in 2000, with the first 5 Stranger videos backed with BBV documentaries, and Eye of the Beholder sporting a new cover to match the range. The documentaries were: The Doctors (split across 1 and 2), Bidding Adieu, Stranger Than Fiction 1 and Stranger Than Fiction 2.

There are also American releases, of which we have little information. The first two stories were released on one tape by an unknown company. In Memory Alone, The Terror Game, Breach of the Peace and Eye of the Beholder were all released by AD Vision (the latter on two tapes as in the UK).

In Australia, the OFLC classified "Summoned by Shadows/More Than a Messiah (Said To Be The Stranger)" as a PG for Low Level Violence on 17/05/93 with a runtime of 79 minutes for Midland Enterprise Centre. They then classified "In Memory Alone/The Making Of In Memory Alone (Said To Be The Stranger)" on 22/09/93 with a runtime of 48 minutes for Pickwick. Presumably, then, the first 3 Stranger releases occurred in Australia in 1993, although we have no further information on them or whether or not the other 3 ever received release, without classification. The Midland Enterprise Centre is a local government agency, who's 4th 'objective' (at least according to their current publicity) is to "provide special opportunities and assistance to arts enterprise activities" - it is therefore entirely possible that they submitted the work to the censors on behalf of a small local video distributor, hence the entry in the OFLC database. Pickwick was releasing The Stranger in the UK at the time.

In 1994/5 BBV also released 2 40-minute documentaries under the name Stranger Than Fiction (BBV5/9). The first looked at the early Stranger releases and The Airzone Solution. The second looked at The Terror Game, Breach of the Peace and The Zero Imperative (the first PROBE story). They were presented first by Gary Russell and then by Mark Gatiss. The first of these ended up on the In Memory Alone DVD as a bonus.

The Stranger DVDs have been being released in the UK since 2003, beginning with Summoned by Shadows, which was first released at the Gallifrey 2003 convention on February 14th in NTSC format only. Besides this exclusive, all other discs have been in Region 0 dual-sided format, with PAL on one side and NTSC on the other.

As the master tapes for In Memory Alone were lost, it was decided to skip straight to The Terror Game, labelled disc 5 (The Doctors and The Airzone Solution had been 1 and 2, the previous two Strangers had been 3 and 4) however at the last minute a suitable quality release was created, which was made available at the same time, also numbered as disc 5.

All artwork was by Steve Johnson, except In Memory Alone, by Stuart Manning and Breach of the Peace by Luke Hamblin. DVD Authoring/Mastering was by Ian Edmond for the first two and Alistair Lock for the remainder - a mixup in communications during the crossover period also meant that subtitles Matt Dale had created for The Terror Game went unused (Lock had made some himself) despite receiving a credit in the sleeve - Dale also received a "Thanks To" on the first release for subtitling the bonus features, working under the banner ComputerAid, and one on the second for subtitling the entire disc. Sleeve notes and inlays were all by Stuart Robinson (except Breach of the Peace, by Luke Hamblin), and Alistair Lock specially remixed the soundtrack and recreated visual effects for In Memory Alone, The Terror Game and Breach of the Peace. In Memory Alone is referred to as "More Than a Messiah" in big letters in the inlay.

Alistair Lock remixed and recreated the music for all the releases except the first (including In Memory Alone and The Terror Game, which were not his original recordings) and added a short CG intro sequence to the third, fourth and fifth stories (see right).

Cast & Crew

Summoned by Shadows
Miss Brown: Nicola Bryant
The Stranger: Colin Baker
Tanya: Heather Barker
Dane: John Wadmore
The Controller: Michael Wisher
Interpreter: Jon Sayers
Escaping Woman: Helen Hewlett
Stage Managers: Claire Sairfield, Jill Hallowell
Costume: Paul Lunn, Evelyn Prior
Grips: Steve Mezulianik, Julian Boot, David Lines
Special Effects: Derek Handley, Mike Tucker, Crawford Wilson, Bryan Sharpe, Mark Readman
Production Manager: Tess Weightman
Make-Up: Penny Bowers
Sound And Incidental Music: Duncan Chave
Lighting Cameraman: Dick Kursa
Director: Bill Baggs
(C) BBC Film Club 1991

More Than a Messiah
The Stranger: Colin Baker
Miss Brown: Nicola Bryant
The Girl: Sophie Aldred, Nicola Bryant
Charlotte: Barbara Shelley
Bernard: Peter Miles
Nic: Nigel Fairs
Mark: Mark Trotman
Assistant Director: Julian Boote
Production Assistants: David Miller, Derek Handley, Roger Clark
Special Effects: Susan Moore
Incidental Music: Alistair Lock
Make-Up Designer: Penny Bowers
Costume Designer: Gary Penman
Gaffer: Robin Johnson
Speedboat Sequences: Phil Baxter
Lighting Cameraman: Dick Kursa
Sound Recordist: Robert Hill
Director: Bill Baggs
(C) BBC Film Club 1992

In Memory Alone
Stranger: Colin Baker
Miss Brown: Nicola Bryant
Minor: Nicholas Briggs
Model Work: Derek Handley, David Miller
Opening Sequence: Chris Cassell, Alistair Lock [DVD only - Ray Moore Animations were credited originally]
Special Effects: Crawford Wilson
Assistant Director: Julian Boote
Camera Assistant: Ben Smithard
Gaffer: Robin Johnson
Sound Recordist: Robert Hill
Composer: Harvey Summers
Clarinetist: Mary Ewen
Make-Up: Penny Bowers
Lighting Cameraman: Dick Kursa
Director: Bill Baggs
(C) BBV 1993 [or 2005 on DVD]
Special thanks to Great Central Railway
(End credits entirely recreated for the DVD)

The Terror Game
Soloman: Colin Baker
Tamora: Louise Jameson
Egan: David Troughton
Saul: John Wadmore
Norman: Nicholas Pegg
Raven: Nicholas Briggs
Woman: Helen Hewlett
Assistant Director: Paul Silver
Second Assistant: Paul Silver [sic]
Lighting Cameraman: Dick Kursa
Electrician: Jonathan Head
Sound Recordist: Bob Hill
Composer: Nick Briggs
Make-up: Debra Hawkins
Editor: Michael Duxbury
Enhanced sound and Video effects: Alistair Lock [only on DVD release]
Director: Bill Baggs
Copyright 1994 [or 2005 on DVD]
(Only final two captions created/recreated for the DVD)

Breach of the Peace
Stranger: Colin Baker
Egan: David Troughton
Saul: John Wadmore
Sellers: Caroline John
Evans: Nicholas Briggs
Rose: Holly King
Reporter: Emma Hill
PC Payne: Ian Marr
P.C.s: David Rowston, Robin Pritchard
Assistant Director: David Rowston
Second Assistant Director: Mike Lockwood
Make-up: Paige Bell
Electrician: Phil Preson
Sound Recordist: Robert Hill
Music & Special FC: Alistair Lock
Editor: Muchael Duxbury
Lighting Cameraman: Dick Kursa
Director: Bill Baggs (C) bbv 2006
(End credits entirely recreated for the DVD)

Bonus Features

Summoned by Shadows

The Making of Summoned by Shadows
Bill Baggs talks through his memories of the production, showing us footage of the rehearsals, archive interview material with Colin Baker, outtakes from the filming and the reactions of fans including Rupert Booth and Gary Russell.

Interview - Colin, Pip and Jane Baker
In unused footage recorded for The Doctors, Jane Baker talks about her joy at working with Colin; Colin on some writers ignoring the regular characters; the Rani being reincarnated as a fly; how the Bakers didn't ignore the Doctor in Mark of the Rani, because the Rani was similar to the Doctor (eh?); Anthony Ainley; Pip waffles about how wonderful Vervoids was; writing the final episode of Trial in two days; Colin not being able to do Time and the Rani; the surprise at the Pip & Jane involvement in Trial: 14; Saward's attempt at Trial: 14; the way JN-T told them about the Trial: 14 commission; how they came up with the idea of the trial-within-a-trial; Colin talks about Sapphire and Steel; the high spirits during production of Trial 13-14; Ainley and Selby complaining about the cuts in the final episode; Colin's memories of Camber Sands; Colin's legs; Colin speaking backwards; the catharsis of spurious morality

Coming of Shadows
(Audio Play)

More Than a Messiah

The Making Of More Than A Messiah
Writer/actor Nigel Fairs shares his memories, interspersed with clips from the making of the production.

Interview - Peter Davison & Mark Strickson
In more offcuts from The Doctors, Strickson remembers being cast (and the Black Guardian's hat) and the development of Turlough; Davison jokes about not having influence over the stories; they discuss Janet Fielding's attitude towards the scripts; political correctness in Doctor Who (would a 21st century version survive?); the concept of a female Doctor and JN-T's publicity stunts; NYPD Blue's filming style; Davison initially turning down the option to be cast; Davison and Strickson's reputations as actors following Doctor Who; the differences between Davison and his predecessor; the character of the fifth Doctor; the limitations of the companion character and the characterisation in Doctor Who in general; the quality of the special effects; Kamelion; Davison finishes by summing up the Fifth Doctor and Strickson sums up Turlough.

Audio Story - Force of Nature

Music From More Than A Messiah
The soundtrack, played over an image of Sophie Aldred.

In Memory Alone

Making Memory
A featurette produced at the time, originally released on the Carlton label, produced and narrated by Quentin Rayner. Behind-the-scenes footage is mixed in with comments from the cast and crew giving their thoughts on the proceedings.

Stranger Than Fiction (37'29")
See 'releases' above.

Corrupt Memory [Gag Reel] (2'49")
Mistakes and hilarity from the filming.

Easter Egg (move right from the Home option on the Extra Memory screen) (2'27")
A short featurette on the replaced visual effects. We see the original crash sequence from the start by Ray Moore Animation, then the updated sequence by Chris Cassell, the meteor crash by Alistair Lock, the crash with added glow and lighting effects, and then with added platform mask and other elements.

The Terror Game

Making Terror Game
A video diary made at the time by Nick Briggs but never previously released. Behind the scenes footage edited in with comments from the cast and crew.

The Last 28 (14'12")
A monologue created for screening at film festivals, and previously unreleased on home video, in which a middle-aged woman waits for a man to visit.
May: Louise Jameson; Written by Pip & Jane Baker; Director of Photography: Peter Edwards; Sound: Ray Turner; First Assistant Director: Shan Davis; Second Assistant: Blaine Coughlan; Electrician: Colin McCarthy; Make Up: Sheila Werrey; Music Composed by Alistair Lock*; Produced & Directed by Bill Baggs (C) BBV 1999.
*This credit seems to have been dropped in later, suggesting the music was created especially for the DVD release.

Terror Game Music
Alistair Lock's music, in six chapters over a static screen

Breach of the Peace

Cast Interviews (3'20")
On set, Baggs asks Caroline John about dealing with props, David Troughton about Egan and Saul's relationship, Nicholas Briggs about John dealing with props, Briggs about working with Troughton, John Wadmore about Egan and Saul's relationship, John about the length of the shoot and working with Troughton, Troughton about the quality of the stories, John about working with Colin Baker, Wadmore on the realism of the story, and Troughton about working with Colin.

An Interview with Caroline John and Nick Courtney (13'01")
From the BAFTA interview conducted in 1995 for the Doctors video. The two actors discuss their first meeting in Spearhead from Space, hats, Courtney's false moustache, the reason for creating Liz Shaw, first night nerves for Courtney, John finding people were nervous around her, Liz's opinions of UNIT (and John's of the army), the Brigadier's reaction to regeneration and aliens, the atmosphere of season seven, memories of Pertwee and how welcoming he was to the guest stars, John's memories of each story and the directors, glamour, Courtney on the different Doctors, UNIT being phased out and Courtney's repeated surprise at returning, The Five Doctors and whether the Brig or Liz should ever return (John plugs PROBE).
Carrie and Nick were talking to Bill Baggs; Edited by Alistair Lock; (C) BBV 2006
Extended Scenes (6'34")
Four extended scenes, a deleted scene and the uncut portal sequence.

Fluffs and cockups from the making of the story.
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