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The Doctor takes Ace back to her home town of Perivale, only to find that something is very, very wrong. Many of Ace's old friends and neighbours have disappeared, whilst domestic pets become victims of unseen killers. Will the hunter become the hunted when only the fittest Survive?

-- from the DVD release, 2006

Episode timings on DVD: 24'18", 24'17", 24'24"
Episode timings on PasC: 24'14", 24'13", 24'20"

VHS releases

02/10/1995: UK - BBC Enterprises - BBCV5687
10/09/1996: US - CBS/Fox - 8434 [renumbered in 2000 as E1335 by WHV]
11/11/1996: Aus/NZ - Roadshow Entertainment, Ltd - B00050/Z00050

Cover art by Colin Howard.

DVD releases

16/04/2007: UK - 2entertain - BBCDVD1834
06/06/2007: Aus/NZ - Roadshow Entertainment - Cat# Unknown
14/08/2007: US - Warner Home Video - E2915

Cover art by Lee Binding. From this point on, US and UK/Aus designs would be based on the same initial artwork.

DVD Bonus features

Cat Flap
A documentary in two parts:

PART ONE (28'08")
Andrew Cartmel and Sophie Aldred explain how Survival was intended to become Ace's swansong and Cartmel with Sylvester McCoy discusses the Doctor's darker side.
Cartmel explains why Rona Munro was brought to the show and Aldred offers her opinions on the writer. They also discuss the relative merits of the title Cat Flap.
Lisa Bowerman explains how excited she was to first read the script (and hints at her disappointment with the reality) while Cartmel, McCoy and Aldred also share their views on the script as a whole (and also Ace's accent).
Cartmel compares Survival to Aliens of London and Aldred and McCoy compare Rose to Ace.
Aldred and Cartmel on JN-T's desire to censor.
Alan Wareing explains why he was brought into Survival. McCoy, Aldred and Will Barton talk about working with him.
Mike Tucker discusses his input and Wareing talks about the guest artistes.
Barton, Bowerman and Sakuntala Ramanee on their casting.
McCoy shares his memories of working with Julian Holloway.
Cartmel explains how Munro worked the Master into her plotline.
Ken Trew on the Master's costume.
Aldred, McCoy and Barton recall working with Anthony Ainley.
Wareing, Bowerman, Cartmel and Trew on their mutual disappointment with the Cheetah People's costumes.

PART TWO (33'58")
Andrew Cartmel and Alana Wareing explain the pros and cons of Perivale.
Sophie Aldred, Sylvester McCoy and Adele Silva recalls the start of filming.
Aldred, Wareing and Silva on working with child actors.
Silva, Aldred, Bowerman and Barton share experiences of the yellow contact lenses.
Cartmel on the stunt casting of Hale and Pace - Wareing and McCoy recall meeting them.
Mike Tucker on the genesis of the animatronic cat - Wareing and McCoy express their disappointment at it and Tucker explains why there were difficulties but reminds us of the challenges faced by Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Silva of the challenges of working with real cats.
Aldred admits she is allergic to cats and, along with Bowerman, recalls the filming at the playground.
McCoy and Aldred on Ace's unseen ability to ride a bike and McCoy's inability.
Tucker reveals how the bike crash was acheived and Barton assures us that he rode the bike himself.
Tucker, Wareing, Aldred, Sakutala Ramanee, Ken Trew, Bowerman, McCoy recall the filming at Warmwell Quarry and primarily the problems the heat caused.
Barton warns us not to eat bracken and Tucker remembers the bones.
McCoy bemoans the final showdown between the Doctor and the Master.
Aldred, Barton, Wareing, Barrowman, Ramanee, Tucker on working hard and playing hard.
Tucker and Wareing on the magic of Dave Chapman.
Dominc Glynn and Wareing discuss the music.
Cartmel on the end..

Discussing 'Survival' were Sophie Aldred, Will Barton, Lisa Bowerman, Andrew Cartmel, Sylvester McCoy, Sakuntala Ramanee, Ken Trew, Mike Tucker, Alan Wareing, Dominic Glynn, Adele Silva
Narrator: Paul Ewing
2nd Unit Camera: John Kelly
Colourist: Jonathan Wood
With Thanks To: Mark Ayres, Andrew Beech, Peter Crocker, Derek Handley, Ralph Montagu, John Southgate, Mark Wyman, West London Film Office
Cheetah People costumes courtesy of The Doctor Who Museum, Blackpool
Executive Producer: Steve Roberts
Associate Producer: Richard Molesworth
Produced and Directed by Steve Broster
(C) 2007 2entertain

Deleted and Extended Scenes (9'17")
A collection of deleted and extended scenes, also showcasing the visual effects work.
(C) 2007 2entertain
Out-takes (16'26")
With thanks to Stephen Cranford, John Nathan-Turner
(C) 2007 2entertain


Photo Gallery (8'35")
116 b/w and colour photos
With thanks to BBC Photograph Archive, Derek Handley
(C) 2entertain 2007

Info Text
By Richard Molesworth

Radio Times Listings
PDF Feature

Audio Options
Episodes in Stereo or 5.1
Isolated Music Score
Commentary with Sylvester McCoy, Sophie Aldred and Andrew Cartmel
Fan commentary on episode three
Endgame (44'21")
Andrew Cartmel explains what The Cartmel Masterplan means (and assures us it's purely a fan term), Ben Aaronovitch tells us what information he was given and Sylvester McCoy talks about the third (and planned fourth) season.
Cartmel and Aaronovitch tells us the genesis of The Cartmel Masterplan and Marc Platt's contribution with Lungbarrow.
Cartmel explains who The Other is and why John Nathan-Turner truncated the Doctor's God-like abilities.
McCoy tells us he was unaware, even when recording the final monologue for Survival, that the show was to end. Mark Ayres recalls the after-show party for Ghost Light and Cartmel the possibility of moving to Bergerac.
Ayres, Tucker, McCoy and Aldred recall finding out the news. Tucker gives his opinions on trying to compete with US Sci-Fi.
Cartmel explains that, towards the end of the season, he got the impression the show would not get renewed.
Peter Cregeen explains his reasons for cancelling the show, and Cartmel and Aaronivitch the way in which it was done. McCoy covers the difference between commercial television and the BBC and Colin Brake explains how Doctor Who was viewed in the late 80s. Aldred reminds us that John Nathan-Turner was not to blame.
Tucker on the overall changes to outsourcing through Producer Choice.
Cregeen explains more about the death of Doctor Who.
Cartmel admits he began to work on Casualty when Doctor Who's future was uncertain. He and Aaronovitch talk about the latter taking over, or possibly Colin Brake.
McCoy discusses his future. Aaronovitch and Tucker remind us that the plans for season 27 were very tentative.
Cartmel, Aaronovitch, Aldred and Tucker on Earth Aid and Ice Time (including Ace leaving and her replacement).
Cartmel talks about the other writers he wanted to work with and Tucker confesses he submitted two scripts, including Illegal Alien.
McCoy idly rememebers the possibility of a Doctor Who musical and discusses his costume.
Ayres on his plans for the theme and Tucker his plans for the set.
Final thoughs from Aldred, Ayres, Brake and McCoy.
Discussing the final days of 'Doctor Who' were Ben Aaronovitch, Sophie Aldred, Mark Ayres, Colin Brake, Andrew Cartmel, Peter Cregeen, Sylvester McCoy, Mike Tucker
Narrator: Paul Ewing
Artwork: Rob Hammond
Archive Sources: BBC Film & Television Library, BBC Photographic Library, BBC Written Archive, Andrew Cartmel, Mike Tucker
With Thanks to Dave Owen
2nd Unit Camera: John Kelly
Colourist: Jonathan Wood
Executive Producer: Steve Roberts
Editor and Associate Producer: Steve Broster
Writen and Produced by Richard Molesworth
(C) 2007 2entertain

Search Out Science
Little Girl Lost (16'30")
Originally planned for the Ghost Light DVD but shelved due to lack of space, this is a restrospective look at the nine stories with Ace.

Sophie Aldred explains how she was almost cast in Delta and the Bannermen while Ian Briggs talks about the debate between Ace and Ray becoming companions.
Andrew Cartmel on the outline for Ace and the disappointment of Mel and Aldred talks about the freedom she was given.
Briggs explains where he got some of his inspiration from and Aldred about meeting the inspiration.
Cartmel gives credit for Ace's development to Ben Aaronovitch in his work on Remembrance of the Daleks, and Ace explains more on this topic.
Aldred on facing her fears in Greatest Show and how McCoy latched onto that.
Cartmel explains how the writers wanted Ace at the centre, while Aldred explains how generous Sylvester McCoy was in the same area.
Aldred and Briggs talk about The Curse of Fenric and Ace's journey.
Aldred talks about her finale, Survival, and how disillusioned the character had become.
Cartmel explains that Ace would probably have left the following year, and Aldred admits she would have loved for the character to have become a Time Lord.
Aldred offers her final thoughts on being a part of the Doctor Who family.
Photographic Research by Ralph Montagu
Camera: Paul Rawson
Sound: Mario Mooney
Colourist: Jonathan Wood
Music: Mark Ayres
Produced by John Kelly
(C) 2007 2entertain
Destiny of the Doctors (13'49")
Footage from the 1997 computer game featuring Anthony Ainley in character as the Master.

Restoration Notes

As usual for the 80s episodes, this was based on a transfer via the BBC's Transform PAL Decoder from the D3 digital copies of the 1" masters. Jonathan Wood regraded the story, paying particular attention to the uneven work originally performed on the Cheetah planet, and various slow motion shots were recreated using modern methods (including the very low frame-rate animation on the Cheetah planet volcanoes) to give a much smoother effect.


01/09/1995: Passed as 'PG' by the BBFC for the UK.
01/11/1995: Passed as 'PG' (Low Level Violence) by the OFLC for Aus/NZ.
15/02/2007: Outtakes, Continuities, Search Out Science, Photo Gallery, Deleted Scenes, Destiny of the Doctors and Little Girl Lost passed as '12' by the BBFC for the UK.
07/03/2007: Cat Flap, Deleted Scenes, Outtakes, Continuities, Photo Gallery, End Game, Search Out Science, Little Girl Lost and Destiny of the Doctors passed as 'PG' by the BBFC for the UK.
30/03/2007: Passed as 'PG' (Low Level Violence) by the OFLC for Aus/NZ.

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