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Arc of Infinity

Travelling with Nyssa in the TARDIS, the Doctor is attacked by a a malign entity - a being of pure anti-matter seeking to cross the dimensions. Although the invader is succesfully repelled, the TARDIS is immediately recalled to Gallifrey, where the High Council of Time Lords sentence the Doctor to be executed to prevent any further attempts at bonding.

It seems there is a traitor on Gallifrey. And what links the Renegade and the disappearance of Tegan's cousin in Amsterdam? Two fates intertwined must battle for the future of the entire universe...

-- from the DVD release, 2007

Episode timings on DVD: 24'39", 24'35" 24'40", 24'31"
Episode timings on PasC: 24'37", 24'42", 24'37", 24'28"

VHS releases

07/03/1994: UK - BBC Enterprises Ltd, UK - BBC5199
04/08/1994: Aus/NZ - PolyGram - BBC51992 [not shown, deleted Jan 1996]
20/09/1995 - USA - CBS/Fox - 8290 [renumbered in 2000 by WHV to E1296]
08/05/2001: USA - Warner Home Entertainment - E1528

Cover by Pete Wallbank.

DVD releases

06/08/2007: UK - 2Entertain Ltd - BBCDVD2327B (part of doublepack - see below)
??/??/2007: Aus/NZ - Roadshow Entertainment - Cat# Unknown (part of doublepack - see below) [not pictured]
06/11/2007: US - Warner Home Video - E4190

Cover by Dan Budden, Sleeve Text by Sue Cowley. The cover was universally derided, along with Budden's art for Arc of Infinity, primarily as a result of the very poor cutting out in the final version. Sadly, a technical error (possibly outside Budden's remit) also plagued this disc, as the legend "The PETER DAVISON Years 1982-94" became "The PETER DAVISON Years 1981-84".

Fortunately, most of this was covered up in the UK and Australian releases, which were contained within a red outer slipcase entitled "Time-Flight / Arc of Infinity" (retitled from the original "Tegan Tales").

DVD Bonus features

Anti-Matter from Amsterdam (34'56")
Eric Saward explains the genesis of Arc of Infinity and how Johnny Byrne came to be involved.
Byrne tell us how he took that genesis and made it onto a story, using Amsterdam as a start.
Byrne and Saward on Tegan's return.
Peter Davison, Sarah Sutton, Ian Collier and Alastair Cumming on the joys of filming in Amsterdam, and Colin Baker on his jealousy.
Sutton bemoans her short legs and Davison recalls running around Amsterdam. Byrne discusses the reasons for the running and his Frankenstein influences.
Collier and Davison wonder why they switched roles.
Davison points out all the sofas on Gallifrey.
Davison and Collier recall the final scene and Sutton the press call and trouser-ripping antics.
Davison and Cumming talk about continuity between film and video shooting.
Davison laughs at the production values and Cumming recalls the outtakes - Saward describes his shock at seeing the Ergonand Byrne the original ideas. Collier tells us what it was like inside the Omega costume.
Paul Jerricho describes his headgear as 'wretched' and explains his inspiration for the performance.
Baker tells us how he came to be cast, and his disappointment that he'd never be the Doctor.
Sutton talks about laughs behind the scenes and Baker about carrying a dead chicken.
Davison claims to have been very welcoming to guest performers - Jerricho and Cumming recall this.
Davison and Sutton discuss the Doctor/Nyssa relationship - Byrne tells us how he enjoyed working with Nyssa again but Saward believes Nyssa did not develop as a character.
Davison talks about looking silly in The Matrix.
Byrne wishes Gallifrey could have been better realised, but is generally happy - as are the rest of the contributors, who give largely faint praise.
Presented by Sophie Aldred
Featuring Colin Baker, Ian Collier, Johnny Byrne, Alastair Cumming, Peter Davison, Paul Jerricho, Eric Saward, Sarah Sutton
Camera: Frank Dow, Edward Strickland
Sound: Jamie Hee, Poe Panayiotou
Production Assistants: Jacha van Hout, Thomas Klotzbeucher
Colourist: Jonathan Wood
Editor: Anastasia Stylianou
Facilities: SLV, Pinhole Productions
With Thanks to: Andrew Beech, David J Howe, Ron Jones, Ian Levin
Produced & Directed by Keith Barnfather
(C) 2007 2entertain

The Omega Factor (15'55")
Bob Baker recalls co-creating Omega: their influences and their aims. Stephen Thorne also gives his take on the character and Nev Fountain on the old days of Gallifrey. Johnny Byrne, Thorne and Fountain also excuse his insanity. Ian Collier on homesickness and loneliness, Fountain on life in a black hole, Baker on his relationship with the Doctor. Byrne explains Omega's return, Councillor Hedin and self-healing, with comments too from Fountain on self-obsession. Fountain then discusses his Big Finish story Omega.
Narrator: Ian Collier
Featuring: Bob Baker, Johnny Byrne, Ian Collier, Nev Fountain, Stephen Thorne
Camera: Frank Dow
Sound: Poe Panayiotou
1st Omega (Miniature): Samuel Payne, David Price
2nd Omega (Costume): Doctor Who Museum, Blackpool
Matrix Animation: Steve Bagley
Colourist: Jonathan Wood
Editor: Edward Strickland
With thanks to David J Howe, Lorne Martin
Producer: Keith Barnfather
Director: Anastasia Stylianou
(C) 2007 2entertain
Deleted Scenes (2'53")
Footage from the studio tapes.

Under Arc Lights (11'30")
More studio footage.
Thanks to Ron Jones, Ian Levine
(C) 2007 2entertain

CGI Effects
The option to watch the story with a number of new CG effects.


Audio Options
Commentary by Peter Davison, Janet Fielding, Sarah Sutton and Colin Baker
Isolated Music

Info Text

Photo Gallery
93 b/w and colour photos.
With thanks to BBC Photographic Library, Derek Handley
(C) 2entertain 2007

Doctor Who Annual
and Radio Times Listings
PDF Features

Coming Soon Trailer (0'59")
For The Time Warrior

Restoration Notess

Produced (alongside Time-Flight) from the 2" studio videotape (via the D3 digital VT copy). More problems were uncovered with the audio than the video, as the tapes were found to be extremely noisy. A new Z-Noise plugin was used, and one scene was rebuilt from the VHS of the original studio session.


03/02/1994 - Passed as 'PG' by the BBC for the UK
07/02/1994 - Passed as 'PG' [Low Level Violence] by the OFLC for Aus/NZ
17/04/2007 - Bonuses passed as 'PG' by the BBFC for the UK
25/06/2007 - Menus passed as 'PG' by the BBFC for the UK
09/07/2007 - Passed as 'PG' [Mid Violence, Incidental Mild Themes] by the OFLC for Aus/NZ

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