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Planet of Evil

The Doctor and Sarah answer an intergalactic distress call that takes them to a far-flung planet at the edge of the known universe - Zeta Minor. Arriving at the same time as a rescue team, they search for survivors of an earlier expedition. But will anyone be allowed to leave the planet alive...?

-- from the DVD release, 2007

Episode timings on DVD: 24'06", 22'32", 23'53", 23'54"
Episode timings on PasB: 24'02'", 22'30", 23'50", 23'43"

VHS releases

29/12/1993: UK - BBC Enterprises, Ltd - BBCV5180
09/03/1994: Aus/NZ - PolyGram - BBC51802 [not pictured]
25/06/1996: US - CBS/Fox - 8370 (changed to E1319 by Warner Home Video in 2000).

Cover by Colin Howard.

DVD releases

15/10/2007: UK - 2|entertain Ltd - BBCDVD1814
06/12/2007: Aus/NZ - Roadshow Entertainment - Cat #Unknown
04/03/2008: US - Warner Home Video (cat# unknown)

Cover by Clayton Hickman, Liner notes by Richard Molesworth. The disc design, rather poorly, had the centre hole right through Elisabeth Sladen's head.

DVD Bonus features

A Darker Side (25'42")
Philip Hinchcliffe explains why season 12 was more the work of he and Bob Holmes than season 11, and Lous Marks (in a 2005 archive interview) talks about his first impressions of the script.
Hinchcliffe, Marks and Tom Baker on the story development.
The design of the alien world, and why they filmed the planet at Ealing, is discussed by Roger Murray-Leach and Hinchcliffe, who study the original designs. David Maloney (in a 2003 archive interview) also shares his thoughts. Elisabeth Sladen also expresses her joy at working on the sumptuous sets.
Hinchcliffe on Dudley Simpson's musical contribution.
Leach and Sladen on the difficulties of shooting on video.
Hancock and Maloney discuss the merits of multi-camera shooting while Leach talks about a confrontation with the fire marshalls.
Leach and Maloney recall the special effects.
The contributors remember working with Maloney and offer their final thoughts on Planet of Evil.
Interviewers: Andrew Beech, Steve Broster
Archive Material: BBC Television, Reeltime Pictures Ltd
Camera: Richard Higson, Une Herzer
Consultant: Andrew Pixley
Colourist: Jonathan Wood
The Producers would like to thank Ealing Film Studios
Executive Producer: Dan Hall
Directed & Producd by Ed Stradling
(C) 2007 2|entertain

Hidden Hinchcliffe (10'38")
Philip Hinchcliffe talks about the paperwork he filed that still exists, including the Drama Early Warning synopsis, a memo excusing the show's overrun, discussion of the pecking order for the closing credits, a memo complaining about delayed scripts, budgetary discussions, the Radio Times and audience research/feedback.
Camera: Richard Higson
Producer: Ed Stradling
(C) 2007 2|entertain

Easter Egg - Click left from A Darker Side.
Planetary Performance (13'32")
Tom Baker discusses the importance of carrying the plot, while Elisabeth Sladen, Prentice Hancock and he talk about the script challenges they faced.
Tony McEwan and Graham Weston on how they became cast and working on the film sequences in advance of the studio work.
Baker explains why he knew more than the directors while McEwan and Weston recall working with Baker.
The actors all recall working with Ewan Solon, Hancock on looking Chinese and Weston on the importance of the smaller characters. McEwan and Weston discusses death scenes.
The contributors all offer final thoughts on the story and the atmosphere behind the scenes.
Interviews: Andrew Beech, Ed Stradling
Camera: Une Herzer, Richard Higson'
Sound: Angus Anderson
Colourist: Jonathan Wood
With thanks to Mark Ayres, Richard Molesworth
Executive Producer: Dan Hall
Produced by Steve Broster
(C) 2007 2|entertain
Studio Scene (0'49")
A brief extract from the studio recording, kept by accident.


Audio Commentary
With Tom Baker, Elisabeth Sladen, Philip Hinchcliffe and Prentis Hancock.

Information Text
By Richard Molesworth

Photo Gallery (7'04")
101 colour and b/w photos from the making of this story.
Thanks to Derek Handley, BBC Photograph Library
(c) 2007 2|entertain

Coming Soon Trailer (1'03")
For Destiny of the Daleks

Radio Times Listings
PDF Feature

Restoration Notess

The video was put together using a Transform Decode of the D3 copies of the 2" transmission masters, with grading carried out by Jonathan Wood and picture cleanup by SVS as usual. Mark Ayres provided a cleanup of the audio.


03/12/1993 - Passed as 'PG' by the BBC for the UK.
10/12/1993 - Passed as 'PG' [Low Level Violence] by the OFLC for Aus/NZ
25/09/2007 - Passed as 'PG' [Mild Violence] by the OFLC for Aus/NZ

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