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The Time Warrior

The Doctor is called in by UNIT to investigate when a number of scientists go missing from a top secret institute. Following the kidnappings back in time to the Middle Ages, he is unaware that the investigative journalist Sarah Jane has stowed aboard the TARDIS.

As events unfold, the Doctor discovers a sinister alien, intent on altering the future of mankind.

-- from the DVD release, 2007

Episode timings on DVD: 24'15", 24'13", 23'34", 25'01"
Episode timings on PasC: 24'15", 24'10", 23'30", 24'57"

VHS releases

01/03/1989: Aus/NZ - PolyGram - BBCDW022 [not shown]
05/06/1989: BBC Enterprises Ltd, UK - BBCV4245 (deleted 2/11/1994)
??/??/1991: US - Playhouse - 5423 (renumbered E11165 by Warner Home Video in 2000).

Photographic montage cover (different in Australia). All releases were in omnibus format, and as such (along with The Talons of Weng-Chiang and The Seeds of Doom) was among the first to receive its episodic premier on DVD. With Talons and Seeds already available on the new format, The Time Warrior was for a while the only original series story never released episodically.

DVD releases

03/09/2007: UK - 2|entertain Ltd - BBCDVD2334
04/10/2007: Aus/NZ - Roadshow Entertainment - Cat #Unknown
01/04/2008: US - Warner Home Video (cat# unknown)

Cover by Clayton Hickman, Liner notes by Richard Molesworth.

DVD Bonus features

Beginning the End (30'15")
Back at Peckforton Castle, the setting for The Time Warrior, Barry Letts and Terrance Dicks reflect on Jon Pertwee's decision to leave and how it affected them. They talk about the gimmicks they added towards the end, including the use of a historical story, and how this was the genesis for The Time Warrior.
Dicks talks about Robert Holmes' reluctance to write a historical and Letts about casting Sarah Jane and how Elisabeth Sladen was brought to his attention. Sladen shares her memories of the casting call and Dicks talks about her character.
Donald Pelmear, Letts and Sladen share their memories of Kevin Lindsay and his portrayal of Linx.
Letts recalls trying to cast Bob Hoskins but ultimately getting David Daker - Jeremy Bulloch and Sladen express their happiness at Daker's portrayal.
Patrick Roe and June Brown's casting comes under discussion by Letts, Sladen and Jeremy Bulloch's by Bulloch, Sladen, Letts (who suggests they may have considered making Bulloch a regular).
Pelmear and Letts on Ruebish.
Dicks talks about rewriting Bob Holmes.
Keith Cheetham explains his part on the show, his inspiration and leaving the TARDIS at Shepherd's Bush.
Letts talks about the special effects for The Time Warrior - the original and the new CGI versions.
Letts and Dicks share their overriding memories of working on The Time Warrior.
Narrator: Simon Ockenden
With Thanks To Simon Bowen, Sarah Groombridge, Derek Handley, Mark Ayres
3D Animator: Rob Semenoff
Music By: Robert Foster, Graham Preskett, Richard Myhill
Production Team: Karen Davies, Lous Yung-Hoi
Camera Operator: Mark Scriven
Colourist: Jonathan Wood
On Line Editor: Leanne Sheppard
Executive Producer: Dan Hall
Produced & Directed by Brendan Sheppard
(C) 2|entertain 2007

Trails and Continuity

CGI Effects
The option to watch with new visuals.

Photo Gallery (9'16")
118 colour and b/w photos from the making of this story, 13 colour photos taken for the Radio Times cover and four b/w publicity photos.
Thanks to Derek Handley, BBC Photograph Library
(c) 2007 2|entertain

Audio Commentary
With Elisabeth Sladen, Barry Letts and Terrance Dicks

Information Text
By Richard Molesworth

Coming Soon Trailer (1'32")
For The Key to Time

Doctor Who Annual 1974 and Radio Times Listings
PDF Features

Easter Egg (1'31")
A short CG sequence looking at all the firsts in The Time Warrior and the inspiration for the Sontarans.
Click left from Special Features on the main menu.

Restoration Notess

Taken from the D3 transfers to Quad (among the first ever made, and therefore not of excellent quality, but repairable).


26/06/1988 - Passed as 'G' by the OFLC for Aus/NZ.
05/04/1989 - Passed as 'U' by the BBFC for the UK.
20/08/2007 - Passed as 'PG' [Mild Violence] by the OFLC for Aus.NZ.
11/05/2008 - Extras passed as 'PG' by the BBFC for the UK.

Unusually, the episodes themselves were not repassed, despite being lengthier than the original release.

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