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The Edge of Destruction [Inside the Spaceship]

Something has caused the TARDIS console to explode in mid-flight, plunging the ship into darkness and rendering the crew unconscious. As they slowly recover, they find themselves suffering from loss of memory, and headaches. The TARDIS behaves oddly, as the doors open and close of their own accord. Has the ship been possessed in some way, or is something more dangerous happening to the time travellers?

    -- from the DVD release, 2006

This was one of the last videos to be released, not appearing until 2000 - it had almost formed part of a planned box-set, "The Beginning" in November 1999.

Fans reacted badly to this, as the set would also have included remastered versions of 100, 000BC and The Mutants 1963/4, and they felt they were being forced to buy stories they already owned.

The episodes would, therefore, be released by themselves in 2000, and the notion of a box set would not be revisited until 2006's DVD set of the first three stories - also entitled "The Beginning".

Episode timings on DVD: 25'01", 22'07"
Episode timings on PasB: 25'04", 22'11"

VHS releases

01/05/2000: UK - BBC Worldwide - BBCV6877
??/??/2000: Aus/NZ - Roadshow - Cat# Unknown
??/10/2000: US - Warner Home Video - E1497

As this was originally intended to form part of a box-set, an edit of the Australasian releases of The Ice Warriors in 1998/9.

The initial release of the US version contained unremastered versions of the two main episodes, and the final edit of An Unearthly Child, rather than the pilot. E1578, released in February 2001, corrected this.

In order to comply with BBFC guidelines, the video opened with a caption. Cover art by Black sheep.

DVD releases

30/01/2006: UK - 2Entertain - BBCDVD1882(C) - Part of "The Beginning" BBCV1882
28/03/2006: US - Warner Home Video - Unknown Cat Number - Part of "The Beginning" [not pictured]

In order to comply with BBFC guidelines, the Play All feature led first to an 18-second caption (right).

Box set images


Cover art for the UK/Aus by Clayton Hickman. An early version of the UK release looked somewhat different...:

DVD Bonus features

Doctor Who: Origins (53'51")
A lavish documentary on the birth of the series, not only looking at the production directly but also giving it a solid historical grounding.
  • Marcus Hearn explains a little about the way the BBC was operating in the early 60s, beginning to see themselves as being more than "radio with pictures". Sydney Newman (archive footage from 1984) tells us how he became involved with the company at that time and Lambert offers her thoughts on Newman's introduction.
  • Hearn then speaks of the Drama Group and Donald Wilson's involvement.
  • Richard Martin and Lambert enthuse about the changes Newman brought with him, and Newman himself  explains how he come to know Wilson and why the need for Doctor Who arose. Lambert then explains Donald Baverstock's involvement.
  • Newman tells us his original concept for the character of Dr Who.
  • Martin remembers Rex Tucker with fondness, and gives him credit for getting him involved in the genesis of Doctor Who.
  • Newman explains further the concept of the characters and initial setting and also the original opening story about giants.
  • Martin, Waris Hussein and Lambert give their thoughts on Mervyn Pinfield and the Lime Grove studio they had to use.
  • Lambert then joins the scene, and explains her initial thoughts on the show. Hearn also offers more of his knowledge, and Newman tells us why he picked Lambert.
  • Hussein talks about his introduction to the job of directing the first story and Lambert about hiring David Whitaker.
  • Discussion turns to the casting, with Hearn providing some of the names considered for the Doctor - Hussein and Lambert explain some of the thinking behind these names.
  • Lambert and Hussein remember William Hartnell's and Jacqueline Hill's first reactions and William Russell and Carole Anne Ford their own.
  • The theme tune comes under scrutiny, as Lambert tells us her initial concept (and archive footage of Desmond Briscoe explains the BBC Radiophonic Workshop) and her eventual approaching of Ron Grainer. Hodgson recalls the creation of the TARDIS takeoff sound and Lodge the visuals for the opening credits. Archive footage of Delia Derbyshire teaches us how electronic music is created and Hodgson remembers hearing it for the first time.
  • Martin and Lambert talk about Rex Tucker eventually leaving.
  • Russell and Ford remember when they, Hartnell and Hill met each other.
  • Hussein recalls everyone sitting down to discuss how to approach the show's first episodes - Russell has a somewhat more energetic memory of those events.
  • Russell speaks of his awe with the TARDIS set but he, along with Lambert and Hussein, remember the pressures they were under.
  • Hussein and Lambert tell us about Newman's reactions to the pilot, and their rare chance to re-record.
  • Lambert on being told off for spiralling design costs but using that to twist the BBC's arm into commissioning new episodes.

Clips used are cropped into 4:3

Discussing the origins of Doctor Who were Carole Ann Ford, Brian Hodgson, Waris Hussein, Verity Lambert OBE, Bernard Lodge, Richard Martin, William Russell, Marcus Hearn
Narrator: Terry Molloy
Additional Voices: David Harley
Archive Sources: BBC Film & Television Library, BBC Photo Library, BBC Written Archive, Canal Plus Image UK, David Whitaker Estate, Waris Hussein, Muffin the Mule (C) Maverick Entertainment Group PLC
Archive Research: Andrew Martin
Photo Research: Esther Barry, Derek Handley, Marcus Hearn, Doctor Who Magazine
With thanks to Richard Bignell, John Kelly, Ralph Montagu, Paul Vanezis
Colourist: Andrew Parkinson
Sound: Angus Anderson, David Mason
Camera: Une Herzer
Editor and Associate Producer: Steve Broster
Written and Produced by Richard Molesworth
Executive Producer: Steve Roberts
BBC Worldwide (C) BBC MMVI

Over the Edge (29'22")
An in-depth look at the making of the story, with contributions from original cast and crew, and the fans.
  • Richard Martin explains the tension behind the scenes as this time and cost saving story. Verity Lambert tells us why David Whittaker and herself came up with the plotline they did.
  • Keith Barnfather talks about the friction between the characters and Waris Hussein about series B and D going over budget.
  • William Russell on his character's development and Martin and Brian Hodgson on the development of them all.
  • Russell is joined by Carole Ann Ford to discuss the characters between them, which Lambert, Russell, Frank Cox and Martin then go into further, especially with regards to Susan.
  • Richard Landen and Barnfather remind us how shocking the story was to the fans at the time - Lambert accepts the scissors were too much.
  • Lambert, Martin and Cox explain that they the latter being tried out on the second episode, hence the director split. Jeremy Bentham and Barnfather debate the differences.
  • Cox tells us he's always used stock music, Martin enthuses over the sound team, and Hodgson and Bentham offer their thoughts on the work.
  • Russell expresses his dissatisfaction at the story's resolution while Landen and Barnfather focus more on the labelling of the Fast Return Switch. Cusick and Lambert try and remember the reasons why. Ford recalls herself and Hartnell trying to work out which switch was which.
  • The planet Quinnis comes under discussion with thoughts from Cox, Landen, Lambert, Barnfather and Bentham all giving it far too much thought.
  • Barnfather, Landen and Ford discuss the relationship between Susan and the Doctor.
  • Peter Anghelides debates with himself over the various merits of Hartnell's final soliloquy. Cox confides in us that Hartnell wasn't great with his lines, but Lambert, Russell and Barnfather defend him on the basis of this scene.
  • Barnfather points out that the story's focus is on showing us the TARDIS' intelligence while Martin wishes that the melting clock could not have melted on screen. Ford recalls the scenes with wonder. Landen and Bentham also discuss how difficult it was to get across the idea with limited budget.
  • Brief discussion of the TARDIS' power as seen in The Parting of the Ways by Lambert, Barnfather and Angelhides.

Clips used are pillarboxed into 16:9, except The Parting of the Ways and Boom Town which are presented in full OAR.

Sound: Angus Anderson
Camera: Une Herzer
Special Thanks to Derek Handley, Ralph Montagu, Richard Molesworth
Editor & Assistant Producer: Adi Denney
Produced & Directed by Ian Levine
BBC Worldwide (C) BBC MMVI

Inside the Spaceship (10'13")
A segment on the TARDIS prepared for the prior documentary, but cut for time and ultimately included on the disc as a separate feature.
  • Carole Ann Ford and William Russell discuss the backronym for TARDIS.
  • Ray Cusick talks about Peter Brackachi's interior design and Verity Lambert about being surrounded by such wonderful talent.
  • Waris Hussein admits he didn't like the set, Ford describes it as "glowing" and Richard Martin talks about the sparseness of the TARDIS before Inside the Spaceship.
  • Cusick covers the "sleeping machines" and Lambert remembers their relationship with Shawcraft, who made the TARDIS "work".
  • Martin, Ford and Frank Cox on the ever expanding aspects of the TARDIS and its hi-techness.
  • Hussein, Cox and Ford remember Studio D at Lime Grove with horror.
  • Brian Hodgson on the TARDIS takeoff sound and how it was created.
  • Martin recalls the design meetings and demanding a ceiling for the TARDIS.
  • Lambert finishes by confirming her love for the design.

Clips used are pillarboxed into 16:9.

Sound: Angus Anderson
Camera: Une Herzer
Special Thanks to Derek Handley, Ralph Montagu, Richard Molesworth
Editor & Assistant Producer: Adi Denney
Produced & Directed by Ian Levine
BBC Worldwide (C) BBC MMVI

Masters of Sound (12'23")
A look at the creation of the theme tune, using unaired footage from the 1993 documentary 'Thirty Years in the TARDIS'. Interviewed are Brian Hodgson, Dick Mills, Delia Derbyshire, Verity Lambert. A clip from the 26/11/68 edition of 'Tom-Tom' is also used to show the Radiophonic Workshop as it looked in the 60s, which also interviewed Delia Derbyshire.
Many Thanks to Mark Ayres, Derek Handley, Ralph Montagu, Andrew Pixley, Chris Ratcliffe
Cameras: John Adderley, Pete Tyler, Dave Hicks
Vortex FX & Sound Editor: Alistair Lock
Editor & Director: Kevin Jon Davies
Producer: Steve Roberts
Dedicated to the memory of Delia Derbyshire, Ron Grainer
BBC Worldwide (C) BBC MMVI
Marco Polo (31'25")
A cut-down version of the audio to the fourth story, married with telesnap images, followed by an advert for the CD version.
Tele-Snaps: John Cura
Photographs: BBC Photograph Library, Barry Newbery
Thanks to: Tony Clark, Richard Landen, David Holman, Dean Rose, David Miller, Warris Hussein, David Howe, Doctor Who Magazine
Producer: Ralph Montagu
Audio Restoration: Mark Ayres
Editor: Derek Handley
BBC Worldwide (C) MMVI

Gallery (5'08")
7 b/w photos of Inside the Spaceship, 1b/w photo of Marco Polo and 56 colour/colourised photos of the latter story.
With thanks to: Barry Newbery, BBC Photograph Library, Doctor Who Magazine, Derek Handley, Tony Clark
BBC Worldwide (C) MMV

None, due to the strained budget of this box-set.

PDF Documents
Radio times billings for the first 13 episodes of Doctor Who, and the script for the pilot.

Production Subtitles
By Martin Wiggins

Restoration Notes

For the 2000 VHS rerelease, only a very basic restoration took place.

For the DVD version, Mark Ayres had great difficulty keeping the silent TARDIS interior silent, fixed the opening replay in the second part, and redubbed the music track over the Doctor's soliloquy (once he'd discovered that the original 78 record had been played at 45rpm) to tidy up some extraneous noises. Video restoration was minimal as the prints were in very good condition.


19/04/1989 - Story passed as 'U' by the BBFC for the UK
05/10/1989 - Story passed as 'G' by the OFLC for Aus/NZ
04/11/2005 - Bonus features, including the Origins and Edge documentaries, passed as a '12' by the BBFC for the UK (rating due to content of the sketches, not specifically these documentaries). The other half, including the photo gallery, Inside the Spaceship, Masters of Sound and the Marco Polo recon, passed as a 'PG'.
19/01/2006 - Story and bonuses passed as 'PG' [Mild Violence] by the OFLC for Aus/NZ
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