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SynthespiansTM - Cover Evolution

Out of all the book covers in Doctor Who history, Craig Hinton's SynthespiansTM is one of the (if not THE) most controversial.

With thanks to Craig, here we present a potted guide as to why...

Cover #1

Along with the brief to Black Sheep to make the cover "Spearhead From Space meets Dynasty", Hinton also asked James Gent to design a temporary cover, which he could approve and pass on to the final designs as an example of his concept. This was never intended for public viewing, but simply to help Black Sheep realise his idea.

Cover #2

Black Sheep took his idea rather too literally, and came up with a cover that used copyrighted images from Dynasty, digitally altered to look like Autons.

Cover #3

After the first run had been printed, someone spotted the gross error, and pulled a stop to the press. The entire batch had to be pulped, and Black Sheep hurriedly came up with a replacement.

(Spot the mirrored background, and mirrored female Autons, as ideal source material at such a late stage was hard to come by).

Cover #4

Just before printing started up again, Black Sheep made some final alterations, moving the right hand Auton to the left, and adding in a whole new model for the right of the picture, along with flipping the male Auton, to create the final cover as it appeared on our shelves...