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Doctor Who Adventures

With the increasing popularity of Doctor Who in 2005 came plans for a comic for young readers.

The first fans heard about it was a job description that appeared briefly on the BBC Jobs website for a position at Doctor Who Adventures in early December 2005, reading "We are looking for a Doctor Who expert with first class editorial skills to work on this exciting new magazine for pre-teen boys. Not only will you have an encyclopaedic knowledge of all things Who, you'll have first-hand experience of writing and commissioning for pre-teen boys."

In January it was confirmed. Doctor Who Adventures was to launch alongside the new series in April, and be a fortnightly comic aimed at 6-12 year old boys published by BBC Magazines (formerly BBC Publications, an arm of BBC Worldwide). The announcement initial concerned Doctor Who fans, who were worried that the press release could be seen as sexist. Fortunately, Assistant Editor Moray Laing later explained that this was simply trade jargon - most comics aimed at both genders are forced into the male side for press releases, and that this magazine would indeed be suitable for all.

The first issue was published on Wednesday 5th April 2006, with some copies appearing in a specially constructed stand (see right), and every two weeks after that (although from issue 7 the release would move to Thursdays). Sales of the magazine were much higher than expected and the first few issues were extremely hard to get hold of, quickly shifting to eBay where second hand copies would go for over 10 within just a few weeks of publication. By mid-August, sales figures of around 80,000 were being reported in the trade press - surprisingly high for a children's title!

(But then, some of us older children were buying two copies - it's important to have one hermetically sealed...)

From issue 8 onwards, the magazine printed a voucher that could be sent in to subscribe the reader to a free email newsletter, Time Agents, sent round every other Thursday, alternating with DWA's publishing dates. Although at the time of writing, the newsletter has yet to begin...

Join TME as we take an irreverent look at the first issues of this marvellously silly magazine.

The Team

Assistant Editor: Moray Laing
Senior Designer: Paul Lang
Designer: Lee Midwinter (issue one only)
Senior Writer: Annabel Gibson (issue five onwards)
Picture Editor: Shaila Bux
Production Editor: Ed Lomas (issue five onwards)
Editorial Assistant: Olivia McLearon

(left to right: Moray, Olivia, Ed, Paul, Annabel)

Fab DWA Fact Number One: Moray Laing is part-Jagrafess! Jackie says: Aaaaaah!

Regular Features

A Free Gift

One of DWA's best selling points is the amazing free gift that comes attached to each cover - and at 1.99 an issue it's often hard to see how they could be making a profit. The gifts are designed well in advance, with issue 12's gift (released in September) designed on May 12th.
Issue 1
Stationary set
Issue 2
Whoopie cushion and stickers
Issue 3
TARDIS Clock (or radio in Tescos)
Issue 4
Radio (or TARDIS Clock in Tescos)
Issue 5
TARDIS Logbook
Issue 6
81 Stickers
Issue 7
Panini Stickers and Squirty Sonic Screwdriver
Issue 8
Quiz Book
Issue 9
Alien 4-in-a-Row
Issue 10
8" inflatable Dalek
Issue 11
Dalek and Cyberman giant posters and Holographic stickers
Issue 12
Pencil and rubber pack
Issue 13
Cassandra Notebook and stickers
Issue 14
Chunky pen and Sticky notes
Issue 15
Monster claws and Slimy eyes
Issue 16
Door Hanger and Monster stickers (Activity Book in Scot/NI)
Issue 17
TARDIS Notebook and Stickers (Activity Book in some parts of UK)
Issue 18
Issue 19
Trainer Bag and Badges
Issue 20
Dalek Stationary Set

Top-secret DWA Fact Number Two: The free gifts are made in an underground lair by the Autons, and one day will spring to life and kill the entire readership of DWA! Regular monster-man Paul Kasey says: Crikey!

Fact File

A two-page feature on a character or race written by Moray Laing (taken over by Neill Corey for issues four and 12, Paul Lang for issue 11, Leesa Daniels for issue 17 and Annie Gibson for issue 18), usually accompanied with various silly speech bubbles and pictures of Jackie screaming "Squee!", and a number of blatantly obvious 'facts'.

Silly speech bubble / Pointless fact Award
Issue 1
The Doctor
Rose: "Wow, you're pretty brainy after all!"
Issue 2
Rose has taken most of her favourite clothes with her!
Issue 3
K-9 and Sarah-Jane
Dog tag - Useful if he gets lost!
Issue 4
The Cybermen
There's a living brain in there... jammed inside a cybernetic body. Gross!
Issue 5
The first time he entered the Doctor's TARDIS Mickey could hardly speak!
Issue 6
Mickey was so scared that he could hardly speak! [Erm...]
Issue 7
They've invaded Earth several times!
Issue 8
Daleks & Cybermen
Cybermen with black handles are Cyber Leaders!
Issue 9
Special: What makes a monster scary?
Yeti: Hairy robot monster
Issue 10
The First Doctor
Delia at work: "All together now... Dum de dum, dum de dum..."
Issue 11
Inside Torchwood!
Issue 12
Ultimate Gadgets AND Regeneration
Staring into the heart of the TARDIS can lead you to controlling all of time and space!
Issue 13
Who's the Best AND The Big Fight
Jackie: "Squeep! This lot are always after my brain!"
Issue 14
Life with the Doctor
Good luck, Martha!
Issue 15
The Slitheen
Parping in the council toilet
Issue 16
Companion Clash
Rose Tyler and Sarah Jane are as brave as each other. [Cop-out!]
Issue 17
The Time War
Erm, none. This one's dead serious and stuff...
Issue 18
The Ood
The Beast: "Rarrr!"
Issue 19
Issue 20
That's SO yucky!

Comic Strip

Wonderfully cheesy strips with the unmistakable art of John Ross (and bold colouring by Adrian Salmon, who had previously provided work for DWM and Big Finish's Bernice Summerfield range), busy at the time too with inking the Battles in Time strip. These appeared across six pages throughout the issue, with a cliffhanger (accompanied by a "eeeeooooow!" sting) after page four, prompting the reader to turn to later in the issue.
Gareth Roberts (Virgin Books, BBC Books, Attack of the Graske and the TARDISodes) joined the team as script editor from issue seven, and Paul Vyse began handling lettering from issue eight. In issue 11, Gary Russell took over as Script Editor and Paul Lang handled letters. Paul Vyse returned, with Kerrie Lockyer, for issue 15 alone.

Issue 1
Which Switch? by Michael Stevens
Issue 2
Mirror Image by Jacqueline Rayner
Issue 3
Under the Volcano by Si Spencer
Issue 4
The Germ War by Alan Barnes
Issue 5
Warfreekz! by Alan Barnes
Issue 6
A Delicate Operation by Si Spencer
Issue 7
Blood and Tears by Si Spencer
Issue 8
Fried Death by Alan Barnes
Issue 9
Bizarre Zero by Stewart Sheargold
Issue 10
Save the Humans! by Alan Barnes
Issues 11 & 12
Bat Attack!/The Battle of Reading Gaol by Alan Barnes
Issue 13
Triskaidekaphobia by Alan Barnes
Issue 14
Smart Bombs by Alan Barnes
Issue 15
Pinball Wizard by Davey Moore
Issues 16 & 17
Gangster's Paradise/Heads You Lose by Alan Barnes
Issues 18 & 19
A Date to Remember/Snow Fakes by Davey Moore
Issue 20
The Hunter by Trevor Baxendale

Win (aka Puzzles and Prizes for issue three)

Not content with the giveaways in the Puzzles and Goodies pages, the first three issues also had extra competitions: Issue one and two had a mail-in competition for a life-size Dalek, and issue three a trip to the Doctor Who Exhibition in Cardiff Bay.

Adventures (aka Past Adventures in issue one)

A two-page guide to an already-broadcast story - mainly a synopsis, with one or two fact bites. These ran in order from issue one starting with The Christmas Invasion, skipping over issues eight, thirteen, fourteen and nineteen, and then returned to Rose for issue 18, then jumping around at random. Initially uncredited, from School Reunion onwards these were attributed to Justin Richards, and from Rose onwards were credited to Leanne Gill.

Fun Stuff

A puzzle, and an ongoing Things To Do With a Defeated Enemy cartoon by Christopher Cooper. After issue twelve, Cooper's cartoons moved to join The Vortex, and were occasionally replaced by his crazy Time Warped features instead of TTDWADE.


Usually two A4s backed onto one A3.

Top Scares (aka Tales from the TARDIS, Top Times! and Fave Scenes)

Initially a page of themed terrifying moments (eg Jackie's biggest scares - "squee!" - best Dalek deaths etc) and then later a photo-strip of a memorable scene.


A page of puzzles, usually including a wordsearch with some Lego to win, compiled by Olivia McLean, dropped after the first seven issues.

The Doctor's Data

A single page guide to an enemy, in cut-out-and-keep form, with guides to help you cut the page out and hole-punch it.

Issue 1
The Daleks (ML)
Issue 2
The Slitheen
Issue 3
Issue 4
The Clockwork Droids
Issue 5
The Werewolf
Issue 6
The Sycorax
Issue 7
Living Plastic
Issue 8
Issue 9
Cassandra (ML)
Issue 10
Cyber Controller (AG)
Issue 11
Floor 500
Issue 12
The Gelth
Issue 13
The Krillitanes
Issue 14
Sisters of Plenitude (PL)
Issue 15
The Moxx of Balhoon
Issue 16
The Cybermen (OM)
Issue 17
The Reapers (AG)
Issue 18
Dalek Sec (OM)
Issue 19
Robot Santas (OM)
Issue 20

Words all credited to Neill Corry except where noted with the initials of Moray Laing, Annabel Gibson, Paul Lang and Olivia McLearon.

Make It

Renamed Makes in issues three and five onwards - a two-page cut-out-and-make activity. These are almost exclusively blown up headshots designed to be used as masks, but on a couple of occasions (James Watts, a specialist in paper engineering) provided more complicated models, including the K.9 pictured right. On October 5th a number of similar activities from Clockwork Robot were published by Penguin as the Doctor Who Model-Making Kit.

Issue 1
Slitheen Mask
Issue 2
Empty Child Mask
Issue 3
Issue 4
Cyberman Mask
Issue 5
Moxx Mask
Issue 6
Issue 7
Dalek Mask
Issue 8
Ood Mask
Issue 9
Wolf Mask
Issue 10
Doctor Mask
Issue 11
Cyber Controller Mask
Issue 12
Krillitane Mask
Issue 13
Issue 14
Issue 15
Abzorbaloff Mask
Issue 16
Sycorax Mask
Issue 17
Memory Game
Issue 18
Graske Mask
Issue 19
Tree Decorations
Issue 20


Two pages of competitions to win items usually entirely unrelated to Doctor Who.

Behind The Scenes (aka Confidential Extra)

A two-page photo diary 'making of' with even more inappropriate speech bubbles than ever before!

Silly speech bubble / Pointless fact Award
Issue 1
The Christmas Invasion
Sycorax: "Are you finished yet?"
Issue 2
New Earth
Technician: "Where do I plug this in?"
Issue 3
Tooth & Claw
Euros Lyn: "Graaarrgh" [eh?]
Issue 4
School Reunion
Anthony Head: "This is much more fun than Buffy the Vampire Slayer!"
Issue 5
The Girl in the Fireplace
David Tennant: "Woah, horsey!"
Issue 6
Rise of the Cybermen
Cyberman: "Boo!"
Issue 7
The Age of Steel
It's quite cold on set! Brrrr!
Issue 8
Issue 9
The Idiot's Lantern
The Wire: "Yoo-hoo!"
Issue 10
The Impossible Planet
Ood: "Have I got something on my face?"
Issue 11
The Satan Pit
The Beast: "Rowr! Grr! Raargh!"
Issue 12
Love & Monsters
Elton: "My tea's cold."
Issue 13
Issue 14
Issue 15
Fear Her
Chloe: "Fear me!"
Issue 16
Army of Ghosts
Cybermen: "Boo!"
Issue 17
Inside a Dalek - "Looks pretty squashed in there!"
Issue 18
Auton: "Careful!"
Issue 19
Issue 20
Dalek: "It's dark in here!"

Actually, we shouldn't mock, as we did learn something - the manager of the quarry where The Impossible Planet was filmed has "00D" as part of his number plate!

The first two issues thanked members of the DW:C team - Zoe Rushton and Gillane Seabourne in issue one, and Hannah Williams and Seabourne in issue two. From issues seven to ten they were credited to Annabel Gibson, and from then on uncredited until issue 16, when Annabel officially returned to those pages.


Two pages of reader mail.

Monster A-Z

A one-page feature by Moray Laing giving facts and pictures on a different monster each week, with Neill Corry taking over from 'D' onwards.


Occasional Your Stuff extensions to the TARDIS Inbox, 1-page Interviews and other one-offs. See our guide for more...

Issue 1 (5th April 2006)

Free Gift: Stationary set, made by HMA Creative of Aylesbury
Who's News: New Earth
Fact File: The Doctor (inc retrospective on earlier Doctors)
Comic Strip: Which Switch?
Competition: Life size Dalek (needed token from issue two also)
Adventures (called 'Past Adventures' in this issue): The Christmas Invasion
Fun Stuff: Including TTDWADE: Cassandra
Posters: Rose, the Daleks, Cassandra
Top Scares: Rose's top ten moments
Puzzle: Anagrams, shadow monsters and a wordsearch to win a Genesis of the Daleks DVD
The Doctor's Data: The Daleks
Make It: Slitheen Mask
Goodies!: Remote control Daleks, CDs, Books and a Board Game
Behind The Scenes: The Christmas Invasion

The speech bubble on the cover reads "Fantastic first issue!", remembering the tagline on the first cover of Doctor Who Weekly in 1979.

Which Switch?
(by Michael Stevens): Although aiming for Shantella Prime, the TARDIS lands on Earth. The Doctor presses a random button on the console, and discovers it's a Wraparound Hologram generator. Another enters him into the Galactic Lotto, and when he thinks he's found the in-flight stereo system, it's actually a Micromodulator that makes them tiny. They use the Doctor's (full-size) tie to climb onto the console, but Rose slips on some oil [cliffhanger]. The Doctor saves her by throwing down a cord, and apologises that he'd recently oiled the Gravity Guage. The Doctor walks straight into a cobweb, but Rose finds the switch and reverts them back to normal size. She suggests that perhaps he doesn't know what all the buttons on the console really do - he's not impressed.

Issue 2 (19th April 2006)

Free Gifts: Whoopie cushion, by TSC Advertising of London, and stickers by Royston Labels of Herts.
Who's News: Tooth and Claw / School Reunion
Fact File: Rose
Comic Strip: Mirror Image
Competition: Life size Dalek (needed token from issue one also)
Adventures: New Earth
Fun Stuff: Including TTDWADE: Dalek
Posters: Matron Casp, The Doctor & Rose, Chip
Top Scares: Favourite monsters
Puzzles: 'Fill in the missing letter', identify the eyes and a wordsearch to win some Lego
The Doctor's Data: The Slitheen
Make It: Empty Child Mask
Goodies!: Books, Grizzly Tales DVD, Etch-a-Sketch TV and Mr Bean DVDs
Behind The Scenes: New Earth

Mirror Image
(by Jacqueline Rayner): The Doctor and Rose investigate a creepy alien castle filled with mirrors. An evil fanged Rose pulls the real Rose into one of the mirrors, where she is greeted by "the Trapped" - others who have suffered a similar fate in the last fifty years. Out in the real world, an alternate Rose has befriended the Doctor, when he runs into the local villagers, who warn him away. He listens, leaving Rose stuck in the mirror [cliffhanger]. The alternate Rose's eagerness to leave makes the Doctor realise she can't be "his". The Doctor returns to the castle and uses his Sonic Screwdriver to open portals in the mirrors, returning everyone to their homes, and the Mirrorlings to their original dimension.

Issue 3 (3rd May 2006)

Free Gift: TARDIS Clock [or Radio in Tescos] by Marlow (UK) Ltd of Witney
Who's News: The Girl in the Fireplace / Rise of the Cybermen
Fact File: K-9 (with a boxout on Sarah Jane)
Comic Strip: Under the Volcano
Puzzles and Prizes: Spot-the-difference*, and design a monster to win tickets to the Doctor Who Exhibition
Adventures: Tooth and Claw
Puzzles (switched places with Fun Stuff for this issue only): A riddle, a crossword, and a wordsearch to win some WWF toys
Posters: The Werewolf and K.9
Interview (new feature, where the third poster should be): Nicholas Briggs
Top Scares: Jackie moments
Fun Stuff: Including TTDWADE: Slitheen
The Doctor's Data: The TARDIS
Makes (renamed from Make It): K.9**
Goodies!: DVDs, Science kits, Sonic X toys and Bug catchers
Behind The Scenes: Tooth and Claw

Due to shelf-space issues, the free gifts in issues three and four were switched for copies bought in Tescos. Marlow (UK) Ltd would go on to produce most of the items for the next dozen issues.

*The "spot-the-difference" was missing two of the "differences" - the chair should have been green and Rose's apron red. We spent six hours trying to spot differences that weren't there. DWA were NOT sympathetic.

**One of a number of more complicated Makes provided by James Watts. Totally Fictional DWA Fact Number Three: Watts is partially made of paper himself!

Under the Volcano
(by Si Spencer): The Doctor and Rose have been kidnapped by headhunters in Indonesia, 1883 - they believe the Doctor is there to defile their Mountain God, like the "men of flame". The Doctor undoes the ropes (something Baden Powell taught him c1900) and they slip away and explains that the men of flame are probably Chalderans, silicone-based lifeforms with incredibly high body temperatures who mine planets for lava. They find them behind a waterfall, and are captured again. The Doctor distracts them by making them argue, and then uses the Screwdriver to escape. They run through the waterfall, which kills the Chalderans with its temperature, and the Doctor warns Rose they must get back to the TARDIS ready for "the fireworks" [cliffhanger]. Krakatoa explodes, taking the remaining Chalderans with it, and the Doctor suggests they visit the Mating Dance of the Fire Dragons of Ket-El or a twin supernova near Deneb Three.

Issue 4 (17th May 2006)

Free Gift: Radio [or TARDIS Clock in Tescos] by TCD Advertising of London (previously produced the Whoopie Cushion)
Who's News: The Age of Steel / The Idiot's Lantern
Fact File: The Cybermen
Interview: Paul Kasey
Comic Strip: The Germ War
Make It! (temporarily renamed back from Makes): Cyberman Mask
Reader Survey (one-off two-page questionnaire to win a set of bedsheets)
Posters: Clockwork Droids, Cybermen, Arthur the Horse
Fun Stuff: Including TTDWADE: Cybermen
Adventures: School Reunion
Top Scares: Dalek exterminations
Puzzles: A word game, identify the feet and a wordsearch to win some Pokemon cards
The Doctor's Data: Clockwork Droids
Goodies!: Penguin goody bags, Sonic X toys, Football goody bags and Like Mike set
Behind The Scenes: School Reunion

With the addition of the reader survey, the majority of the magazine was moved around, and two-pages worth of adverts removed. Issue five would return to the layout of issues one and two.

From this point on, the Doctor Who logo would no longer be foil stamped.

The Germ War
(by Alan Barnes): The Doctor and Rose are on the run on an empty space station from a team of robots that scream 'sterilise and disinfect'! They are the Disinfectroids, and they are trying to clean up the space station. The Doctor empties his pockets of an apple core, bus tickets, Belgian phrasebook (which he carries despite the translation circuit on the TARDIS!), a bit of jigsaw, a hairy lollipop, a water pistol, a cuddly toy... and finally finds his screwdriver and uses it to escape back to the TARDIS... which is sucked up by the Disinfectroid's mighty vacuum cleaner [cliffhanger]. The Doctor and Rose follow, and discover that they have been transported to a dumping planet, half a Universe away. They meet up with the humans from the space station, and the natives, who are unhappy at how their planet has been treated. The Doctor finds the TARDIS and takes them all back to the station, where the aliens can take out their revenge on the robots and the Doctor can reprogram them to dump their garbage at the manufacturers site in New Brenford.

Issue 5 (31st May 2006)

Free Gift: TARDIS Logbook by Marlow (UK) Ltd of Witney.
Who's News: The Impossible Planet / The Satan Pi
Fact File: Mickey
Your Stuff (one-off one-page section expanding on the TARDIS Inbox): Slitheen pictures
Comic Strip: Warfreekz!
Adventures: The Girl in the Fireplace
Fun Stuff: Including TTDWADE: A Reaper
Posters: Sycorax, Cybercontroller, the Daleks
Top Scares (renamed Top Times! for one month only): Tenth Doctor moments
Puzzles: Scrambled words, a maze and a wordsearch to win some Lego
The Doctor's Data: The Wereworf
Time Warped: One-off two-page feature on parallel universes by Annabel Gibson and Christopher Coope.
Makes: Moxx Mask (with extra two puzzles filling space)
Goodies!: Who books, Tim Truehart books, Scooby Doo goodies and GBA Drill Dozer
Behind The Scenes: The Girl in the Fireplace

(by Alan Barnes): As the TARDIS snack machine is out of chocolate, the Doctor takes Rose to Belgium... Or so they think. They are ambushed by German soldiers, and discover they are being watched by a camera... This camera is transmitting to aliens half a billion light years away. The Doctor identifies the technology as being that of the Warfreekz, aliens who watch wars from afar. The Warfreekz geefully watch as the camera electrocutes a solider, and then predict a dangerous battle ahead [cliffhanger]. The Doctor destroys the camera, and then Rose uses the Sonic Screwdriver to appear to be an angel, scaring off enemy soldiers. The Doctor then uses the camera to send a feedback pulse to the Warfreekz, causing them pain and putting them off their hobby. One soldier gratefully provides Rose with his weekly chocolate ration.

Destrii, from the eighth Doctor DWM strips, appears to be one of the Warfreekz - suggested by John Ross.

Issue 6 (14th June 2006)

Free Gift: Three sets of stickers (regular, glow-in-the-dark*, hologram**) - total 81 -  by Marlow (UK) Ltd of Witney
Who's News: Love & Monsters / Fear Her
Fact File: Inside the TARDIS (extended to three pages)
Comic Strip: A Delicate Operation
Adventures: Rise of the Cybermen
Fun Stuff: Including TTDWADE: A Werewolf
Posters: The Ood, The Doctor & Rose
Quiz: One-off two page feature by Annabel Gibson taking one of the "poster" pages and the usual "Top Scares" page
Puzzles: Odd one out, crossword and a wordsearch to win a robot dog
The Doctor's Data: The Sycorax
Who-Ru: One-off one-page quiz based on the segment of Totally Doctor Who
Top Scares!: Cyber moments (temporarily moved from earlier in the issue)
Makes: Cassandra***
Goodies!: DVDs, PSP games, Ghost Castle game and Mirrormask box sets
Behind The Scenes: Rise of the Cybermen

*Some of the stickers were coated with a phospherescent paint. Did you know: Phosphorescent paint is made up of electrons arranged in atomic configurations or more complex molecular orbitals group into pairs which followed the Pauli exclusion principle. Only singlet electrons can populate a single energy level, or orbital. The available orbitals and allowed (ie favored) transitions between orbitals are determined by the rules of quantum mechanics and modelled in the field of computational chemistry. Each possible orbital is associated with a set of quantum numbers, and allowed transitions involve only certain prescribed changes in quantum numbers between states. The allowed energy transitions of the material then determine the preferred absorbance and emission spectra, ie the wavelengths of light (or electromagnetic radiation) that easily interact with the system. The practical upshot being that after being hit by light, it would glow in the dark for a few hours after the lights were switched off. Fab!

**One fan reported having an asthma attack brought on by the materials used in the hologram stickers. Asthma is a chronic respiratory illness that can cause wheezing, tachypnea, prolonged expiration, tachcardia, rhonchous lung sounds and over-inflation of the chest. Eek! Scare factor: Five!!

TME has recently swallowed a printout of Wikipedia.

*****One of a number of more complicated Makes provided by James Watts.


A Delicate Operation
(by Si Spencer): The Doctor and Rose are inside someone's bloodstream. They attack a malicious entity, and the host's immune system kicks in. Unfortunately the immune system thinks of them as the enemy, so they escape, stopping only to have an argument about Rose's shoe collection. They go inside the evil creature which promptly explodes for no readily apparent reason [cliffhanger]. In the outside world, the Queen of Svelna is on an operating table - the TARDIS and the two travellers are extracted by syringe... The Queen thanks the Doctor for saving her life, who asks her to sign an intergalactic peace treaty - she accepts and proposes marriage to him. He's less than thrilled - not because she's a giant, but because the Svelnoids cheat at Tiddlywinks.

Issue 7 (29th June 2006) - Published Thursdays from hereon

Free Gifts: Stickers for the Panini album and Squirty Sonic screwdriver by Marlow (UK) Ltd of Witney
Who's News: Army of Ghosts / Doomsday
Fact File: The Daleks
Comic Strip: Blood And Tears
Adventures: The Age of Steel
Fun Stuff: Just TTDWADE: Sisters of Plenitude
Posters: Chloe and the Abzorbaloff*
Puzzles: Arrange the photos, word game and wordsearch to win a Pirates of the Caribbean toy (takes up usual space of third poster)
The Doctor's Data: Living Plastic
Screams: One-off two page feature by Annabel Gibson on the scariest moments so far
Totally Doctor Who: Interviews with Barney and Liz, one-page
Fave Scenes (temporary rename for Top Scares!): Rose meeting the Doctor
Makes: Dalek Mask (with extra puzzles filling space)
Goodies!: Zathura DVDs, Geomags, Alex Rider games and Science Kits
Behind The Scenes: The Age of Steel

*slightly misquoted as the designers were working from a rehearsal script

Blood and Tears
(by Si Spencer): In the village of the Galathos, the Doctor and Rose hear the locals' sad tale of the 'sickwind' that infects them with an illness - when markings appear on their skin they have seven days in which to slay a beast called the Dramos to save themselves. Even the cute Palanth cries at the stories. The time travellers set off to find the Dramos, as the Palanth becomes ill - the Dramos finds them first, and attacks... the Doctor intercepts - but plans to set it free... [cliffhanger] The Dramos is a feeble creature, who weeps at the thought of being killed by the Galathos - and her tears heal the Palanth, better than the blood ever did. The Doctor takes the Dramos back to the village, and the Galathos tell it sad stories of the sickwind to get more of her healing tears.

Issue 8 (13th July 2006)

Two covers to choose from

Free Gift: Quiz Book (reprint of the earlier BBC Books release, but on cheaper paper, missing the price/barcode on the back, and with a different advert on the inside-back page)

As the series had now ended, issue 8 revised the format..:

The Vortex: Two pages of gossip
TARDIS Inbox: One page of letters and pictures
Fact File: Two pages on Daleks and Cybermen
Fried Death: Six-page comic strip in two parts as before
Poster: Margaret Slitheen (one page)
Pull-out Tenth Doctor special by Moray Laing, reviewing all Tennant's stories to date (12 pages, with Rose poster on the back)
Fun Stuff: One page with a puzzle and a TTDWIDE: Clockwork Droid
Makes: Ood Mask (two pages)
Goodies!: DVDs, Mopods, Bath Sets and Airhogs (two pages)
Adventure Game!: Two page board game
TARDIS Teasers: Two pages of puzzles, including a wordsearch to win some Lego

Adventures and Behind the Scenes take a one-issue break.

Because of the weight of this week's free gift, DWA was distributed in polythene bags. Mickey says: Alright, fact-fans! Polythene is a thermoplastic, and its name originates from the monomer called ethene (also known as ethylene) that's used to create the polymer. I once saved the world with a bag. But don't put it over your head or you might suffocate!

Fried Death
(by Alan Barnes): The friends arrive at Terry's cafe, near Blethering and Wardleswick (apparantly on the A342, which in the real world is in Wiltshire) - sitting down to enjoy some chips, they see a nearby man explode after eating too much food. The Doctor explains that he is a Gastronaut - their young grown inside them, and the feed until they burst. Sure enough, a younger Gastronaut emerges, and informs them that the Earth is prime territory for their eating needs - the cafe is invaded by hundreds of flying saucers. Famed Gastronaut TV Chef Rammzi arrives and takes over from Terry by pureeing his mind (something he'd previously done to rival Pukka Oliffa of Geeza-7) and then turns to Rose to do the same [cliffhanger]. The Doctor and Terry manage to regain control, and the Doctor passes rumours round that there is a better restaurant at Quadrant 92. They leave, as does Terry's waitress, who quits. Rammzi is left stranded there - but Terry offers him his waitresses job...

Shockingly, the comic strip uses the word 'git'! Swearing at an underage audience factor: Eight!!!!

Rammzi is based on Gordon Ramsey, loudmouthed TV chef who rose to fame in 1998's Boiling Point, and later had successes with Ramsey's Kitchen Nightmares and Hell's Kitchen. A reference is also made to Jamie Oliver, Essex-born celebrity chef known as The Naked Chef, and also the face of Sainsbury's. Pop culture reference factor: Nine!!!

Issue 9 (27th July 2006)

Free gift: Daleks vs Cybermen 'Connect Four' game (referred to as '4-in-a-Row' to avoid copyright infringement against the original game trademarked by Milton Bradley in 1974), manufactured by Premium World of Godalming

From this point on the order of the features within the issues was juggled on an issue-by-issue basis.

The Vortex: Two pages of gossip
TARDIS Inbox: Two pages of letters and pictures (one-page worth, but with large adverts running down each side)
Fact File: Two pages on what makes a monster scary
Monster A-Z: New one-page feature. A is for Abzorbaloff
Comic Strip: Bizarre Zero
Adventures: The Idiot's Lantern
Your Stuff: Two pages of monster pictures
Interview: Elisabeth Sladen, by Moray Laing
Poster: A3 Dalek
The Doctor's Data: Cassandra
Behind-the-Scenes: The Idiot's Lantern
Fun Stuff: One page with a word puzzle and TTDWADE: Krillitane
Makes: Wolf mask (Two pages)
Goodies!: Two pages, win Kids Next Door toys, RC plains, bikes and robots
Tales from the TARDIS: Now showing classic moments, a page on the final scene from Parting of the Ways
TARDIS Teasers: Two pages of puzzles, including a wordsearch to win some Lego

Bizarre Zero
(by Stewart Sheargold): The Doctor and Rose arrive back at the Powell Estate to find an Ice Age seems to have hit - the only person they can find is one of Jackie's neighbours, Jason Harris. Harris tells them that this all started four days ago, when some aliens came and took everyone - the ice attacks him and freezes him, and then moves to attack the time travellers [cliffhanger, after just three pages - the second half is also three pages]. The two escape, but the ice catches up with Rose, absorbs her and speaks through her - explaining that it had to attack as global warming was killing it... The Doctor shatters the ice with his screwdriver, and then melts all of it with a weather machine.

Issue 10 (10th August 2006)

Free gift: 8" inflatable Dalek by Marlow (UK) Ltd of Witney
The Vortex: Two pages of gossip
TARDIS Inbox: One page of letters and pictures
Adventures: The Impossible Planet
Comic Strip: Save the Humans!
Fact File: The First Doctor (extended to three pages)
(Your Stuff and Tales from the TARDIS is absent)
Posters: A4 Mickey, A3 Doctor/Dalek/Cyberman
The Doctor's Data: Cyber Controller
Quiz: One-off two-page quiz by Paul Lang on the Daleks
Monster A-Z: B is for the Beast
Fun Stuff: Spot the Difference and TTDWADE: Sycorax
Makes: Doctor Mask
Goodies: Doctor Who DVDs, Stormbreaker spy kits, Atom sets and Zero-G vehicles
Behind-the-Scenes: The Impossible Planet
TARDIS Teasers: Including a wordsearch to win some Lego

The quiz features an incorrect answer - it states 12 should be 'C' whereas in fact it's 'B'. This occurred because the original question 12 was cut out and replaced with what was question 13. Jackie says: Aaaaaah-lphabetical Nightmare!

Possibly in reference to a string of threads at Outpost Gallifrey, the Doctor's Data page made a highlighted reference to the Cyber Controller coming back "from beyond the grave".

Save the Humans! (by Alan Barnes): The Doctor and Rose arrive at Wumba's World of Wild. The Doctor explains that he doesn't like Meerkats, as he "knows what they're planning". The park is on another planet, where humans are kept as beasts - the two friends are captured and placed with the other humans: Steve, Phoebe and Adam. They are colonists from the 41st century, and have become used to performing for the aliens' amusement - suddenly a stomping is heard [cliffhanger]. Dinosaurs attack, and the Doctor encourages them to follow him by speaking in reptilian: "Follow me for pizza" - he uses them to break out of the cages and leaves Adam and Steve to ponder their new future...

Gay agenda alert! The strip ends with "Adam and Steve" planning a new future together, Adam and Eve style! Random Catholic Priest says: Aaargh!

Issue 11 (24th August 2006)

Free gifts: Near life-size posters of a Dalek and a Cyberman (reversable) and holographic stickers from Berkshire Labels
The Vortex: Two pages of gossip
TARDIS Inbox: One page of letters and pictures
Fact File: Inside Torchwood!
Monster A-Z: C is for Cybermen
Comic Strip: Bat Attack! [Part one of twoi]
Tales from the TARDIS: Retelling the whole of End of the World
Posters: Doomsday Doctor, Doomsday Cybermen and Daleks (A3), The Face of Boe
The Doctor's Data: Floor 500
Adventures: The Satan Pit
Fun Stuff: One page with a spot the difference and TTDWADE: Living Plastic
Makes: Cyber Controller Mask
Goodies!: Win Doctor Who Books, Globes, Evolution handheld game and Air Hog Copters
Fun Stuff: Who's Where (a two-page illustration filled with references to episodes old and new)
Behind the Scenes: The Satan Pit
TARDIS Teasers: Including a wordsearch to win some Lego

From this issue onwards, the comic strips were generally twelve pages long, and split across two issues.

Scary Fact #83: One of your editors sleeps with the life size Cyberman towering over him. Aaaargh!

Bat Attack! [Part one of two] (by Alan Barnes)
The Doctor and Rose solve the Case of the Unsuitable Suitor in 1897, impressing Inspector Lestrade and creating the name Sherlock Holmes in the process. Although they want to head to Paris to re-enact the movie Moulin Rouge!, they are attacked by bats, which leads them to the Royal Lyceum Theatre where Bram Stoker is preparing to direct a Mr Irving in a production of Dracula. Bram's wife, Florence, arrives in tears, followed by Frererick von Dracula, descendent of Vlad the Impaler who wishes to complain about Stocker's libel. But all is not lost, as it transpires Florence is a real vampire (she quickly explains that in real life, they're not allergic to sunlight), who commands her bats to return Dracula to Transylvania. A decision must be made, now - too many people know her secret, and Rose is disgusted to discover that in order to avoid killing humans, she sucks the blood of cats - the Doctor decides he must visit the man that turned Florence into what she is today: Oscar Wilde...

Date Research Alert!: A reference is made to Tuesday May 18th, 1897. For one of the few times in Doctor Who's history, the writer has the day correct! Squeeee!

Issue 12 (7th September 2006)

Free gifts: Pencil and rubber pack from HMA
The Vortex: Two pages of gossip
TARDIS Inbox: One page of letters and pictures
Fact File: Ultimate Gadgets
Monster A-Z: D is for Daleks
Comic Strip: The Battle of Reading Gaol [Part two of two]
Fun Stuff: Spot the difference at TTDWADE: Daleks and Cybermen
Tales from the TARDIS: Escape from Lumic's factory
Posters: The Doctor and Martha, The End of the World (A3), Jackie and Rose
The Doctor's Data: The Gelth
Adventures: Love & Monsters
Fact File: Regeneration (an extra three-page feature for this issue only)
Makes: Krillitane Mask
Goodies!: Win Doctor Who DVDs, Captain Scarlet sets, Doctor Who Shaker Makers and Stunt Sets
Behind the Scenes: Love & Monsters
TARDIS Teasers: Including a wordsearch to win some Lego.

The Battle of Reading Gaol [Part two of two] (by Alan Barnes)
The Doctor breaks into Reading Gaol to find Oscar Wilde locked up not for homosexuality, but for being a vampire. While trying to sneak him out, however, he and Rose discover that the entire Gaol is now populated by the winged beasts. Wilde has a flashback to his days at Oxford, where a spirit first bit him (the Doctor explains it would have been an alien carrying a virus). Wilde saves Rose from being turned by his fellow vampires, but too late: the whole of Britain is now being infected. The Doctor drinks some of the vampire virus, but because all Time Lords are immunised against it, his body creates natural gases enabling him to burp over everyone to cure them. Riiiiiiight...

Issue 13 (19th September 2006) - Published Tuesdays from hereon

Free gifts: Cassandra notebook and stickers (latter formed the front page of the former), both from TCS Ltd
The Vortex: Two pages of gossip
TARDIS Inbox: One page of letters and pictures
Fact File: Who's the Best
Comic Strip: Triskaidekaphobia (Back to the original six-page format, split across one issue)
Posters: School Reunion, SuperRose (A3), The Ood
The Doctor's Data: The Krillitanes
Fact File: The Big Fight [Daleks vs Cybermen]
Monster A-Z: E is for Empty Child
Goodies!: Cyber Sets, Stormbreaker Books, Star Wars Sets, Garfield PS2 Games
Quiz: How Well do YOU Know the Cybermen?
TARDIS Teasers: Including a wordsearch to win Cleudo

This issue was promoted both in DWM and at Outpost Gallifrey as being in a new larger format. Fans felt somewhat cheated when they discovered it was just a larger cover, and the rest of the pages inside were exactly the same size. This new format only lasted for issues 13 and 14, and the reverse of the covers featured guides to the past Cybermen and Dalek stories respectively. With all this debacle, no-one seemed to notice that the "flame" version of the Doctor Who logo was now being used.

Although produced by a different company, the notebook was of similar design to the TARDIS Logbook of issue five.

Triskaidekophobia (by Alan Barnes)
After escaping the dreaded Speardroids, the Doctor uses the randomiser to take prove to Rose that the TARDIS isn't "cursed". They land at galactic co-ordinates 13:13:13:13:13:13, on Friday 13th of the thirteenth month, c13, on the thirteenth moon on the thirteenth planet of the thirteenth galaxy. They are greeted by a bolt of lightning and Father Tragedy of the Triskaidekaphobes - two of their number recently died, so they are looking for new recruits. While the Doctor and Rose consider an escape plan, they are attacked by a lightning monster [cliffhanger]! But actually its a matter transporter, and they arrive on a spacecraft that's orbiting the planet where Bob Kreesus is manipulating events so he steals all the planet's luck. The Doctor destroys his computer and takes him down to the planet where... erm, he seems to die. And everyone finds it a bit funny. Which isn't very nice.

Old Series Reference! Fab!: The Randomiser was first introduced in the really REALLY old story The Armageddon Factor from 1979. Wow! We didn't even know they had television in the 70s! Squeeeee!

Issue 14 (3rd September 2006)

Free gifts: Sticky Notes and Chunky Pen by Marlow (UK) Ltd of Witney
The Vortex: Two pages of gossip
TARDIS Inbox: One page of letters and pictures
Fact File: Life with the Doctor
Comic Strip: Smart Bombs (Back to the original six-page format, split across one issue)
The Doctor's Data: Sisters of Plenitude
Tales from the TARDIS: The wolf escapes its cage!
Posters: Rose and the Doctor in the TARDIS, Cyber Controller (A3), Jabe
Monster A-Z: F is for Face of Boe
Quiz: Which Monster are You?
Goodies: Doctor Who Exhibition tickets, NSECTs, Biker Mice Goodies, Baby Biorbs
Game: Whodo [Ludo with some Doctor Who pictures around it]
TARDIS Teasers: Including a wordsearch to win a Rubik's Twist Up

How to Be Just Like the Doctor!: The Post-Its provided with this issue are covered with Gallifreyan symbols. Be like us and stick them all round your monitor without actually writing on them, and you too can be just like the Doctor. Christopher Eccleston says: "AAAAAAH! (I'm doing this at home right now!!!!)"

Smart Bombs (by Alan Barnes)
On a seemingly peaceful planet, the Doctor falls down a big hole and meets some friendly missiles. On the surface, Rose meets a travelling businessman, who takes her safely down to be reunited with the Doctor, who was rescued from his fall by the rather chatty bombs, who are stuck underground as they will explode in sunlight. The businessman bribes the rather childish weapons (leftovers from an ancient war) and tricks them into entering a portal to a world he has been hired to destroy [cliffhanger]. The Doctor uses his screwdriver to send the businessman through the portal, and then steals it away from the bombs. Angered, they launch a massive nuclear weapon, which the Doctor and Rose escape from, but which also causes a nuclear winter, enabling the bombs to return to the surface of the planet safely.

Issue 15 (17th October 2006)

Free gifts: Monster Claws and Slimy Eyes by Marlow (UK) Ltd of Witney
The Vortex: Two pages of gossip (inc TDTWADE: Ood)
TARDIS Inbox: One page of letters and pictures
Fact File: The Slitheen
Monster A-Z: G is for Graske of Griffoth
Comic Strip: Pinball Wizard (Back to the original six-page format, split across one issue)
Adventures: Fear Her
Posters: Reinette, Daleks Thay and Sec, the Werewolf (A3), Cyberman
Puzzle: Cyber Brain Buster
The Doctor's Data: The Moxx of Balhoon
Make It!: Abzorbaloff Mask (and gallery of readers in previous masks - bless)
Goodies!: Doctor Who books, Star Racers, PS2 games, Ice Age 2 goodies
Behind the Scenes: Fear Her
TARDIS Teasers: Including a wordsearch to win some MB Games.
Tales from the TARDIS: The Doctor and Jack rescue Rose

The cover featured the words "100% Official!" from now on and for this issue only the wordsearch featured an EXCLUSIVE!!!!!... typo.

Pinball Wizard (by Davey Moore)
The TARDIS is lost, having just escaped from the Erewon Armada with the directional crystal misaligned. They have arrived on a giant pinball table, where gameslaves (those who have wasted their lives playing computer games) are forced into giant pinballs where they are rocketed around the table at high speeds. Rose is mistaken for a gameslave and launched into the game [cliffhanger]. The Doctor slams the Rose-ball into the TARDIS, realigning the crystal and they escape.

Issue 16 (1st November 2006) - Published Wednesdays from hereon

Free gifts: TARDIS door hanger and monster stickers (readers in Scotland and NI received an Activity Book instead) from HMA
The Vortex: Two pages of gossip
TARDIS Inbox: One page of letters and pictures
Adventures: Army of Ghosts
Comic Strip: Gangster's Paradise [Part one of two]
Fact File: Companion Clash (Sarah Jane vs Rose)
Posters: Rose and the Ninth Doctor, Dalek Sec (A3), Finch
Puzzle: Maze
The Doctor's Data: The Cybermen
Puzzle and Win: A quiz, and a competition to win diecast models
Monster A-Z: H is for The Hand of Fear
Make It!: Sycorax Mask (and another gallery of kids in masks)
Goodies!: Doctor Who bedroom sets, Hot wheels, Millionaire games and Nintendo DS games
Behind the Scenes: Army of Ghosts
TARDIS Teasers: Including a wordsearch to win a Crazy Frog
Tales from the TARDIS: Spaceship crashing into Big Ben

This issue finally saw the posters being moved around so they didn't back onto each other, making it possible for every poster to end up on little Billy's and Johnny's walls.

Gangster's Paradise [Part one of two] (by Alan Barnes)
The Doctor and Rose are undercover on the planet of the Gangsters, trying to find replacement parts for the TARDIS vending machine. Unfortunately there is a bounty there on the Doctor's head, but that doesn't stop him from rescuing a damsel in distress (who dashes off with Rose) and being captured, taken to head mobster 'Lips' Lippizzaner. Lips takes him hostage in order to reobtain a bird that the damsel, Doll, was carrying. During the trade, the mobsters all reveal themselves to be robots, and Doll explains the Doctor and Rose must now die...

Issue 17 (1st November 2006)

Free gifts: TARDIS Notebook and Stickers (readers in Scotland and NI received an Activity Book instead) by Marlow (UK) Ltd of Witney
The Vortex: Two pages of gossip (inc TTDWADE: Spider Robots)
TARDIS Inbox: One page of letters and pictures
Adventures: Doomsday
Comic Strip: Heads You Lose [Part two of two]
Fact File: The Time War
Posters: The Girl in the Fireplace, Cyberman vs Dalek Sec (A3), Mickey and Rose
Adventures: Promotion for The Invasion DVD release, and competition to win
The Doctor's Data: The Reapers
Quiz: K.9 Quiz
Monster A-Z: I is for Ice Warrior
Make It!: Monster Memory Game and another gallery
Goodies!: Doctor Who DVDs, PS2 games, King Arthur DVDs and Roboreptiles
Behind the Scenes: Doomsday
Time Teasers (renamed from TARDIS Teasers): Including a wordsearch to win a globr
Tales from the TARDIS: Rose defends the Earth!

Mickey's hi-tech info: Hey gang, Mickey Smith here to tell you all about how the TARDIS appears to disappear on the cover of your fab new TARDIS Notebook. Aaaaah! A lenticular image is one where a collection of pictures has been sliced up into teeny tiny strips and then reformed on the back of a series of prism-like lenses. The upshot is that whichever angle you look at it you'll see a different image. Crazy! Some prisms are really clever and contain up to 30 different angles, but your TARDIS notebook just contains two - one of the TARDIS close up, and one where its far away. Squeeeeee!

Heads You Lose [Part two of two] (by Alan Barnes)
Doll explains that their heads were all grown by a crazy scientist, but they escaped and built robot bodies. The Doctor and Rose are taken to the bird, which turns out to be the egg of the endangered Glitterbird. They steal it back to release it to the wild, Doll is reunited with her family, the Glitterbird hatches and flies off into space and the mob family are all taken into custody by robot detectives. Phew!

Issue 18 (29th November 2006)

Free gifts: 2007 Calendar
The Vortex: Two pages of gossip (inc TTDWADE: The Jagrafess)
TARDIS Inbox: One page of letters and pictures
Fact File: The Ood
Comic Strip: A Date to Remember [Part one of two]
Adventures: Rose
Posters: Rose vs Max, The Ood (A3), K9 vs the Krillatane
Make It!: Graske mask and another gallery
Quick Quiz: Questions on The Girl in the Fireplace
Monster A-Z: J is for Jagaroth
The Doctor's Data: Dalek Sec
Goodies!: Doctor Who Jigsaw Sets, New Heroes Books, Happy Feet, Ghost books
Behind the Scenes: Rose
Time Teasers: Including a wordsearch to win a Sci Fi Quiz DVD
Tales from the TARDIS: Jackie escapes the Cybermen!

The calendar was one of the few in-house free gifts, designed by Lee Crawford (except August, by Lee Binding) and edited by Moray and Paul.

A Date to Remember [Part one of two] (by Davey Moore)
 Paris in the springtime... but what year? Rose can't quite pin it down, and when most of the population ignore them, and then start disappearing and reappearing at random, the Doctor realises they must be in the future. Criminals arrive through a wormhole of some sort, and have a brief battle with hi-tech guards, who freeze them in cubes. Some of the criminals escape, however, taking Rose with them...

Issue 19 (13th December 2006)

Free gifts: Dalek Trainer Bag and Badges, both by TSC Ltd.
The Vortex: Three pages of gossip
Fact File: 20 Things about the Doctor
Comic Strip: Snow Fakes [Part two of two]
Fun Stuff: Who's Where (Similar to the feature in issue 11)
Posters: Cult of Skaro, Ninth Doctor and Rose (A3), Ood, Tenth Doctor and Donna (A3), Cassandra, Cyberman
Monster A-Z: K is for Krillitane
Preview: The Sarah Jane Adventures (two-page feature)
The Doctor's Data: Robot Santas
Goodies!: Doctor Who Tou Sets, Magic sets, Doctor Who books, Lego Mindstorms
Make It!: Robot Santa mask and gallery
TARDIS Inbox: Two page of letters and pictures, including a new feature where the team answer your questions
Make it: Christmas decorations
Time Teasers: Including a wordsearch to win a soundtrack CD
Tales from the TARDIS: Christmas at Jackie Tyler's flat

The posters returned to the back-to-back format as before, but with twice as many to choose from. Wow!

This issue was once again cellophaned:

Snow Fakes [Part two of two] (by Davey Moore)
Rose arrives in the real Paris, the world she left having been a holographic facade. Meanwhile, the Doctor realises the truth and begins to work to escape the facade while the 'criminals' launch a virus to destroy it once and for all. He escapes, and they find the man at the heart of the controls, who is also desperate to escape. Eventually, everyone is reunited with the real Paris.

The Wachowski Brothers say: Aaaaah! Matrix-inspiration alert!

Issue 20 (3rd January 2006)

Free Gift: Dalek Stationary Set (rubber, ruler, pen, two pencils and sharpener)
The Vortex: Two pages of gossip
The Runaway Bride Quiz (one page)
Fact File: Donna
Comic Strip: The Hunters [Part one of two]
Adventures: Dalek (from this point on, Adventures would be out of order)
Posters: Lone Dalek, The Doctor and the Racnoss (A3), The CyberController
Who's Where (another 2 page cartoon/puzzle)
Poster: The Doctor and Donna
The Doctor's Data: K.9
Goodies!: Doctor Who Bedroom Sets, Rayman Sets, Dragonology Sets, PSP Games
Behind the Scenes: Dalek
Monster A-Z: M is for Moxx of Balhoon (what happened to L?)
TARDIS Inbox: Two pages of letters and pictures, plus the team answer your questions
Time Teasers: Including a wordsearch to win a DVD
Tales from the TARDIS: Rose gets into danger above London

Because of fears that international terrorists may purchase Doctor Who Adventures, the sharpener was removed from copies sold in airports.

The Hunters [Part one of two] (by Trevor Baxendale)
The Doctor, shortly after Rose's departure, arrives on a brand new planet and promptly falls off a cliff. He meets Kara McGravy in a jungle - she's been charting flora and fauna for Outworld University for the last two days but has discovered it all to be carnivorous. They are on the planet Hodran, and are quickly attacked by HUman Hunters for Untralo IV. They escape... by hiding in quicksand! Although they manage to escape this peril too, the Doctor ends up in the mouth of a giant plant-beast. Squee!

We'll next update this guide after issue 40...