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On November 23, 1963 the science fiction serial Doctor Who was first broadcast on BBC TV. When Doctor Who ended its historic production run of 26 years in 1989, 114 of the original 695 episodes were officially still missing from the BBC Archives, "junked" by the BBC during the 1970's before their historic and commercial value had been realized. Over time many episodes have been recovered, but 108 remain missing as of 2004. The Gateway will direct you towards information on the junking and recovery of missing episodes as well as the continuous search for lost material...


Follow these links through The Gateway and into the quest for missing Doctor Who episodes...

Expecting the Unexpected - written by Mark Parmerter, a missing episodes article featuring exclusive comments from Doctor Who researchers Steve Phillips, Dominic Jackson, Richard Molesworth, Roger Anderson, Paul Vanezis, Stephen James Walker & Robert Franks
Surprise, Surprise, Surprise! - written by Mark Parmerter, an interview with Andrew Martin re: his 2003 finds of Fury From the Deep film trims and the Power of the Daleks trailer, AND Steve Roberts & Richard Molesworth discuss the return of The Daleks' Master Plan Episode Two: Day of Armageddon
Excavating the Cybermen - written by Mark Parmerter, an interview with Paul Vanezis, Stephen James Walker & David Buck detailing the 1992 return of The Tomb of the Cybermen
2002 Missing Episodes Survey - Conducted during a two week period during June/July 2002, see what fans think about the current state of the missing episodes saga...
Survival of the Footage - written by Mark Parmerter, an interview with Graham Howard on the recovery of the New Zealand censor clips
Rescuing The Lion - written by Mark Parmerter, an interview with Paul Scoones on the New Zealand recovery of The Crusade, Episode 1: The Lion
Pursuing Secret Footage - written by Mark Parmerter, an interview with Damian Shanahan on the recovery of the Australian censor clips
Are There Missing Episodes in New Zealand? - written by Graham Howard in '91, now revised & republished here; Howard's search of the NZBC Archives
Chasing Shadows: Adventures of an Episode Hunter - written by Dave Wood, the recent discoverer of a long lost Avengers episode who chronicles his search over the years for missing Doctor Who
Telling the Tale: 20-plus years of missing episodes coverage in Doctor Who Magazine - written by Mark Parmerter
The Fans Speak Out - Answering the question "What missing/incomplete story would you most like to see rediscovered and why?" Your comments are welcome via email...

Everything you Ever Wanted to Know About Missing Episodes

BBC News 24- Golden Oldies: The hunt is on for small screen's lost hits (RealPlayer version of May '01 TV news report on BBC Archive treasure hunt)
BBC Archive treasure hunt - are there TV gems in your attic? (Official BBC website)
Doctor Who - the search for missing episodes by Michael Phillips (The Great Intelligence)
Mythmakers - the search for lost Doctor Who by Ash Stewart
Doctor Who missing episode lists page by Ash Stewart
Lost and found episodes of Doctor Who by Brian Hass
Doctor Who video & audio FAQ by Dominic Jackson
BBC Archive holdings by Richard Molesworth
The Doctor Who clips list by Steve Phillips
Doctor Who quick archive reference by Robert Franks
The missing episodes by Roger Anderson (The Cuttings Archive)
Return to sender (Official BBC Doctor Who website)
Doctor Who - the missing episodes (Loose Cannon Productions)
The missing episodes (David Butler's website)
The films are out there!  The missing Doctor Who episodes (U.N.I.T. homepage)
Doctor Who - the missing adventures by Kevin Wilson
Doctor Who missing episodes by Doug Neman
Lost Who: 1972-2000 and beyond by Jason Molin
Missing without trace by Paul Lee
Missing without trace - Revisited by Paul Lee

2004 Return of The Daleks' Master Plan 2: Day of Armageddon

Lost episode returned! (Official BBC Doctor Who site)
Day of Armageddon online clips (Official BBC Doctor Who site)
Day of Armageddon photonovel (Official BBC Doctor Who site)

2003 Recovery of Fury From the Deep Film Trims and Power of the Daleks Trailer

Fury Footage Found (Official BBC Doctor Who site)
Fury Clips Online (Official BBC Doctor Who site)
Power of the Daleks Trailer Found (Official BBC Doctor Who site)
View Power of the Daleks Trailer (Official BBC Doctor Who site)

2002 Recovery of New Zealand Censor Clips

Internet Press Release by Paul Scoones (New Zealand Doctor Who Fan Club website)
Missing Clips Discovered  (Official BBC Doctor Who site)
Missing Clips Online (Official BBC Doctor Who site)

1999 Recovery of The Crusade 1: The Lion

The Lion Roars Again (Official BBC Doctor Who site)
The Lion's Tale by Paul Scoones (NZDWFC webpage)
The Lion - Recovery and Restoration (Restoration Team Website)

1996 Return of Australian Censor Clips

Interview with Damian Shanahan (Change of Identity Online Newsletter)
Interview with Ellen Perry (Change of Identity Online Newsletter)

Missing Episode Video/Audio/Script Reconstructions

2004 Marco Polo telesnaps find (BBC Doctor Who site)
Missing episode photonovels (Official BBC Doctor Who website)
History of the video reconstructions, Part I (Disused Yeti newsletter)
History of the video reconstructions, Part II (Disused Yeti newsletter)
Interview w/Graham Strong (Change of Identity newsletter)
Interview w/David Butler & David Holman (Change of Identity newsletter)
Doctor Who scripts project website
Animated Marco Polo Project (BBC Doctor Who site)
Loose Cannon Productions (Fan reconstructions)

Missing Episode Articles & Interviews

Does the BBC really care? by Paul Scoones (Disused Yeti newsletter)
Missing episodes survey 1999 (Disused Yeti newsletter)
Recovering the past (Restoration Team webpage)
John Cura telesnap discoveries, Part I (Disused Yeti newsletter)
John Cura telesnap discoveries, Part II (Disused Yeti newsletter)
Interview w/Steve Roberts (Change of Identity)
Are Doctor Who fans really unlucky? (Disused Yeti newsletter)
The Ice Warriors/Missing Years BBC video release (Restoration Team webpage)
The Tenth Planet restoration/video release (Restoration Team page)
Missing episode hunting by Steve Roberts
Do you recall Timelords visit?  Making of Fury From the Deep documentary (Apr. '99 Thanet Times)
Doctor Who in New Zealand:  Missing episodes in NZ? by Graham Howard

Missing Episode Online Discussion Forums

Doctor Who technical forum (Restoration Team webpage)
The British TV missing episodes index & forum

Of General Whovian Interest

Doctor Who Restoration Team homepage
Official BBC Doctor Who website
Outpost Gallifrey

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