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Trying out some of the Doctor Who games using emulators? Been so long since you've used a real BBC Micro that you can't figure out how to use the fake version? Can't be bothered to plough through lots of instruction files that waffle on about how perfect the emulator is? Then you've come to the right place!

Here we'll try and help you get up and running with our favourite emulators!

Note that we are not providing guides for emulators that would purely be used for "myths and rumours" games (eg the Odyssey2, which only had the non-Who Attack of the Timelord) - although we have included a guide to the GCE Vectrex, for those of you that want to hear the Chris Salomon theme.

Atari VCS (aka Atari 2600)

TME recommends: Z26 and X26

Install Z26 (the actual emulator) and X26 (a nice frontend).
Run X26.
In the Settings tab, ensure ROM filter has the right extension and the Z26 and and ROM paths are correct.
Most of the controls can be run from a joypad, except for the following onboard switches:

F1 -- Reset, F2 -- Select
F3 -- B/W, F4 -- Color
F5 -- P0 easy, F6 -- P0 hard
F7 -- P1 easy, F8 -- P1 hard

Atari 800

BBC Micro

TME recommends: BeebEm

First, use Google to find the BBC Micro ROM. We can't help here, as its illegal to own a copy of this file without owning an original BBC. Once you have it, put it in the beebfile folder.
Run beebem.exe
File > Load Disc 0
*CAT [note that "*" is in the "@" position] to find disc contents
CHAIN "filename" [choose the most likely filename from the above list]

ZX Spectrum 48K

TME recommends: ZX Spectrum Emulator

Run zx32.exe
ZX > Open
While loading, go to Options > Hardware and increase the tape and clock speeds as much as possible.

Commodore C64

TME recommends: Vice

Run x64.exe
File > Autostart disc/tape image
While game is loading, use Options > Maximum Speed > No Limit
Once game has loaded, return to Options > Maximum Speed > 100%

Amstrad CPC464

TME recommends: Winape

Run winape32.exe
Press 1 on your numberpad to avoid Burnin' Rubber starting
File > Drive A > Insert Disc Image (or CTRL+F1)
Choose ROM file
Type CAT and hit return
Type LOAD"FILENAME and hit return (where FILENAME is replaced with the name of the largest file that's appeared in the cat list)
Usually autoruns from here - sometimes necessary to type RUN and hit return

If the game does not load, try again with a different FILENAME

Commodore Amiga

Atari ST

Acorn Archimedes



TME recommends: VisualBoyAdvance

Run VisualBoyAdvance.exe
File > Open

Sega Megadrive

TME recommends: Kega Fusion

Run fusion.exe
File > Load Genesis / 32X Rom


TME recommends: Winfrotz

Run WinFrotz.exe
File > Open New Story...
Select File

GCE Vectrex

TME recommends: MESS

First, use Google to find the Vectrex ROM. We can't help here, as its illegal to own a copy of this file without owning an original Vectrex.
Place the file into the /bios folder in MESS
Run messgui.exe
Find and highlight "Vectrex" in the System column
Click the three dots next to Cartridge and find your copy of the Salomon theme
Double click on the "Vectrex" in the System column