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The Disused Yeti

The Disused Yeti newsletter (formerly known as the Change of Identity newsletter) concentrated on the missing episodes of Doctor Who. The newsletter also featured regular interviews and articles on important contributions made to the sixties era generally. It ran from 1996-2000, initially edited by Bruce Robinson (of Change of Identity Reconstructions) and later co-edited with the Whoniverse's Robert D Franks. The complete archive is hosted here for posterity.

Please note that the contact details contained within are out of date. The editors can be contacted via the regular Whoniverse email address.

HTML format. The recommended viewing method.
Plain text, accurately recreating the original emails which every issue was distributed as.
Word 6 format, offered as an option from issue four onwards.

Change of Identity Issue 1 (25th August 1996)

Change of Identity Issue 2 (2nd October 1996)

Change of Identity Issue 3 (23rd November 1996)

1996 Change of Identity Survey

Change of Identity Issue 4 (12th January 1997)

Change of Identity Issue 5 (2nd March 1997)

Change of Identity Issue 6 (4th May 1997)

Change of Identity Issue 7 (27th July 1997)

Change of Identity Issue 8 (7th September 1997)

Change of Identity Issue 9 (9th November 1997)

1997 Change of Identity Survey

Disused Yeti Issue 10 (14th January 1998)

Disused Yeti Issue 11 (8th March 1998)

Disused Yeti Issue 12 (10th May 1998)

Disused Yeti Issue 13 (11th July 1998)

Disused Yeti Issue 14 (23rd August 1998)

Disused Yeti Issue 15 (11th October 1998)

Disused Yeti Issue 16 (29th November 1998)

Disused Yeti Issue 17 (24th January 1999)

Disused Yeti Issue 18 (12th April 1999)

Disused Yeti Issue 19 (20th June 1999)

Disused Yeti Issue 20 (25th September 1999)

Disused Yeti Issue 21 (28th November 1999)

Disused Yeti Issue 22 (30th January 2000)

1999 Disused Yeti Survey

1999 Disused Yeti Survey Supplement

Disused Yeti Issue 23 (23rd July 2000)


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Exclusively to TME, a PDF version is available (Adobe Acrobat 8 or higher required) of all 23 issues (not including surveys) of A Change of Identity and Disused Yeti. Click here to download this 1mb file.