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Music videos that have featured unmistakable references to Doctor Who, such as re-inactments or spoofs - particularly when the video has been commercially released.

2002 - Get Over You

Sophie Ellis Bextor: Get Over You / Move This Mountain
CD single (CD1), 10 June 2002
Polydor 5708332

1. Get Over You
2. Move This Mountain
3. Live It Up Acoustic Version
4. Get Over You CD-Rom Video

Written by Ellis-Bextor/Davies/Korpi/Johnasson/Woodford
Produced and arranged by Korpi & Blackcell for Murlyn Music AB at Murlyn Studios, Stockholm

The daughter of a television director and a Blue Peter presenter, Sophie Ellis Bextor grew up in the limelight and was merely waiting for her own slice of fame. It came in the summer of 2001, 5 years after her professional musical debut (as singer for mid-90s indie group theaudience), when she provided the vocals to Spiller's mesmerising dance tune, Groovejet (If This Ain't Love). It was quite clearly her voice, intoning 'If this ain't love, why does it feel so good?', that propelled that track to Number One, and her first solo singles - Take Me Home and Murder on the Dancefloor - quickly established her as one of the most prominent UK artists of the 2000s. One year later, the video clip for her third single caught the attention of several Doctor Who newsgroups.

The promotional video for Get Over You (pictured above) saw Ellis Bextor dressed as a mannequin in a shop window, being fitted into a wedding dress after hours. As the window dresser leaves, Bextor jerks to life, throws down her bouquet and smashes through the glass window, in what some (over-dedicated?) fans took to be a homage to the famous shop-dummies-come-to-life sequence from the 1970 Doctor Who story Spearhead from Space (and later Rose, of course, but we didn't know that then!), with jokes about Sophie being a Nestene even appearing in Doctor Who Magazine. Once outside, the singer sheds her wedding dress to reveal a sassy pink outfit, dances down the street to the envy of other mannequins in adjacent shops, and generally behaves completely unlike your average Auton. Before long, our heroine commands the other dummies to life, and they join her in the street for a jerky, robotic dance routine. Finally, Sophie reaches towards the screen, and smashes our vision to blackness.