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Doctor Who-Related Discography

Space Adventures

Compiled by Julian A. Knott
Inlay design by David Miller
Mastering by Paul Allen
With thanks to: Dee Hellier and Ronnie Bridges at Southern, Steve Rosie at De Wolfe, Paul Kiane and Nigel Piper at Chappell, the staff at KPM, and Alisdair J.L. Blaazer at the MCPS

All invaluable cogs in the machinery of production!

This cassette was published by the Reference Department of the Doctor Who Appreciation Society in September 1987, in a special limited edition of 300

Duplicated by Alfasound
Printed at Pip Printers, Luton
Various Artists: Space Adventures - Music from 'Doctor Who' 1963 - 1968
Limited edition (300 only) cassette, September 1987 & March 1988 (re-issue)
Doctor Who Appreciation Society RDMP1


Three Guitars Mood 2 Nelson & Raymond
from The Pilot Episode
and 'The Tribe of Gum', part one
Machine Room Douglas Gamley
from 'The Tenth Planet', part two
Little Prelude Pierre Arvay
from 'The Massacre', part four
Asyndeton R. Gerhard
from 'The Space Museum', part one
Hunted Man Pierre Arvay
from 'The Massacre', parts one to four
Palpitations J. Scott
from 'The Tomb of the Cybermen', part one
Telergic R. Gerhard
from 'The Tomb of the Cybermen', part four
Andromeda F. Bayle
from 'The Web of Fear', parts one to six
Music For Technology - Part One Walter Scott
from 'The Tenth Planet', part one
Bathysphere E. Nordgren
from 'The Space Museum', part one
Spine Chillers Edwin Braden
from 'The Web of Fear', parts two and four
Space Adventure Martin Slavin
from 'The Tenth Planet', parts one to four,
'The Moonbase', parts one to four,
and 'The Tomb of the Cybermen', parts one, two and four


Power Drill Douglas Gamley
from 'The Tenth Planet', parts one, two and three
Sideral Universe [sic] Paul Bonneau
from 'The Tomb of the Cybermen', parts one and four
Frightened Man Pierre Arvay
from 'The Massacre', parts two and three
Meteroids R. Gerhard
from 'The Time Meddler', part four
Space Time Music - Part One W. Josephs
from 'The Tomb of the Cybermen', part three,
and 'The Web of Fear', parts one, two, four and six
Space Time Music - Part Two W. Josephs
as track 5
Musique Concrete II Buxton Orr
from 'Inside The Spaceship', part two
Impending Danger Syd Dale
from 'The Web of Fear', part two
World of Plants Jack Trombey
from 'The Space Museum', part one

--> Exploded sleeve / Original sleevenote by Julian Knott, Reference Department Head

Compiled by Julian Knott from age-old library tapes, many of which had not been used since the 60s and were in serious danger of falling apart even as they were transferred to cassette, this limited piece of fan-club merchandise showcased recognisable stock cues used throughout Doctor Who's black and white era, painstakingly referenced to every episode in which they appeared. None of these pieces had been previously released, and the chances of future compilations such as Music From Tomb of the Cybermen existing without the Appreciation Society's research for this album are undeniably slim.

Compiled and produced by Julian Knott
Mastering by Paul Allen
Design by Graham Miller and David Miller
Various Artists: Space Adventures - Music from Doctor Who 1963 - 1971
Limited Edition (300 only) CD, 1998
Julian Knott JPD 2CD


Desert Storm H. Feishner
From The Tomb of the Cybermen - Episodes 1 to 3
Musique Concrete Buxton Orr
From The Space Museum - The Search
Blast Off! Roger Roger
From The Tenth Planet - Episode 1
Astronautics Suite E. Sendel
From The Space Museum - The Space Museum and The Search
and The Tomb of The Cybermen - Episode 1
Youngbeat Jack Trombey
From The Evil of the Daleks - Episode 1
Spotlight Sequins No.1 Keith Papworth
From Terror of the Autons - Episode 2

Mutations Trevor Duncan
Title theme from the 1958 BBC serial Quatermass and the Pit

--> Credits / CD sleevenote by Julian Knott

Although Silva Screen had hoped to release Space Adventures on CD in the early '90s, copyright issues and predictions of poor sales meant that the project was abandoned until 1998, when Julian Knott returned to the music libraries to obtain fresh masters from the original reels for CD mastering. Whilst there he came across enough additional music to extend the CD by 6 tracks and to begin rumours of a Space Adventures II for the new millennium (for which we are, sadly, still waiting). The CD was printed and released by Knott himself, and was available in strictly limited quantities via mail-order and specialist stores, where it retailed for over £22. The cassette's track listing was revised throughout, with mistakes corrected ('Sideral Universe' was ammended to 'Universal Sideral', for instance, and the Pierre Arvay tracks titled with the correct preface of 'Illustrations No. 4') and episode titles ammended ('Tribe of Gum' to 'An Unearthly Child') and expanded (with individual episode titles listed for the early Hartnell stories).

Unfortunately, a rushed production period meant that some new tracks went unchecked, and track 26, supposedly music from a radio in The Evil of the Daleks: Episode 1, turned out to be unrelated to the programme, due either to false paperwork for this story or false labelling of the record itself. A second accident was more fortuitous; the disc's closing track - included on the CD only because of its use in the BBC's 1958 'Quatermass and the Pit' - was later discovered to have been used in The Space Museum: Episode 1.

Music from Tomb of the Cybermen

Various Artists: Music From Tomb Of The Cybermen
CD Mini-Album, 1998
Via Satellite V-Sat ASTRA 3967

Dr. Who Theme Ron Grainer
Tardis Interior Brian Hodgson
Tardis Landing Brain Hodgson
Tardis Doors Dick Mills
Space Adventure (Parts 1 - 3) M. Slavin
Palpitations J. Scott
Astromautics Theme (Parts 1 - 7) E. Sendel
Desert Storm H. Feischner
Space Time Music (Parts 1 - 4) W. Josephs
Tardis Take-Off Brian Hodgson
Dr. Who Theme (A New Beginning) Ron Grainer

All sound effects and Doctor Who theme arrangements were lifted directly from 30 Years at the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, despite none of them having appeared in the story. The CD came with sleevenotes from director Morris Barry, and was mooted as the first in a series of Doctor Who stock music mini-albums, with The Faceless Ones and Inside The Spaceship rumoured as follow-ups. Neither were produced.

Musak (from 'Time in Advance')

Various Artists: Doctor Who At The BBC Radiophonic Workshop Volume 1 - The Early Years 1963 - 1969
CD, May 2000
BBC Music BBC WMSF 6023-2

31. Musak (from "Time in Advance") John Baker
61. Musak (from "Time in Advance") (dubbed version) John Baker

compiled, produced and remastered for compact disc by Mark Ayres

See full listing - Composed Music Discography

John Baker joined the BBC Radiophonic Workshop in April 1963 after three years as a BBC sound mixer, and quickly established himself as a composer of radio and television themes with unusual instrumentation, including corks pulled from bottles and the sound of stretched springs being released. He was also one of the first Workshop musicians to realise the merits of combining electronic sounds with live acoustic instruments, and his music for the 'Out of the Unknown' episode "Time in Advance" (1965) reflected this ideal by adding a jazz piano to a primarily synthesized score. The relaxing acoustic/synth music was later used as source music in two Doctor Who stories, The Macra Terror (1967) and The Invasion (1969), and was released on CD in 2000 as part of Mark Ayres' Radiophonic Workshop collection for BBC Music.

Music from The Tenth Planet

Various Artists: Music From The Tenth Planet
CD Mini-Album, January 2001
Ocre Records OCH050

Blast Off! Roger Roger
Music For Technology Walter Scott
Power Drill Douglas Gamley
Space Adventure Part1 Martin Slavin
Space Adventure Part 2 Martin Slavin
Space Adventure Part 3 Martin Slavin
Drama In Miniature Part 1 Dennis Farnon
Drama In Miniature Part 2 Dennis Farnon
Machine Room Douglas Gamley
Drumdramatics 7 Robert Farnon
Drumdramatics 10 Robert Farnon

Released in January 2001, shortly after the video release of The Tenth Planet in a special Cyberman themed boxed set. Many tracks and suites were released here for the first time, and, like Via Satellite, Ocre Records promised that further Doctor Who stock music CDs would follow.

Doctor Who - The Movie DVD

Doctor Who - The Movie
DVD Region 2 & 4, August 2001

featuring In a Dream Barbara L Jordan / William J Peterkin / Christopher P Rhyne
featuring Ride into the Moonlight Chuck Duran / Jess Harnell
featuring All Dressed Up James A Latham

Click on the song titles for lyrics (transcribed by ear, not officially released).

The BBC DVD of the 1996 Fox TV Movie included three stock music tracks featured in the film as bonus material. All licensed from Mar-Tune Music (ASCAP), these uncopyrighted songs had frustrated many fans determined to obtain copies for themselves, particularly In a Dream, the song playing on the TARDIS gramophone in the opening and closing scenes. Executive Producer Philip Segal had been quoted as announcing at a convention that the song was a Billie Holiday cover, sending many on a fruitless chase until the tracks true nature - a stock piece performed by Pat Hodge - was revealed in the books Regeneration and The Pocket Essential Doctor Who (both published 2000). The DVD also included an isolated soundtrack formed from the original music-only and music/effects tracks, including music dubbed out of the finished programme.